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  1. I don't remember reading any threads regarding the differences in a baroque bridge and a modern bridge. And, I do remember reading in that time that the neck is different (thicker and at a lesser angle) on the barouqe instruments which is why I wondered why nobody mentioned that in this thread . . .
  2. What is the difference between the modern setup bridge and the barouqe setup bridge? Wouldn't the neck need to be replaced as well? I don't know much yet about the tradtional baroque instruments but I thought I seen that the next was at not such an angle and thicker???
  3. Ok - I'll put in my two cents . . . I think it is a bold and unfair statement to say that the quality of Dominants are not good. Dominants are the "standard" string and the string in which most others are measured. They are the most widely and commonly used on new instruments and there must be a reason for that. Different strokes for different folks, right? For the price and tone of Dominants I would say that they are very well competive string. In regards to quality, my favorite string (for the viola I now have) is Pirastro Eudoxas. Now, I have experience and have heard from many others, that Pirastro strings will unravel at the silk more than any other string maker. What does that say about Pirastro quality vs. Thomastik quality?? Bottom line here is that I love the sound and feel I get from them and will continue to use them even after they unravel. In short, each person has a string or tone they strive for and like above the others and that's just it. It's a very personal opinion subject.
  4. Quote: Its not a corrected version of the entire book - merely an update/correction on his views concerning the first published viola sonatas... However I would be pleased to send you a text file of it when complete in a few days... Much appreciated, thanks!
  5. Thanks all. It is a shame but it seems that the viola is and was mostly in the shodows. I wish there were an early music group in my area but there's not. I will look up those books to further knowledge my lacking brain:) Transcriptions would probably be the best for me to try to find. Perhaps I could transpose some early recorder music on my own. tradfiddle - I would be very interested in reading your corrected version of Riley's book if you wouldn't mind when you have finished . . .
  6. Ok, from what I have read and researched, the violin and viola were first introduced in the renaissance era in the mid- 1500's. There were not be be confused with the viol de gamba as they were seperate instruments and used together for some time. Does anyone have any resources of where one could find viola music that was written in this era?
  7. I have a 15.5 inch viola with a naturally overly bright A. I am using Eudoxas but the A is still to bright (the other strings seem fine). Any recommendations for a calmer A string?
  8. Quote: Thanks you all. But I can afford only $300-$400. So I think I cannot find a decent pernambuco bow. (Or am I wrong?) Anyway Please look at this website https://www.sharmusic.com/violinbows_carbon.asp?catID=2 can u guys tell me about, there are 3-4 different series of Presto CF bows .... Are the Carbon Fiber sticks the same qualities. The prices are different ,149, 199 and 299. Are they Different just about their fittings? or the stick's quality also? In that price range, if you wish to try a pernambuco, look at the Water Violet bows. They play very nice, are made quite well, and are in your price range. Other than that, I would go with carbon. CodaBows are great and the new Glasser braided is suppose to play well too (though I haven't tried one).
  9. Quote: I started violin at 16 and having a teacher for almost 6 months. My goal is able to play most of the violin music at reasonable level to regular audiences, is it achieveable? Absolutely!! At your age, you can achieve a position in an orchestra if you set your mind to it.
  10. bryan


    Well . . . I guess one could play baroque music on a modern instrument set up, probably more difficult vice versa. Where does the viola fall in the baroque bowed instruments. Did I read correctly that the viola was actually introduced before the violin?
  11. I found another I would like to share with the group: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/det...F8&v=glance
  12. bryan


    Which leads to another question . . . what would be considered "modern baroque"? Sorry for the all the questions but the baroque (and renaissance) music interests me so much that I have to know all. Thanks to all!!
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    Thanks for the list and the string tips!
  14. bryan

    baroque viola

    Does anyone know of this maker or please comment on what they would think the quality level of this viola would be? It would be my first baroque instrument. Thanks. http://www.baroquecello.com/ordering.html
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