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  1. DBCooper

    PLEASE Help Me Find a Fine Tuner!

    Another option is to learn how to tune the G-D-A with the peg, which is normal for synthetic strings.
  2. DBCooper

    Tips for Removing Cork Residue From Top?

    But I just said: Also, I don’t think the il Cannone sounds that great. :-D
  3. DBCooper

    Tips for Removing Cork Residue From Top?

    Probably not very. Also, I don’t think the il Cannone sounds that great :-O He had some great PR going though, to become such a legend.
  4. DBCooper

    Galamian Violin Hold

    Yep, I'm missing the point :-D Carry on...
  5. DBCooper

    Galamian Violin Hold

    You should probably get rid of all that modern stuff in your car, too. After all, cars didn't originally have ABS, airbags, traction control, etc. You might as well ditch your smartphone for a feature phone too -- who needs the internet in their pocket? In fact, why not digress to a landline, or a party line. The shoulder rest is not trying to improve the violin. It's providing access to the violin to those who wouldn't otherwise be able to play well without it. A hundred years ago there were other factors. Those than didn't have the physique to play without a rest played poorly, or simply quit. There is no reason for that today -- with custom chinrests and various shoulder rests, almost anyone can play well. Having taught violin at the university level for the last 20 years, I can easily see who will benefit from a shoulder rest and who may not need one (or may be better off with an anti-slip pad of some sort). Should a student feel inadequate because they aren't able to play without a rest because they simply lack the physical qualities that would make that possible? I think not. But people seeing these discussions on the internet who don't have an experienced teacher to snap them back to reality may forever suffer.
  6. DBCooper

    Galamian Violin Hold

    You probably should give up your TV, car, computer, cell phone, and any other modern day inventions. Surely they are not needed, they were unnecessary for hundreds of years :-D
  7. DBCooper

    Galamian Violin Hold

    Some people do that, but it's rare. His shoulder appears to be rotated quite heavily to me on the left side for support anyway. Perlman, Zukerman, Mutter -- there is some shoulder interaction there as well. If you want to be dogmatic about it, go ahead and play without one. But take a good look at your body structure first , as you could well find out that YOU would personally play better with a rest. And since you're freeing up the back of the violin, you might sound better, too. Or, be like people who just want to be restless for no good reason and struggle with vibrato, endurance, shifting, and stability ;-)
  8. DBCooper

    Galamian Violin Hold

    The violin used to be played primarily by men wearing suits. And if you're talking about Menuhin, there are other reasons for his ill-ease. Most people who play at a soloist level without a rest have a good reason to say they shouldn't be used -- their physiology is such that they cannot see how it would be a benefit. For those with sloping shoulders, narrow shoulders, there is little alternative. From a sound perspective, most instruments sound better with a shoulder rest than with their back blocked from vibration with a shoulder. You can easily feel the back of your violin as you play to see how much it vibrates and how much sound is produced there.
  9. DBCooper

    Galamian Violin Hold

    Most professional players and soloists actually use a shoulder rest, most commonly a Kun. Heck even Zukerman stuffs a pad under his jacket, which I consider a form of shoulder rest. Mostly, I see amateurs on a quest to play without the rest, when they should really focus on good posture and practicing their instrument. There is no great violation in using a rest.
  10. DBCooper

    synthetic core history

    Zukerman and Perlman were pretty early adopters of Dominants. Prior to this they used a full set of Eudoxa. You can still see Eudoxas in their older video performances on youtube.
  11. DBCooper

    What happens to strings?

    Would vodka work? I usually have some handy while practicing anyway :-D JK -- I still plan to just replace strings on a regular basis.
  12. DBCooper

    What happens to strings?

    That is super interesting David. Can we get this rep as a forum member? Cleaning strings sounds about how I feel about cleaning bow hair. It's less hassle to periodically replace. I don't want solvents ending up in the tips of my bows or "oops" on my varnish. One can be extremely careful and still have a mishap.
  13. DBCooper

    What happens to strings?

    It's interesting that pure unwound gut strings do not suffer from the same tonal degradation as wound strings, in my experience. Once settled, they sound the same until they start to fray badly. This seems to support the theory that debris between the windings as well as metal deformity could cause the degradation in modern strings. It's interesting that with all the advances in materials and manufacturing, we still have many fine players using one of the original synthetics (Dominant).
  14. DBCooper

    Superglue Problem -- Need Help

    When you're done with that fancy blue bottle, break it open... Inside, you find a tiny regular tube of super glue :-D The dispense mechanism and cap can't be beat for keeping it functional. Just expected it to have a better internal system than a silly, tiny tube.
  15. DBCooper

    The Real DonsViolin on Tour

    That's fantastic! Congrats Don on the violin!