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  1. What Kind of Back Wood?

    I agree with Manfio. Frankly it looks like walnut to me. Especially the up close pore structure. On an instrument of that age it seems like there would be some wear spots, if so and it was maple then the wear spots would show through much lighter colored. Also (big guess here) I think the purfling is wbw to make it stand out from what was dark wood to begin with. .02$
  2. Glue for underslide

    There was a thread a few months ago about substitutes for Ponal glues.
  3. Soundpost setter review

    Like Jerry says above, just get a regular setter, file down the spearing end a bit and then learn to use it. No gimmicks are needed.
  4. Do you build Bergonzi?

    Is it typical to add wings to the wood for violas?
  5. Don Noon's bench

    Looking real nice Don!
  6. Visiting Cremona

    Sitting in the square and having gelato! If your traveling by train be careful to pay attention to ALL the train schedules you might have to ride to get back to your next destination. My wife and I had an awesome time visiting there but messed up when we made it back to Milan to see the Duomo at sun set but then missed the only train headed back to the tiny town north of Milan we were staying at. A grand adventure ensued that night and the good people of Italy helped us out! Silly us. Have a great time!
  7. Exceptional all around! I love the look of maple that is figured like that, really great looking back!
  8. Christian Bayon´s bench

    LOL oh sorry, I didn't recognize it as the fiddle you were showing in the progression. It looks great without the antiquing!
  9. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Very nice looking as usual Christian! No antiquing just some color fade in the upper bouts? Please post another picture after the final varnish is on.
  10. fret saw blades / cutting ff holes

    I believe they are called fret saw blades. I have a variety of sizes depending on what I might be cutting. Sizes I use are 2/0 to 4/0 finer tooth for metal. The last time I bought some I got them from McMaster Carr. I use a deep throated fret saw.
  11. Homemade Spool Clamps

    plastic drinking straw works great. cut a couple of 1" long pieces for each clamp and slit it the long way. slip them on over the exposed threaded section, they should overlap that way they are adjustable.
  12. Sharpening Bridge Knives

    Or you could start with less complicated parts and build skill and confidence as you go. Just saying....
  13. Sharpening Bridge Knives

    i like my knives ever so slightly convex. The other thing I do is to ease or slightly round the non cutting edges on the top of the blade. I believe this helps cut a smoother inside curve. pictured are my bridge knife (for fine inside curved parts) and the one I use for almost everything else.
  14. Shellac

    Sandman is this your first instrument that you are getting ready to varnish? If it is then I'd suggest going with something that is easy like the gelatin size or shellac. It will work just fine and you won't have to drive yourself crazy with all the possibilities.
  15. Shellac

    My experience is the same as Don's.