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  1. What happens to strings?

    Would vodka work? I usually have some handy while practicing anyway :-D JK -- I still plan to just replace strings on a regular basis.
  2. What happens to strings?

    That is super interesting David. Can we get this rep as a forum member? Cleaning strings sounds about how I feel about cleaning bow hair. It's less hassle to periodically replace. I don't want solvents ending up in the tips of my bows or "oops" on my varnish. One can be extremely careful and still have a mishap.
  3. What happens to strings?

    It's interesting that pure unwound gut strings do not suffer from the same tonal degradation as wound strings, in my experience. Once settled, they sound the same until they start to fray badly. This seems to support the theory that debris between the windings as well as metal deformity could cause the degradation in modern strings. It's interesting that with all the advances in materials and manufacturing, we still have many fine players using one of the original synthetics (Dominant).
  4. Superglue Problem -- Need Help

    When you're done with that fancy blue bottle, break it open... Inside, you find a tiny regular tube of super glue :-D The dispense mechanism and cap can't be beat for keeping it functional. Just expected it to have a better internal system than a silly, tiny tube.
  5. The Real DonsViolin on Tour

    That's fantastic! Congrats Don on the violin!
  6. David Burgess Violin(s) Wanted

    Still can't make 'em fast enough?
  7. Amazing Hilary

    Yep, Ferras was special. I've always enjoyed his recording of the Franck Sonata:
  8. Amazing Hilary

    Don -- I agree. Just pointing out that that violin, that player, that Gigue -- nearly a flawless combination. I too prefer a violin capable of more variety of sound, including grittier :-)
  9. Amazing Hilary

    That's a nice Guad. Anyway, that is grit. And we want grit in the Csardas. Part of the grit might be coming from the fact that she has a microphone about 2" from her bridge :-D
  10. specialized setup

    That's probably really fun for those kids!
  11. Amazing Hilary

    Maybe Hil's violin is letting her down sometimes, but ... Do we really want grit and growl in the Bach Gigue? I don't. It would be nice if she could rev it up in other pieces, but in this black-box Bach Gigue scenario, I think it's perfect.
  12. Soft microfiber cloth, similar to the type used to clean glasses.
  13. Amazing Hilary

    Hilary sounds exquisite! I enjoy the sound of her Vuillaume, although it might not be what we have come to expect. It's clear, focused, present, and works well for her. I wouldn't be caught dead with a mismatched chinrest, though :-D