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  1. If you used this stuff then it's not so bad. Still it's best to only use Hot hide glue on your instrument.
  2. Thanks for the help guys, A couple years ago I made a violin after the Guarneri 1741 "Sainton" It has more of a deep woody viola sound to it than any others I have made. I decided to enlarge that pattern to 360mm and got started on it today. I'll have to resize the f-holes to get the stop right but it should work out ok at 200mm.
  3. Thanks for your advice guys.. I tried to talk her into a larger model with no luck. She plays a 14" now and wants to stay with it. I havn't been able to get my hands on the viola that she plays now to get measurements but think it is probably best to try to build what she is used to size wise and make the best of it.
  4. I have someone who wants me to make a 14" viola. Are all the measurements the same as a violin except the ribs? Or do I need measurements for the Neck, stop, neck angle, bridge width/height, FB width/radius? Does anyone have experience on one of these?
  5. Just do a search on him. He's someone that was banned.
  6. I found a couple of past threads that have some good information. http://www.maestronet.com/foru...0548&messageid=250561 http://www.maestronet.com/foru...59414&messageid=259662
  7. Personally, I would forward the Email to Ebay and walk away from the deal. Ebay wont be very happy about him trying to sell the item outside of Ebay to a second place bidder.
  8. I was enlarging some of the new Tarisio photo's to see how nice the details were. I thought I'd share..
  9. Yes please.. This addition would come in quite handy..
  10. Ken it looks great for your first. It's quite an accomplishment getting your first one completed. When I trace out my outline I trace the upper and lower bout sides of the corners the same distance of the rest of the body outline. Then the Cbout side, I curve out away from the corner 1-2mm. On my first couple of violins I curved the outline out on both sides of the corner and got corners that ended up pointing out to far. I was making them too wide and to long. It's one of the things that are tough to make right, until you can see them. It amaizes me to set my 20th and my first side by side and look at the differences and that I can see the differences. At the time I was quite impressed with my first. Now, it hides in a box. Hey Matt, the right side looks great.
  11. Most expensive firewood I ever bought.
  12. I finally recieved the Bolts John sent. It turns out he shipped them Sept 7th instead of July 14th as he stated. He must have been mixed up. The grain is nice and tight but the bolts have so much twist that I won't be able to use them.
  13. I'm having trouble with them as well. I ordered The begining of July and havn't received my wood yet. I recently got cussed out for asking when it had been shipped and was informed that he will not reship because he has no way to track the delivery until after it has been delivered. I have a file-full of Colorfull emails from this guy. I couldn't recomend Wood from John at Alaska Tonewood
  14. LOL... Item pulled by Ebay. I wonder if they got caught Shill bidding.
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