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  1. Hello, I am looking for a Maestronet Forum Post which lead to an article that had comparative sound clips of Stradivarius and Guarnerius violins.. I searched many times but to no avail. Can someone link me to it please? Thank you.
  2. Jeez, you need to tell us where this flea market is, hahah.
  3. How do you keep your violin from getting stolen? Put it in a viola case.
  4. Hahahahah HSGNOTES, you are too funny.
  5. Well, if they've already paid you, the payment's already been cleared, then the transaction is irreversible.
  6. You should bring a laptop and microphone to the pianist's house. You can use a computer program called audacity for recording- it's a free software and very easy to use. One tip- if you're transferring the recording onto a cd, you should save it in WAV form which is a lossless file (meaning that no sound quality is lost). Many people make the mistake of saving it as an mp3 since it's so common, but sound quality degrades if you save it as a mp3.
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but can shellac be thinly applied on existing varnish with a rag to create a shiny finish?
  8. Dark varnish is not a good sign- it was used on cheap german factory instruments.
  9. What I like to do is to put baking soda in the violin, leave it for a day, take it out. Then I would get a small, long piece of cloth and put a couple drops of aromatic cedar oil on the tip, wait till it dries, and put it into the f-hole. Leave it in for 2 days or so, and this leaves a very faint but sweet scent of wood. I think this also works with cedar air freshener.
  10. To my amateur eyes, it looks authentic to me if that's what you're asking.
  11. I can't find any for the violin. I'd love to try it if it was available.
  12. Here's a Hondge by a reputable seller- http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA...tem&item=330172966729 And a Hondge? our family? violin- Z1QQcmdZViewItem">http://cgi.ebay.com/Antique-Mo...WQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Now to my amateur eyes, these 2 don't look very similar... I'm guessing that there are fake Hondges?
  13. I would like to know what model that chinrest is; it looks beautiful.
  14. I would like to know what model that chinrest is; it looks beautiful.
  15. How did the maker project the peg holes out like that? Very interesting scroll indeed- reminds me of cow horns.
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