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  1. Happy birhtday Craig, Sounds like it is all tee'd up to be a great one!. Ribs/beer/stock tanks...doesn't get any better. Thanks for your help in the past. Hope to shake your hand some day., Cheers, John
  2. "3. All music used in these demos was composed by and copywritten by me, John R. Schneider, the inventor of the Schneider Bridge. "
  3. I have seen this described as a tool to sharpen scrapers...maybe by the same guy Andres referred to...
  4. You could shift all to the right (left) 0.25 to 0.5 Or better still..."take no more here" until done and you should be fine... It is s an easy ("danger area") to get too far in (file, knife, scrollsaw...whatever) and mess up the "elegance" of the curve...looks like you have room to spare.
  5. No knives? Nary a finger plane, not even a scraper? For minimalist making, I would want a good knife, couple of finger planes, coping saw, nice block plane...
  6. Hand tools on Carbon? I am curious...what are you cutting with? I have seen carbon take the teeth right off a bandsaw blade (that held up well cutting glass). I too would like to see pics.
  7. You sound like you want something better, but I am using cork, from sheets of same sold as "gasket material" in hardware stores. I glue it on (over size) to whatever awith multi-purpose household glue (sorry not to be more specific) that advertises to stick to metals as well as porous materials. It comes in different thicknesses and is inexpensive; one sheet/roll will last a long time. I figure if I need to clamp tighter than the cork can protect...perhaps I need to work or a better fit?
  8. I hope to one day get good enough to be fast with hand tools. I have a long way to go. Til then...I will be slow...and enjoy it. (no offense to those who want to explore power tools...just be careful...things happen quickly...might could have finished the plate by the time you get out of the ER ) Edit...been too busy lately...just noticed after the post my avatar (or whatever you call it) shows another way of edge thicknessing.
  9. This little guy from Woodcrafters works nicely. http://www.woodcraft.com/product.aspx?Prod...mp;FamilyID=344 (Sorry haven't learned how to make the link embedded).
  10. And perhaps (if) you decide to use the drill, do so to ony get in the rough general vacinity of the thickness you are looking for. There is value, especially if this is #1, to using the tools (gouge, planes, scapers) to take off wood for the sake of learning to use the tools. I wouldn't want to only have 1mm or so left to go when I first put (hand) tool to wood, then go too deep (it can be super surprising how quickly one gets thin) or learn whoa...when I cut "this way" things (hunks bigger than 1mm) tear out. Good luck and have fun. It is very cool when the plate starts to sound. John
  11. Hi Julian, I'll make you one. How is your checkbook holding up in Salt Lake? Could probably barter one with you for supply of IPAs (Serioulsy, I will copy mine...on the house...if you don't mind getting/shaping the cutters...) John Edit: should have checked the price 114 euro! before that offer...hmmmm blades 14euro...how does 100 sound? To all: Julian and I are friends...not trying to take a new guy for a ride down the Maldivian trail... To all Part two: the thumb planes on the aehnelt look a bit like the GEWAs. Anyone know who is making them? Any experience with them?
  12. Thanks. It is a favorite of mine too, and seemed in keeping with the wildlife theme...and really is my yard too, though not out of my shop window...as it has yet to grow a window...in Georgia the AC seems more vital.
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