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  1. Nice way to respect the copyright owner.
  2. First of all, the Messiah MUST appears to have been made by Antonio ... G
  3. saw it and glue a new piece of wood (chanteau) oops! wrong edit
  4. saw it and glue a new piece of wood (chanteau)
  5. Back from eggs hunting! Dear “Mister Spoon Maker”, I can read that you master French language with so much elegance. (Elegance is the attribute of being unusually effective and simple. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness « Wikipedia ») or maybe your offensive remark was dictated to you by a well-meaning soul. Btw the “petite merde” is perfectly describing what I think of your talent now and like you I have a perfect view For those who do not understand what I wrote, I was only expressing my pov about a small sentence written by Mister François (not 1er). Just a way to
  6. Hé Bé ! C'est bien vrai qu'il a la grosse tête le Môsieur !
  7. 2-3-5-8-13 ... here comes "le chiffre d'argent" ... c'est bien ... il y a du progrès
  8. cool webpage ... especially the "golden proportions" and the "forms & design" ones ... i like this guy
  9. "La plupart des hommes ne réfléchissent pas sur ce qui se présente à eux et, même une fois instruits, ils ne comprennent pas: ils vivent dans l'apparence." Platon
  10. forgot to add that they spent hours at the Museum to check the accuracy of the scans on all their respective molds. One mold was not present in the series. (A viola one) They tried to scan it with their own A3 size scanner they brought but it didn't work. Probably because of the nature of the wood use. so they took a pencil outline of it. Mosconi had suspicions about its authenticity so Brooks/Degrotte decided to put it aside and not to publish it. They were fortunate to capture the acoustic signature of the Cremonese violin which is another story Good day all
  11. I did some proof reading of their book and I was with them in Cremona at the Museum when Mosconi gave them the scans (I wrote scans and not photos !!!) I know the difference of what is a scan (made with a scanner so u do have NO parallax errors or edge distortions and so on ...) and what is a picture (taken with a camera (whatever the quality u can have ! with all the problematics stuffs cited above). And this is NOT scans of photos like u hastily seems to imply without proof. Anybody can appreciate too ... This is why they used the material done under the supervision of the museum (like I
  12. They r available within the BROOKS/DEGROTTE book "Stradivari, the violin & the golden number". Mosconi made them at the request of Eric BROOKS. (circa 1994/95) I don't think the Museum sells them.
  13. This is why there is nothing better than life size scans like those done by the "Museo Stradivariano"
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