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  1. You've said it all, all I can add is that she is basically Tom Hanks's twin daughter. Hilary Hanks.
  2. (I tried uploading a picture, but it didn't work.)
  3. It's so bizarre to be out of a bag which I wasn't inside of until David put me there Thank you for the kind words, though, it means a lot to me! What David doesn't know is that a lot of the credit goes to the maker of the violin I was playing on Christmas day. Now who's inside the bag? (edited to remove poor sounding link)
  4. Just so we see it's not your fiddle being used.
  5. Hi David, you mentioned a 350-dollar system in another thread, can you elaborate on what is needed? Is it one machine or multiple components?
  6. I agree with Melvin! Deep admiration for the courage in posting "Like racism, no matter how we try, to some degree this this kind of thing is in us all." Truly the attitude of an advanced human being. Thank you for taking the time to write the story!
  7. 4 and 1 tied for me. (1 for the sizzle present in all registers and 4 for sounding more open) 3 is ok and 2 seems to choke easily.
  8. Time to vent: I find this intense picking and endless joking on otter way more tiring and wasteful than his spicy food for thought, as crazy as it may be. It seems that his name has already been tinted with doubt by quite a few of you, so why not just take whatever he or legna said literally "for whatever it's worth"? No need to worry about much else, unless you are personally attacked. Not happy without seeing pictures? You can always go try it out, right? At least he gave some directions to his madness. Personally I'm a little embarrassed by association for seeing a lot of mockery on someone who might (or might not) have multiple personality issues.
  9. I haven't posted in years, but I must agree about David's longevity, and laughed out loud at the funny disadvantage that Jezzupe brought up. I appreciate both of you!
  10. Incredibly talented! Hats way off to you!
  11. I don't mean to disagree with Michael, Bruce or Jeff, but once a "Grancino" is reduced in size, you HAVE to call it something else. Oookeydooookey...I'm outta here!
  12. I didn't mean to imply that, I only remembered that you use a lot of exotic tonewood. Growing up in Brazil I only saw Imbuia being used in doors, so, great job putting it to good use!
  13. Imbuia is supposed to be very hard. Can you tell us anything about the sound compared to the one made with maple? That is, if you've ever used it ;-)
  14. Oded, any particular maker or set of strings that you feel strongly about?
  15. Another thing you may be experiencing (don't ask how I know) is that the varnish will work as a straight jacket to some extent, making the box contract. So, in the end, the original sound post will be too long, the arch a little different, the bridge feet won't fit exactly AND the bridge will probably be sitting on a lower arch, all contributing to lower string action.
  16. Hi Manfio, you sure help keep this place interesting. I agree, it's a focused and dusky sound, congratulations! Had the piano been tuned, it would have helped the violist ;-) It almost sounds like a fortepiano.
  17. Everyone's jaw should drop as I inform you that this is basically a self-taught maker AND violinist! You're doing great, Selim!
  18. You're not unfair, John. Not necessarily an easy book to read but quite generous, actually.
  19. I've heard both Tetzlaff and Van Keulen playing their Greiners several times. Teztlaff's first Greiner (which is now Keulen's, I believe) was amazing, very rich, especially in the low register. The latest one is very powerful in the treble, but that's about it. Overall it struck me and most of my colleagues as screechy with narrow low end. Also, in talking to Kavakos about his violins, he seemed very impressed with his own Greiner, saying that, depending on the repertoire, he sometimes uses it in concerts.
  20. I'm with 1alpha here, if I could choose one violin for myself, I'd take Melvin's and run. 1alpha, I'm curious if it wasn't the first e-flat in the second passage of the Bruch that sealed your decision. edited due to poor grammar.
  21. Congratulations, Melvin and Michael! Now, I find the published scores a little iffy. zulu out
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