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  1. Fiddler45

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    Heat will help that too.
  2. Fiddler45

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    This. Works like a charm. Also works if Titebond was used
  3. Fiddler45

    Good Soundpost Wood, Old vs New

    Question..does anyone oven dry their post wood or bridges, and does it help? I'm wondering the same thing as the op about a couple violins.
  4. Fiddler45


    Have three birdseye maggini copies and love them all.
  5. Fiddler45

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    RIP Craig. Maestronet will miss you.
  6. Fiddler45

    Fiddles shmiddles! Look what we made today!

    Just got a foot this weekend in Minnesota..expecting more today. Praying that will be it for the year.
  7. Fiddler45

    Questions about "German trade" instruments

    I'm only in my mid 40s but my sentimentality is probably more suited for an earlier time. I've said for years, for many different reasons, that I wish I'd been born 50 years sooner.
  8. Fiddler45

    Questions about "German trade" instruments

    I have noticed in the violin community (as well as other places; maybe it's just human nature) that if a violin is priced at say, $5,000, there is automatically a sense that it's really something special, whereas one that is priced at $750 that sounds and plays just as good is looked at with an air of "what's wrong with this that it's so cheap?" I think a lot of it is a status thing. I will agree that provenance will help resell an instrument, but I also wonder, if people would do a little research and shop around, maybe when they're ready to "move up" to the "next level" instruments, they wouldn't have to worry about getting the $5,000 back that they have invested in their "inferior" instrument.
  9. Fiddler45

    Questions about "German trade" instruments

    I just get tired of seeing violins with price tags of $5,000 and up because of who made them, whether they sound good or not. I get that good sound is a matter of personal preference, but I've played dozens of violins in this range in shops that don't sound any better than $50 estate sale trade instruments that have been gone through and well set up.
  10. Fiddler45

    Questions about "German trade" instruments

    The concept of refurbishing old trade violins and getting a fair price based on sound and playability usually doesn't go very far around here... so I'm glad there's another rebel on board.
  11. Fiddler45

    Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    There ya go. Thanks for taking the time to do the test run Don.
  12. Fiddler45

    Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    I'm not sure if Mike was playing when I saw them play live in 2012, but it was a great sounding fiddle, whoever it was. I was actually thinking about Andy Leftwich playing on a studio recording.
  13. Fiddler45

    Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    I'd have to argue these statements, to a point.. what genre of fiddle music requires (I know you didn't use that word, but I'm talking about today) the use of junky sounding fiddles? Just because that's what started a style doesn't mean that's what is preferable today, or even then; maybe that's all they could afford. Also, I disagree that a certain style requires a certain sound. Both Natalie McMaster and Ashley MacIsaac play Cape Breton? They are both great players. Natalie's fiddle, IMO, sounds good, and her husband's even better. Most times I've heard recordings of Ashley, I think his fiddle sounds terrible. Other styles also have a wide array of different sounding fiddles, depending on personal preference, I'm assuming. I'd be interested to know what properties supposedly are related to different styles of fiddling. I still think a good violin is a good violin, and what's "good" can be totally the taste of the player.
  14. Fiddler45

    Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    I don't know what A and B whatever resonance patterns are, so you'd have to elaborate on what that means. I just know what I like, tone wise.
  15. Fiddler45

    Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    A good violin is a good violin, but not all are cut out to be good fiddles. Likewise, a lot of great sounding instruments that are used as fiddles may not be the best for classical music..but each can be great, "non-junky" instruments. Some of my favorite sounding instruments heard on TV/movies/recordings that would probably sound good no matter what music was played on them include: whatever violin was used for the music on "The Red Violin", the intro to the Jeremy Brett series of "Sherlock Holmes", Ricky Skaggs' current fiddle player's instrument, and the violin in the movie "Kiss the Girls". These all have a full, rich tone, which would be suitable for about anything. The instruments that bother me are the ones with tons of midrange and high end, that sound squawky , for lack of better description. And there are a LOT of those. As Martin said, most violins don't sound very good.