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  1. I guess it also depends on the conservatory or college itself. But generally speaking market for getting a position is not good unless you are have been very successful.
  2. Dear Yuen, There are other types of quality violins you can buy in the 25000 range which are not contemporary american.
  3. Bananas are just great before a performance
  4. And when you have done Dont and kreutzer, render the paganini caprices and ernst polyphonic studies!
  5. Which carmen fantasy Sarasate? Waxman?
  6. I'm a student at a conservatoire in London. Not playing in orchestras at moment. I guess Vancouver is in the US?
  7. Hello all, I am a young violinist with a keen interest in website managing and creation. I own numourous websites, around 16, two of which is listed in my signature. I have obtained the domain violin.fm I'm thinking of making a website which will function "like a violin radio station" or "sound file streaming". Since it's called Violin.FM it will consist of violin recordings. I'm not planning on trying to get permission to stream CD releases of record labels. I'm thinking about YOUR recordings - Recordings you made at your concerts. (above a certain standard) My question is - if there was such a site, would you happily submit your recordings? I vision a website full of recordings of various reportoire and of many many violinists from around the world. I can do the site work no problem - my concern is whether the average violin player would be willing to share his/her recording! Your thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated
  8. I have received my prize money from a competition of 3000 USD in Dec. Was quite disappointed with the exchange rates into GBP...
  9. Whats the full name of VSO?
  10. Fancy Finger Work... Violinists should feel comfortable with what they play, and play most accurate as possible. I would actually say Low position - extra warmth and richness Higher position - brilliance! If you have the virtuosity, it's a plus
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