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  1. I bought it for the bow but the violin looked interesting, any thoughts?
  2. I have seen post that cross the grain and others with the grain. What's up this that? priya
  3. Do you want to drag for pink slips?
  4. A young lady need a violin for a concerto. The conductor it not like her violin, a Bisach, a bit strident. The conductor lend her my $200 who then brought it her teacher Itzhak Perlman. He loved it.
  5. There are so many excellent violins out there new and old. No need to spend very much of less you want to chase a famous name. If you love the sound search no more.. A mutt can sound much better than a Pedigree. The best soundings violincost me $200.The rest is just vanity.
  6. a rough idea as the repair?
  7. I recently bought a nice french bow but the spine is weak and it needs a re-bend. Do you know is it is an expensive procedure ? I live in the NYC region. Any recommending? Thank you
  8. I took the photos on my deck
  9. I seen this type horrible cracks on new Chinese fiddles. Maybe the wood is not aged, I don't know. But suddenly, some Chinese instruments to seam to explode.
  10. I was surprised to see a slit bass bar in a violin I recently purchased. It is from the 1920's. It has a powerful sound that is warm and sweet, however the tone is also abit unfocused and diffused. This might be a design suitable for the amateur violinist, it is not judgemental.
  11. luthier; cello, colocar alma - soundpost fitting ( violin making ). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAeFPET-ueU&feature=email
  12. The violin is circa 1900-20. German with an Amati label. The violin is from the region of Sachsen (Saxon).
  13. I am trying to assort some old bows. I am in tempted to throw this one in the german pile, but I am not sure. Any ideas?
  14. A Happy Christmas to all.
  15. Rumours have been floating for years about the Mr Z/ Stern violins sale. However, they are beautifully antiqued, true eye candy . The Mr Z example that sold last week was rather plain and it is hard to sell a violin that is not antiqued. That been said, I question the authenticity of this violin. There many well crafted Chinese violins in the UK with bogus label, especially modern makers. A violin of that age should have papers from the maker, I would be suspect if it didn't. A violin a bad set up and a missing E string prevents a player to judge as to sound. One must be reliant on the violin label and the catogue. Basic on this factors, I'll bet the UK buyers kept their distance and it in sold the American buyer.
  16. I have one here ** FR. HELLER **. Silver mount, octagon stick with a Tourte tip. Stamped Czechoslovakia. It's not haired but it looks like a nice stick. Good clean work.
  17. "Perhaps the classical world is not dying with the current older generation of listeners but rather evolving into something new with the upcoming generations of new players and composers" It's the dumbing down the American children. It's evolving to in Guitar Hero and Wii.
  18. Last century's America embraced all that was European. This century Asia embraces all that was American.
  19. Pick one! There is plenty more. Playing in a train station is ridiculous. We are never less hurried the we are trying to catch a train. Anything offered free is of no value. Acoustical instruments are largely irrelevant as is classical music. The audience for classical concerts are aged and attendance continues to diminish. Digital technology has made many instruments disposable.
  20. I like this seller. His listings are sincere. He doesn't mislead nor over play the instrument. However, the problem is, he has nothing to sell.
  21. Hi Phil "Thanks for your kind words. I used to collect watches but eventually they became boring.. String instruments are much more interesting. The best way to learn to identify instruments of quality is to look at and handle many many instruments and remember the details of each. I have been doing it for over 43 years and you can do it too." Many currently fiddle hunters are former watch hunter, don't know why. but it seems common.
  22. Nice Hopf, pity about that back soundpost crack Regards, Priya
  23. The Juzek was clearly undervalued and everyone knew include Skinners. Tarisio has a similar Master Art which will likely close the same or more. Low reserves ensure the auction house that the items will sell and the encourage the naive buyer that they can beat the house.
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