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  1. Caterina did, I presume. If not, and she mixed his husband with Antonio, that could explain the expression on Francesca's face...
  2. Sorry but you didn't look at the images very carefully. On the third image is del Gesu. This is Stradivarius. After he drunk a couple of grappas.
  3. According to some (unverified) sources, this could be Francesca.
  4. Since it appears to be obvious that MN Ladies (and some gents too) dislike both possibilities of Stradivari's look, here there are some more options: (The painter and year unknown) (Gregorio Lazzarini 1655-1740) (Contemporary artist Graziano Bertoldi after Angelo Massarotti 1653-1723) If you ask me, after a long and thorough research, considering all the facts and legends, I came to the conclusion that the three gentlemen from Cremona must have looked like this:
  5. We discussed the Stradivari portrait here: The medallion portrait by Gialdisi is also from 1691, but it is hardly the same person. Most probably all this is just speculation, but very interesting.
  6. Fraktur script: Not of some importance, but for accuracy; Arbeit (work), not Urbeit I hope you do not mind on this little correction.
  7. I expected someone to mention Mr. Muneyuki Nakazawa, the maker best known for his "Tsunami violins"
  8. Not only Stradivari but also his mother is watching from the photo. Very emotional and poetic, unique label.
  9. Speaking about traditional folks wooden houses, in Croatia (around 400 kilometers far from Austrian Carinthia) there are preserved several (numerous) historic examples, hundreds years old. Significant is a characteristic type of dovetail so called “Croatian corner” (“hrvaški vuglec”), but also exist examples with “German corner” (nemški vuglec”). All those houses are just amazing, in whole and also in every detail. " "Croatian corner" "German corner" Finally, just for fun I’m adding a little brain teaser: Below is a carpenter joint of two pieces of wood. All sides look the same. How does floor plan layout look like, for the pieces to be disassembled? Anybody?
  10. It seems that the first word on the Strad label reads 'MODEL'. It is an English word, if this is of any relevance. The length of the back is 37cm. Is it a small viola?
  11. Dear edi malinaric, hope you don't mind if I correct you a bit: If you say "Gora gora gora gora", that only means "Mountain mountain mountain mountain" which is pretty meaningless. But if you say "Gore u gori, gora gori" the sentence completely changes its meaning into: "Gore (up) u gori (in the mountain), gora (the mountain) gori (is burning). Croatian language is far from being simple. Just opposite, it is very rich, complex and complicated. Grammatical cases (which in English are completely unknown) and a lot of synonyms make learning Croatian very difficult. I'm sure you know all that very well, but I add this explanation for those who don't, and might be interested. Cheers, romberg flat
  12. At the present time the coats of arms are replaced with avatars on forums. Just look at them and everything will be clear to you.
  13. I just saw a program for "Jacob Stainer zum 400. Geburtstag" event. Much more Barock then Bock. Eagerly waiting for Jacob's report.
  14. Yes, ein Bock served by a girl dressed in dirndl could be a good solace.
  15. Thank you Blank face, that was my guess too, but I was curious maybe Stainer could had a heraldic armory, something like Stradivari: * Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737): famous violin-maker. Arms: per fess indented gules and or, two dolphins counterchanged. Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen is a very sad song indeed. Hope you will find some comfort.