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  1. glebert

    Violin ID please

    But the pegbox and pegs seem to slant the other direction. It almost looks like the whole thing curls a bit around the treble side.
  2. Depending on the cellist, it seems like the general lack of a lower bout in the Czech Ease body shape might make it hard to control the instrument position with their legs. Maybe the corners are enough. I like the idea of a fractional body with full scale. Heck, I like playing my 3/4 size compared to my full size just because all the reaches are easier and there is less body in the way for higher positions. Then again I am a pretty lousy cellist.
  3. If it already has a wax coating I would try something like Sno Seal, which is beeswax based and used on things like outdoor boots. If it was a new fabric without wax I would maybe use something like a silicon camp dry spray.
  4. glebert

    Jas. Tubbs bow

    It works fine for me. That is a very well written and engaging article, by the way.
  5. Thanks to all for your thoughts. I ended up passing on it. There were others bidding on it and I thought someone else should get the joy of fixing it and hopefully loving it for many years. Jacob's comment about motivation helped me realize that I didn't really want it. As far as "lucrative things to do" I am lucky in a way to not have to worry about making any money with my flights of folly, but at some point you run out of room to store stuff, and I have too many non-cello projects in the queue already.
  6. I'm mostly interested in how a violin gets into a drop ceiling and stays there. Prank from a sibling that goes too far? Kid who doesn't want to take violin lessons anymore? Parent who can't stand to hear their kid practicing?
  7. OK, I don't really need another project cello, but wondered if there is anything redeeming about this one. This is located in my hometown and I can have family pick it up, and have a method to get it shipped to me fairly inexpensively. Looks like there was maybe a neck joint / button break? I've already gotten two project cellos from this location, one of which turned out surprisingly good and one which was a total bust. Since it is pickup only in a fairly remote location there are usually very few bidders on these so they can be had cheap.
  8. I don't know how much of this transfers to shipping internationally, but I had Stringworks ship a cello across the United States for me, and they packed it exactly as you described, fully set up. It arrived almost still in tune, and that was only a padded bag case. They said they only ship FedEx as they said that in their experience FedEx will pay damage claims without a fight, but other shippers won't. Since they ship a lot of instruments I figured they would know best. Every experience I have with UPS involves things getting broken. I only ship with them if I have to.
  9. I think it would be cool to take a blacklight to the label and look for differences in ink. It looks to me like someone tried to go over old lettering to darken it up. I saw that Tariso and Amati websites refer to a Simon Voigt in Neukirchen 1710-1781.
  10. Have you seen the show Forged in Fire? I would totally watch a luthier version of that.
  11. I guess it depends on what your daughter needs in a cello and if this cello meets those needs other than the repaired crack. If the cello sounds and plays well and is much better than you could get at a local shop then maybe it would be a reasonable risk. I would not expect to be able to resell it for very much after she grows out of it, as most people rent fractionals, and often prefer to buy/rent from a shop rather than an individual. That being said, I would also consider the case and bow and if they would have any value on their own. If they are quality they might be worth a couple hundred on their own.
  12. Dumb question, the label in the OP's cello seems like it would be quite large based on the light patterns from the f-hole. Too large for a violin, it seems. If Nowy didn't make celli, and at most supplied them (presumably not a great quantity), would this label have also been used for guitars or other larger body instruments? It would seem strange to print up large labels for a few instruments.
  13. glebert

    Violin Shopping

    Just a thought, but if your current dealer doesn't have any violins that really suit her maybe you can use the trade-in on a great bow? Would be a shame if you would lose a lot of that trade-in value.
  14. As a total non-pro I am not opposed to a shiny finish on an old instrument, but it seems like it needs to fit the "look" of it. A cello like this one that was "rustic" looking even when brand new just looks odd with the glossy sheen on it.