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    Well, outside of the obvious desire to make off the mainstream instruments, I like to make things for my kids, fly model airplanes, play an occasional game of golf, and enjoy good scotch.

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  1. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    So would my UV light box work for this?
  2. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    Good points. This is the kind of feedback I'm looking for. Thanks! Dorian
  3. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    So we are seeing the flood damaged instruments come in now down here in Houston. Most of them are student level instruments. Our rentals go straight into the trash and get replaced. Schools are considering their fleets a total loss. Just got a call on a 1922 Roth violin. Now at this level, I'm thinking about the ways to treat it and if it is even possible. People have to tear out everything in their house that was wet. Bleach the wood or substructure and then rebuild. Is it possible to open a dried out violin, treat the interior with bleach, close it up and have it be safe? Anybody have experience with flooded instruments and whether or not they can be saved? I appreciate sharing your experience or knowledge around this. I don't want to do something that I think would be safe and then have someone get sick from mold. I know that Steinway won't resell any flood damaged pianos and anything over 2 feet (going above the legs) is considered totaled. Thanks Dorian
  4. Processed Horsetail. Handmade in the USA. $5/piece $20/5 piece pack. Processed_Horsetail_$5_per_piece_11x14.docx Stad_Horsetail_Article_Cropped.pdf
  5. Composite violin fingerboard

  6. Introduction and neck/fingerboard question

    What is the Overstand? Is there any overstand at the pegbox end or is the neck even with the pegbox?
  7. Recommendations for shop in Houston - fingerboard work

    Hi Ken, Be happy to help you out. I'm at a varnish workshop but will be back on the 30th. Feel free to PM me or stop by and visit our shop in Rice Village. Dorian Barnes Lisle Violin Shop
  8. A question of devaluation

    Thanks Martin. I appreciate the input. Dorian
  9. A question of devaluation

    Yes, the break goes all the way through. The point of it seems to end about 2mm under the thumb leather. It has a certificate as a Charles Louis Bazin. No bushing. Just glued. Thanks Dorian
  10. A question of devaluation

    How much devaluation do you think there is for a bow with a repaired butt break? Thanks Dorian
  11. Need suggestions for getting a bigger sound

    Isn't that the Arsterlength?
  12. Need suggestions for getting a bigger sound

    How about Tungsten Strings? You could ask Fan to make you some. Dorian
  13. How do you sharpen peg reamers?

    Proto Cutter Inc. in Freeport, IL sharpens all kinds of reamers, straight and spiral fluted. That is how they got their start. I believe they also make reamers now. I've had 2 bass endpin reamers and 2 cello endpin reamers sharpened for under $100 each. Came back much sharper than they originally were. Not sure the price for violin reamers. Dorian
  14. palette knife/ glue spatula

    I make glue knives from SS Shim stock such as this: I have it in .003" - .006". Dorian
  15. Cello aluminum ring - wanted

    I would absolutely be interested in a violin one. Dorian