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  1. For those of you wanting additional pictures, here they are. Let me know by personal email if you are interested or have further questions about the instrument.
  2. If anyone would like more pictures of this instrument, I will be happy to send them to your email. Please let me know.
  3. I have been trying to list my instrument and the window pops up as an error. What do I have to do? I have an instrument labeled as "Gaetano Sgarabotto Brescia 1917." The visual attributes are comparable to authenticated Sgarabottos, but "slight uncertainties" kept this instrument from being elligible for a certificate. In previous auctions dating back a few years, these Sgarabotto instruments are classified as "attributed to" Gaetano, and have ranged from $8000-$15000. This means that it is not authenticated with a certificate but bears striking resemblance. Of course, I have numerous pictures for viewing. It has a great tone and I am willing to sell it under the $8000 mark. Anyone interested, please help me in posting it for sale/auction on the Maestronet website.
  4. It has an old certificate, but I think I will have it renewed and appraised. It is an authentic Sgarabotto, and I bought it for $8000 a few years ago. I didn't know they were worth so much now! Thanks!
  5. I am currently trying to find a buyer for my Sgarabotto violin. I decided to keep my Colin-Mezin because of it's tone and the fact that I should be able to make a profit on my sale of the Sgarabotto. Would it be a good idea to post it on EBay or should I post it on Maestronet? I am completely new to Maestronet and I could use some advice!
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