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  1. romberg flat

    No f holes??

    Jokes aside, there is no doubt that Hendrick ter Brugghen could paint a violin with great accuracy. He was one of the greatest Dutch painters of his time, and the knowledge of the instruments undoubtedly showed on his other paintings, for example on “Man Playing a Lute” where the lute is painted to the smallest details. So it can be concluded that a violin without f-holes has a hidden meaning. This would not be so strange, as many other paintings of Dutch painters of that time contain hidden meaning, which are described in article “A Musical Enigma in Dutch Painting” (The New York Times About the reason for the absence of f-holes can only be speculated, as this thread shows. By the way, it is interesting that another Dutch painter, Jan Griffier, some sixty years later made a mezzotint print after ter Brugghen's painting and guess what - on that print the violin has f-holes.
  2. romberg flat

    No f holes??

    If so, why he didn't just cover them with the fig leaf?
  3. romberg flat

    #that-feeling when...

    ...someone starts an ID-thread with "Saxon or Bohemian?" and get a reply from MN experts: "ITALIAN". Never happened, nor will happen.
  4. romberg flat

    Expensive wreckage of Hopf on ebay

    The seller claims that the brand reads C D H. Strange, there are clearly visible letters G C H. Georg Caspar Hopf (first half of 18th century)?
  5. romberg flat

    Mysterious violin - French or Cromonese

    LOL, but this is one more prove how certificates could be wrong After all what to say? While one was fiddling, another was scoring. Respect to both, CHAPEAU to the winner.
  6. romberg flat

    Mysterious violin - French or Cromonese

    Fake! Where did you see that? On eBay? Did you not yet learn not to trust eBay?
  7. romberg flat

    Mysterious violin - French or Cromonese

    Such provocation does not deserve the answer.
  8. Before last Wednesday it seemed that this violin was English, but it turned out to be CROmonese. Hopefully that after next Sunday will not show that it is actually French.
  9. romberg flat

    Green Violin

    Sold for 30.000 euro. Violin 100, green color with signature 29.900.
  10. romberg flat

    Green Violin

    You better check once again before bidding...might be surprised.
  11. romberg flat

    Green Violin

    You welcome. I suppose that Beuys would prefer a term sculpture more than installation. Each Green Violin from the edition of 24 identical pieces, executed in 1974, stands as a sculpture itself, according to his concept of multiples ("... a new form of edited artwork that expanded the horizons of reproductive art-making"). That what you called "tin cans and string" is a different sculpture named Telephone T___R, from the edition of 24, executed also in 1974. There is a lot of interesting stuff about Beuys on Google or literature, no matter if one likes him or not.
  12. romberg flat

    Green Violin

    About coffee, I think, it is the same as about Modern art; one enjoyes in it (drink it) or not... About Green Violin, one can see something here: or here: About Fluxus Movement, there is something here: About Joseph Beuys, a lot is written, but for start there is, of course again, a Wikipedia: One can drink a coffee as black coffee, espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, kleine braune, Turkish coffee, Irish coffee... or one can drink tea. Depends of one's preferences.
  13. romberg flat

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

  14. romberg flat

    Paganini's violins: Where are they now?

    Martin, did you ride the same Fiat 500 as then in Hungary?
  15. romberg flat

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    One and only X-TREME BOTHER has left. His openness and desire to see the world of violin through a wider, artistic prism and passion with which he opened new topics and participated in all the discussions, can not be replaced by anyone.