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  1. Just saw this on ebay and I was like..."I just saw this somewhere.." Good luck!
  2. Just basically that I had no idea how to go about fitting tips that didn't already match the bow contour...all I knew from almost no experience was that heating and just bending didn't work. I have replaced two tips that DID fit the bows I was practicing on, and those turned out great. Just trying to advance past kindergarten level.
  3. Thanks for all the info everyone! Now I'm gonna.....well.....not quite sure yet...
  4. So when heating the tip...I read on the old thread here that some people boil the tips to soften them. On this thread, just references to heating them. How is this done? I know a few years back I tried just heating one with a flame and ended up just discoloring it and then it snapped like a twig when I applied any pressure to try to bend it. (With no jig of any kind, however).
  5. So does one shape work well for different bow tips? For example, if the tip is almost flat, just bend a little, if more curved, use more of the bend in the fixture by clamping harder? I did see this on Lynn Hanning's site...but at that point you're tight...might as well just make some.
  6. When I googled this, a thread ftom MN came up, but not much was said about this particular item. Since calling Howard Core directly didn't help, my question is, this is for shaping the tip prior to gluing it onto the bow, not for clamping the tip to the bow while gluing, correct?
  7. This is the only problem I'm having wirh rehairing....when talking of "undercut", which direction and which end.of the tip are we talking about? As you go down into the mortice, is it cut more forward toward the tip the deeper you go on the tip end of the mortice?
  8. This sold on ebay yesterday afternoon. Is this high a price normal for a workshop violin from there?
  9. Testing search feature... Oh...I guess there really AREN'T any replies to this topic. I had the same question. Is any good?
  10. Depends where you take it. Did this for a friend; converted peg box to 5 string, new bridge, extra bridge for Baggs pickup, 5 string tailpiece, new bassbar, top graduation, soundpost, brand new fingerboad and nut...$475.
  11. Thanks! I'm going to use the piece of poplar I bought
  12. One more thing....what is the best wood to use for the tip wedge? I had heard poplar, so I bought some, but when I try to cut it, I might as well be trying to cut a cheese just disintegrates. I've been using spruce, but I'm thinking that's still too soft. Boxwood? I have a bunch of scraps saved from peg bushing dowels. So far the easiest trial bow to rehair was an old aluminum one with what appeared to be a ceramic tip plug. Fit the mortice exactly except for a tiny gap for the hair, was hard as stone, yet fit like a glove.