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  1. Thanks for the replies. Interesting ideas there. Matt, is the thin piece on top that is adustable split on the bottom and hinged some how just before the c bout?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I do have a $50 6" Delta variable speed bench grinder already. I wonder if it could be converted into something like a Tormek?
  3. Anyone ever tried the Waterstone wheel for the Tormek grinder? I'm looking for sharpening stones or tools to sharpen gouges and plane blades. The Tormek seems to me to be an expensive sharpening system for a hobbiest, probly an overkill. I'm just getting started and looking for some advice.
  4. Curious if there are any good ideas for a carving cradle. I'm getting to the point of needing to make one.
  5. I am looking for a good violin. Prefer vintage but will entertain newer. Any recommendations of GOOD dealers or makers out there who would mail a violin on a x day trail to buy option. (ebay makes me nervious). My location is south Louisiana but I will be moving to Oklahoma in 1 month. (Had enough of Hurricane shock & awe for a life time!).
  6. I've never seen a finish done like this... http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-4-4-G...08QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. Curious poll... (A) Play only. ( Build instruments only. © Play and build instruments but playing is my priority. (D) Play and build instruments but building is my priority. (E) Play and build all day, its my living. (F) Play and build giving each satisfactory time. (how do you do it?) I try to do both ©. I would love to send more time in building but my practicing is to demanding to achive the level of playing I want to do. I try to practice 1.5 to 2 hrs a day. Curious how many are like me.
  8. I love guts (on a good day) but it looks like the humitiy in south Louisiana is killing me. I'm currently playing with Olives. The variation of how these play is to eratic for me. So I am looking into going with an Obligato G & D with a Larsen A & E combination. My question is I have read that the Obligato Welch size is more simular in feel to guts, it that true and would I need to consider a match for the Larsens. My experience with Olbigatos are with mediums and I never liked the E string and heard alot of good on the Larsen E and A strings. Any comments out there?
  9. I was in a music store the other day and picked up and played an electric Yamaha violin on display. I must admit I was some what impressed. It didn't have that accoustic sound of course but was very easy to play and fun to see what sounds you could get out of it. Any body on this site use these? If so what make and where do you use them. (i.e. a band or church). Do you use any extra sound devices on them like an electric guitar?
  10. I have to agree with you on the Chinese instruments though some I've played are very good. I prefer a 100 yr old beat up but true and playable German violin over a new Chinese instrument any day. As far as instruments over the $5K price range that are sold at most violin shops I've seen would be very hard to justify buying. Most are money traps waiting to sping on the violinist who (like me) are lusting for the joy of owning and playing a supreme violin. The price tag on most all 2k-20k violins are inflated 99% of the time and deflated 99% of the time after purchase (unless you buy a Strad, Del Jesu, etc..., but those prices are 50k++). The problem is finding that 1%. The real value of a violin is how easy it is to sell for the price asking inside the time you need to sell it. Example you can unload an expensive Strad in 1/2 the time at or even more than the price you paid for it where a lesser Italian violin in the 10k-20k range would take for ever to sell. Most 2k-20k instuments will never resell for what you would pay for it from a violin shop inside the time you would need to sell it. There are a lot of invaluable violins that owners would never part from originally bought for less than 2k, but owners tend to sell more costlier violins due to circumstances and then sold for a big loss.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Andrew my problem is more the sound I'm getting in 3rd - higher positions is unreliable. I can't seem to pruduce a consistant good tone but a dead one. This is more of a problem with the Oliv D/A string than the medium Obligato's. The current Kaplan E string sounds great. I also notice I have to be real careful how much rosin is applied to the bow or it gets real bad and I don't think I'm over rosining. If the sound starts deadening I'll wipe the bow down some with a clean rag and this improves the sound but makes it harder for the bow to grip with out screeching. I have been thinking also of trying different rosin for the Oliv's. I currently use Tartini Green & Hill Dark.
  12. I hate to spark another string review but... I am thinking about using a steel A string in combination with G, D (Olive, Eudoxa, or Obligato - most likely the Obligato's) and a Kaplan E. These I have all used and seem to work best with my bright & loud violin. The A string I've never been to happy with, expecially in 3rd-5th position. I have thought about using a Helicore A. Any suggestions? I have seen a Eudoxa set with a chrome A, anybody out tried that?
  13. Nemo

    bow hair question

    What are the tale tale signs that bow hair is going bad?
  14. I have heard some say that the bleached white bow hair is ruinious to the texture of the hair. I wonder what good quality hair is? I have an excellent bow stick but wonder if the hair quality is bad. The sound seems to have more "hiss" than normal.
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