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  1. Hello Benolin, Violin maker Franjo Schneider has a small museum in Zagreb, Croatia dedicated to him. Here are the contacts: http://muzej-franje-schneidera.com/ d.stipesevic@gmail.com +385(0)91 737 6819 Darko Stipesevic is a violin maker who is working in the Museum and takes care of the collection. As far I know on the market could only be occasionally found factory produced violins, but not ones made by himself. For more information the best would be to contact Mr. Stipesevic.
  2. Speaking about stereotypes, here is one 'notorious racist' page https://www.nationalstereotype.com/about-us/
  3. There exist only one, this edition. It is bilingual (Croatian/Italian). Re: buying a copy, I'll sent you a pm soon. Until then here are some photos from the exhibition: And here you can hear how his violin sounds: https://www.mojarijeka.hr/podnevni-koncert-gernota-s%CF%8B%CE%B2mutha-na-kresnikovoj-violini/
  4. Dr. Kresnik - Grand Prix 1926 (no "fasci") Dr. Franjo Kresnik can be linked with the fascist regime in Italy only through a common desire to revive classical liuteria in Cremona. The regime had its own reasons, among others the propaganda of its achievements and the showing of the greatness of Italy, and Dr. Kresnik got an opportunity to show his knowledge of the art of great Italian builders, a goal to which he was devoted all his life. Dr. Kresnik, a cosmopolitan, humanist and erudite, physician and violinist, was not involved in politics, but he actively participated in Croatian public life through the national society "Akademija", which speaks in favor of his national commitment, which he never denied.
  5. There are no other "important parts of his background as a luthier". Only thirty years of studying violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri "in vivo", during his occasional visits to Cremona. Result is aprox. 60 instruments he made and his book "Studio Sull'antica Liuteria Classica Italiana" where he summarized results of his research. On December 2019 in Rijeka, the town where he lived and worked, in cooperation with Museo del Violino from Cremona an exhibition "Dr. Franjo Kresnik - A Man who read violins" was opened on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth. This video was done as a part of the exhibition. Sorry, it isn't on English.
  6. Ever since I read this comment, I can't get a blasphemous scene out of my head: One evening the Master came to the BIERTAUFEL bar. “Ein großes Bier bitte. Oder noch besser, gib mir ein großes Glas Pflaumensaft, es fühlt sich nicht sehr gut an.” He drank his juice and climbed the stairs to his apartment above the bar. For the next hour or two the barman heard music coming from the Master's apartment. But it didn’t sound as nice as ever, and suddenly stopped. After about half an hour the bar was fulfilled with divine sounds of the Ode to Joy. See what you did? Every next time I look at Master portrait, I will see that scene. Shame on you!
  7. At the link below is a list of all of Beethoven's dwellings in Vienna and the surrounding area, so that Jacob or anyone else who has ambitions can make a tour in the past time without the TARDIS. https://www.virtualvienna.net/beethovens-dwellings/ I personally once just stood in front of the house at Ungargasse 5 where, as it stands on a memorial plaque, Beethoven finished his 9th Symphony. In the house is not a museum but a pub with the significant name BIERTEUFEL. Until I visit Vienna again I have to be satisfied with my personal Beethoven’s corner in my office where I keep some scores from his time that I, believe it or not, purchased on EBay. Above them on the wall hangs a portrait of the Master deep in his thoughts. Hofmeister c.1808 Bronsvic 1820
  8. Slavko Domitrović was well known and probably the best among the few Croatian violin makers. He died in 2015 as you can see here: https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/332082-in-memoriam-slavko-domitrović/ If your violin is from 2013, it’s probably one of the last ones he made. Hence perhaps a certain roughness in the details.
  9. With all due respect for the serious situation, I cannot resist not noticing that this is a unique case of the original being imported from China to Italy, and then a copy from Italy spread around the world.
  10. As we wait for the media to bring us real facts and until resolve the issue of whose health insurance is better, the situation in supermarkets is getting increasingly worse ... https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/03/05/condoms-coronavirus-covid-19-australia-singapore-twitter-ryde-district-mums/
  11. A lot of people are very anxious about coronavirus these days. Maybe they need to apply Clinton's recipe?
  12. Here's another, brand new one. For those who have decided to hide and wait for the disease to pass.
  13. ...5 pages and the abstract is...
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