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  1. Ready the pitch fork.... I actually agree, the f holes are stunning http://orgs.usd.edu/nmm/Violins/Stradivari3598/3598StradviolinsoundholesLG.jpg
  2. Car accident and carpel tunnel * fancy excuse for the rust I have technique wise because of lack of practice* It will heal "perfectly", my flexibility will need some work though but nothing horrid.
  3. I've asked Santa for one of the new Veritas "premium" redesigned block planes... Actually, I've asked for a whole set XD Anyone tried them? They're absolutely gorgeous (Tool nerd alert!).
  4. I'm working on alot of "stuff" I don't particularly enjoy working on... Playing related stuff - Piazzolla without a hint of classical technique is a seriously rude experience if one is not used to "dirty" and "raw" tango shooting out of a violin 5 cms from the ear... Technical stuff - coping with the after math of a broken wrist, not fun! Non playing stuff - New bow commission underway, Working on new moulds made following Mr Francois Denis's methods, shopping for more wood
  5. Well now problem solved, normally such analysis is a lot harder and more expensive to get when considering scientific rigor...! I still (I will be burned at the stake if any botanists get wind of this) consider dendro as straight forward and reliable as cryptozoological analysis and find that (not insulting anyone!) the individuals who state they are proficient enough to do such analysis have little to no backing to assure the buyer their results are in fact rigorous. Unfortunately (again not attacking anyone!!!) it's hard to tell professionals from said professionals... I for once agree with Mr Saunders on this issue, why on earth would such analysis be warranted?! It's an eBay violin and I believe a reputable evaluation by other means would suffice!
  6. The answers are lacking and no where near absolute. It's a start but at least light has been shed. As Mr Hargrave often says "Give 10 violin makers a butterscotch recipe and see 10 different butterscotchs be made", the goal is not to get a clear cut imperial recipe but rather knowledge which can allow luthiers and the general community to benefit from said recipe.
  7. That is my main issue with his review, he says he is reviewing the book with scientific rigor yet he follows none of the norms or guidelines, had he said he was giving an opinion things would have been different but apparently he doesn't like giving opinions, he likes eureka filled affirmations . Finally someone agrees! There are numerous "problems" and questions as well as aspects of composition and application methods in need of illumination, I am referring to 2 specific trains of thought coupled with evidence, both are specific yet contradictory to one another. Between them I choose to believe in the most recent analysis.
  8. I have 2 options, to believe in the book's contents or to believe the oposing theory presented by Mr. Nagyvary. Seeing as the most recente research was conducted with an array of sample Mr N did not have access to and is much more recent... I am inclined to believe in what the spectrographic evidence tells me. Is it perfect? No, as I said before the lack of sample quantity and quality is evident but it's a lot firmer than what Mr N presented. Am I wrong in taking into account his past "revelations" and contradictions?! One does not boast anything but what was found, another claimed to have solved the mystery of stradivarius varnish genius and included acoustical properties into the fold which did not hold water...
  9. Great post ! The issue I have with Mr Nagyvary is that he states he wrote his review with standards equivalent to those used in scientific publications while injecting his own theories and making reference to possible issues without actually having information to back up his claims. There was no counter experiment to verify his counter theories, some of which are in direct oposition to what has been reported as of late and is included in the book he is referencing...
  10. No problem whatsoever and thank you, I do hope you did not take my initial comment as patronizing as that was not my intention. I just really do not like people not being told the full story, it's extremely easy to fall pray to the "I have discovered the secret" sort of conversations, it's the plague contaminating everything violin related and I find it does a disservice to readers who really are interested and open minded.
  11. Would you like specifics? I would ask Mr Joe Robson and Mr Hargrave what the researchers told them as I was not part of the team who did said research Good that you decided not to bother with the first point!
  12. When reviewing in a fashion that is suitable for a scientific journal one does not reference multiple times the "price" of said research... My response - When FTIR results are not sufficiently clear when dealing with resins (or paint for that matter), microscopic analysis ensues, if you require less subjective means of ruling out errors, further instrumental analysis may be performed, example - elemental analysis by SEM/EDX.
  13. I have no idea how apple did/does it but iPhone cameras seem to capture color about as close to reality when regarding violins as anything I've ever used...
  14. Remember, do not drink and drive How have the eBay shopping sprees been working out for you? You've been awfully quiet as of late, trying to not give me a heart attack of are you not interested in more fares for your collection?
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