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    Violin Repair, Making..... Yeah I'm a nerd that way. I like tools and am trying NOT to have a problem with collecting them. I'm a mentor for teenage boys with Boys to Men Texas. You never know the impact that helping 1 person can have on the world.

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  1. SOLD 7 Cast aluminum deep throat clamps. 6 labeled Condit. 1 labeled W.H.Lee Chicago, Ill. 225 mm throat with 48mm opening. Swivel clamp pads. $150 plus shipping.
  2. The hair usually moved the balance point 4-5 mm towards the tip. Dorian
  3. The reference I have shows: Silver wire 73mm wrap ≈ 5.1 grams Tinsel 75mm wrap ≈ 1.9 grams If you're adjusting the weight of a bow, don't forget to take into consideration the balance. Hope that helps! Dorian
  4. I used to do less scoop also. I had a player remark that it made it more difficult to do left hand pizzicato. Also, he commented on not feeling enough resistance when pressing down the strings. Dorian
  5. Very creative! Well done! I think the real test would be in joining plates with it. You could try gluing quartered spruce and maple samples around 3-5mm thick and then try to break them apart and see how confident you feel the joint it. Good luck with your project! Dorian
  6. That's what leaving the pencil line can do......
  7. Thanks John. I was just thinking about that. I will rethink the number of cleats and spacing.
  8. I am looking for advice on fitting the bass bar over crack cleats. The crack is nearly the length of the bass bar. I'm thinking of around 4 cleats for the crack. I intend to do the type of cleat that Triangle Strings demonstrates in their write up for cleating cracks. So with that cleat design in mind: What is the best way to fit the bar to the cleats? Chalk the top of the cleat and fit until the bar touches the top again? Any pitfalls to look out for? Feedback from your experience would be appreciated. Thanks! Dorian
  9. Thanks Mike. The lamps are only on when the door is closed.
  10. We have a closet type light box in our varnish room. I swapped out the bulbs for germicide bulbs. We hang the instruments/bows in it for a couple of minutes. The door is well sealed so there is no way of directly looking at the lights. There is an exhaust fan in the varnish room so when we open the door we walk away for a few minutes to let the ozone vent. I feel like that is the best we can do to work on an instrument or bow right away.
  11. Yes, how do we contact Dennis? I am interested in these as well. Thanks! Dorian
  12. How will you handle the broken button in this case? Dorian
  13. I have bought Addis gouges off of Ebay and found them to work very well; when reground and shaped the way I want them. I use the flattest gouges - #3. Maybe 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 inch for general carving then an 1/8" #3 and #8 for the last turn and the comma. I had some Japanese gouges custom made, and they are very nice. but I still prefer my Addis gouges. They just work. Taylor are nice too. Old Sheffield in general seems to be good steel. You have to search and watch for them to get what you want, but you should be able to buy them for $35 (ish) each. Good luck! Dorian