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  1. the old saying goes: what go around come around.
  2. It true there are many fraud and fake on ebay. if we tell each other on this forum we can make it hard for them to keep doing this on ebay. You can find a good violin on ebay if you are patient and study hard and ask question. keep up good work and when you find fake or fraud seller please tell everyone so we not be a victim
  3. that is from those pepole from new york who sale fake violins and bows. they just think up a new names every week. i know i bought one a year ago and it is junk.
  4. everyone think pknorr is perfect, and never buy bad violin. check this out. my friend said this is his wife attic(addict). she sell all his bad violin he buy on ebay. so even he make mistake and buy junk sometime. so if you can't outbid him maybe you can buy a violin from his clearnance sale.