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    Violin Repair, Making..... Yeah I'm a nerd that way. I like tools and am trying NOT to have a problem with collecting them. I'm a mentor for teenage boys with Boys to Men Texas. You never know the impact that helping 1 person can have on the world.

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  1. NORTHERN RENAISSANCE INSTRUMENTS maybe? You can get your name put on anything these days. Good luck! Dorian
  2. Not sure how to remove the sloppy glue drip without opening the instrument. Do you really want to open it just to clean it up? I would leave it until the next time it needs to be opened for repairs. I subscribe to the philosophy that if it's not broken, don't fix it. You may just be opening a can of worms. Good luck! Dorian
  3. Ian Very creative use of tools and materials to make tools. Dorian
  4. DITTO! I'd be curious what temperature it runs with all the lights on. Dorian
  5. Hmmmmmmm Did I misunderstand? Does no poster exist of this viola? My mistake.
  6. I'm looking for the Primrose Viola poster. Does anybody have one they are willing to sell? Thanks! Dorian
  7. Hi Matt I hope you don't mind me jumping on your coat tails. I too am interested in a copy of this. Thanks! Dorian
  8. I read that Tortoise shell was banned in 1977. Does anyone know when Baleen was added to Appendix I?
  9. The wood looks right to me. Is there a letter to match the frog to the stick? It does look new Dwight. I would expect it to be a 1950's-1960's made bow. Pre Cites ban. The number sounds like the number they used to track the gold. And there are always people out there trying to put a lot of artistic energy into creating fakes. I have noticed that there are Tortoise shell bows with imitation whalebone. Was the whalebone outlawed first? Or did Hill just use up their stock of that first considering it was put on most (all?) of their bows? Dorian
  10. Hi Jeff Boy, you are stuck! Have you tried dribbling alcohol around the joint and letting it permeate to see if that will help release it? Then maybe go back to gluing the stick on. Give it plenty of drying time and try to tap it with a small brass mallet. After that, things will start getting more and more destructive....... Alcohol torch warming/heating the slide. Risk separating slide from liner.... Not sure what to recommend after that to save the slide. Drill/chisel out and replace with a new one....... I would be curious to hear of other tricks and tips as well. Good luck!
  11. Hi Jerry What is the deadline for this pre order? Thanks!
  12. Apples and Oranges my friend. There are many good ways to hair a bow. but as you see here, soundpost first. I measure the stop at 195mm. If the neck length is 130mm. The stop is the measurement to the center of the bridge. The string length, depending on the arch/bridge height comes out to 327-328mm. For me, 330mm is getting a little too long. I usually use 6.5mm for the soundpost. I think for your first sondpost, 6, 6.3, 6.5mm, doesn't really matter. You wouldn't notice the subtle difference in tone/response you get from that. Yu need to first learn to fit it well before you get into the subtle nuances of thickness.
  13. Isn't that why we all started creating SOMETHING as kids before we got into the field we did? I know my first project was pretty rough. As I'm sure my first soundpost was! I recommend fitting the soundpost with the bridge laid out with marks or post it notes as everyone has suggested. I also recommend using a dental mirror as you look through the end button hole so you can see how well the backside of the sound post fits. As was suggested earlier, there are issues with fitting both bridge and soundpost if it is done in the other order. Good luck! Use a sharp tool! Dorian