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  1. Get it while you can!
  2. I converted a fiddle to 5 string for a friend a few years ago. I looked through my "rubbish" and took the best combination of large body, wide neck, and room in pegbox for 5 pegs. I think I used a 41 or 42mm bridge. Strings were spaced very comfortably to play. The thing sounded much better acoustically than I had figured it would, even after doing repairs and rebarring/graduating. Not bad for a $25 estate sale fiddle.
  3. I'll take one sometime tonight or tomorrow. Top was cracked by the fingerboard, and looked like it had been sitting for decades. Fixed the crack and graduated the top, new bass bar, and made fingerboard, fitted post, bridge and new pegs. Sounds pretty good. Before pic
  4. One I just finished restoring last week. Says "Artist violin stradivarius" on the shield.
  5. I had one like this a few months ago that I idea what it was, other than a pain to scrape out of the mortice.
  6. I have had a couple look just like this and they were prewar. Not that it means anything necessarily, but that type of tailpiece was common in the 30s also.
  7. There was nothing needing improving on your post.
  8. Just finished this today..never would have gotten the afterlength I wanted using fine tuners without this tailpiece.
  9. I love these. I just had a friend mail me a few from his "spares" pile in exchange for a couple old inlaid ebony ones that he likes. I much prefer these to Wittners.
  10. Thanks. In that case, I would agree with Michael.
  11. Question: When speaking of e string whistle, is it what happens when you pull the bow on a down stroke from a lower string over to the e and it emits a supersonic tone, usually for as long as the bow keeps moving with the same pressure? Or is the term describing just an irritating extra tone while playing on the e?