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  1. High quality bridges and a variety on options can be found at Milo Stamm (Germany)
  2. Everything seems to be sold out. Good business!
  3. Fe(Cl)3 inwhich the Fe(III)-ion is involved is quite good soluble in water. Iron itself is not soluble in water.
  4. 3/4 is .925 of 4/4 and 1/2 is .925 of 3/4. You may find the sequence for sizes 1/4 and 1/8!
  5. Pictures cannot be made visible.
  6. Kauri Gum does not dissolve in ethanol.
  7. Watched the video of the sound comparison on cello but did not recognize real differences. Though I'm wondering if the complete set of strings is re-installed on an other tailpiece how many things have changed than? Is the bridge position exactly the same? There might be more variables in this game.
  8. The difference between Seidl and Seidel can be significant!
  9. Because it's so true! The human ear is the best instrument to recognize a real fifth.
  10. I use a tuning fork for the A. The other strings are tuned by ear. No need to use a tuning tool.
  11. Yes, I agree! I built a couple of mini violins and cello's. Here the tiny cloths pins were very helpful.