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  1. I would say they are losing money. My stores traffic is down from the same period as last year. I think the economy has something to do with it. I also think many customers have been turned off by poor sellers.
  2. I received a email from ebay with some new policies. Apparently they are reversing the ban on sellers giving negative ratings to buyers. And they are also going to add a search filter to show the sellers with the highest rating first. They claim these changes where from feedback from sellers. I think there listings may have gone down and they noticed a loss in revenue. I am not sure what they will come up with next the seem to change there mind every week
  3. I have recieved numerous emails from Ebay. They are offering lower listing fees for Ebay Stores. I have also noticed a reduction in traffic at my store. I think the recent changes where in an effort to keep more customers in the ebay system. Some people are turned off by Ebay, they have been burned buy poor sellers and will take there money elsewhere. I think the economy may also be an issue. That may also mean there may be some bargains for the buyers if there is less bidding.
  4. Gary You hit the nail on the head. We own 3 businesses and marketing can be the determining factor on sucess. If nobody knows you have a good product or service it is very hard to sell. Nick
  5. It is good business and the way business is done in Europe. I have 4 violins one I use Obligatos on I recieved a sample set and have buying them ever since. The same for violin #2 I use Tonicas also a sample set. So it is good business I have bought dozens of sets from those 2 sample sets. I have one violin I having difficulty find just the right string I am presently using Dominants and they are not quite right. You remember the companies that take care of you and also the ones aren't willing to try.
  6. I contacted them and inquired about a evauation set. I was given the following response. "You can imagine how times we are ask for sets of strings, we cannot possibly grant every request." "Give us a chance to earn your business" Hum, doesnt seem like it to me
  7. I am going to have a very similar problem coming up in the future. I will be moving from Florida to Idaho. Florida's humiditry is like soup and Idaho very dry. How can I protect my instrument while they adjust.
  8. I never said they are all violins on Ebay are junk. I just think they are not the best items you can buy on Ebay. A violin is a very personal purchase it isnt a Ipod, they arent all created equal. There are many very good Ebayers. I have a store and have over 300 positives, so I know the ebay game quite well. I just think somethings are better items for ebay.
  9. David Thank You for the 20% "honorarium" I am humbled by your gracious offer. I here by agree with everthing David Burgess shall say on said subject. Thank You Again Nick
  10. Jeffrey has really hit the head on the nail. Commisions are in everything they arent advertised and that is probobly a good thing. Salesmen sell services and items to make a living. There must be a decent margian or we wouldnt have salemen. Wouldnt that be a wonderful thought
  11. I thought Micheal Darnton would be in on this disscussion. Has he disappered
  12. I work very hard to get the items out in a 24hr period and I try to describe them in very accurate manner. Ebay should respond faster to removing poor sellers and buyers. They are painfully slow and I personally think they dont have enough staff to handle the volume. I have called PayPal and they have been helpful. I was watching a Judge Judy episode where someone was selling cell phones on ebay. In the small print they where actually selling a picture of the phone for $200.00. There defense was that is was disclosed, it was a picture not the actual phone. I took months for ebay to respond to seller. The people payed with a money order so they really didnt have any place to turn but small claims court. These idiots actually thought it was ok. I bought a violin from a real gem. It was described as a Pirastro violin made in W Germany. It was given as a gift to the Dr Wedle of the Univ of San Diego and was his personal violin. I got the violin and it was actually made by Dr Wedle he belonged to a violin building club, it was also damaged .I contacted the seller he fell of the map and wasnt responding. I filled a claim with Paypal the 10 days pass, the seller never responded and I got my money back. I was lucky he was in the navy and he was at sea during the 10 day period. He then claimed I didnt pay for the item. I had saved all of the emails with all of the questions and I had contacted Pirastro and a luither about the origins of the violin. We entered into the dispute process and I laid my cards out he just dropped the whole thing. I dont buy violins on ebay anymore
  13. I have been watching this thread since the start. I would like to ask how many people who are responding are self-employed? Ethics are fine and dandy and they are wonderful subject to kick around the in the acadamia of America. But in the real world there is always you wash my hand and I wash yours. We own 2 businesses and we help others that help us. That being said I dont think it is fair or ethical to send a student to dealer of the teachers choice to get a royal scr**wing. To change labels and mark-up the price or just commit outright fraud. I love the violin but my lord is it a very shady business. I know there are many reputable dealers but the shady ones always get the press.
  14. I have never lost a challange with Ebay or Paypal. When you bid on a item you enter into a contract to purchase and and you agree to the terms of the sale. Ebay isnt Sears. And this where the problems lies with Ebay you are buying items from a picture and a brief decription. You count on the honesty of the seller and the honesty of the buyer. Ebay would like everyone to believe that you can buy anything on Ebay, that my be true. But not all items are well suited to Ebay sales. I dont believe that Ebay is good place to purchase violins. It is a very personal purchase, 1 size doesnt fit all. A ipod is a ipod a book is a book, not all violins are equal . And the shady nature of the violin business and it very fussy owners make them a poor fit for Ebay.
  15. I think we need to take Ebay for what it is, it is a giant yard sale. I have had a store for about a 2 years and 99% of the people you deal with are good and decent. It is a very inexpensive way to have a worldwide store front. Where else can you do that for $ 14.95 a month. I sell motorcycle parts (BMW), repair manuals, china, books and some instruments. I would have no other venue to sell these items. I do know some folks that have closed there stores. There biggest complaint was that it was open 24/7 which has it advantages but also means it is hard to get away from it. That being said there are 2 groups of people I have had trouble with, MUSICAINS & MOTORCYCLISTS. It has been my experiance that these 2 groups which I am a member of both are obssesive. I own 3 businesses and people are going to try beat you everyday, that is just part of the game. I have 300 postive reviews and I try to protect myself with the following, and I dont move one inch from that disclaimer. Please ask all questions before bidding. All sales are final we represent items to the best of our knowledge. Items sold AS IS. IF SHIPPING INSURANCE IS NOT PURCHASED WE WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS.
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