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  1. First off, hello everyone. I only stop by once in a while these days, when I have a violin subject on my mind, but have always loved my visits. I don't mean to be rude with my interjection which will probably not be terribly constructive, but I'm in a mood to pen a novel on this subject because I can identify with the buyer, so here we go. Regarding this particular sale: I feel that the seller probably learned more than he/she wanted to know AFTER they got hold of it; may have found out more about how fiddle-dealing, and then feared that they might not make back the investment, or
  2. I haven't been traveling in this circle at all lately but when I saw this I thought of the Maestronet community. Really couldn't decide of Fingerboard or Music Happenings was appropriate place to put this, so if it needs changed pls tell me & I'll change it. The story as I read it on Comcast news is quite short, so I am pasting it here. (there;s a copyright notice from AP on it but I'm not selling it for gosh sakes, so I took the liberty of pasting it in here: Here is the URL: And here is
  3. I have been away from Maestronet for some time; very occupied with a house renovation and sevaral other pressing issues. However, I was viewing some photos on my IP, Comcast, and came across this story. My apologies if this has already been referred to anywhere on the site. Just thought of all of you all and had to share it. It begins; "LONDON - A retired shiping consultant said he lost a 17th-century violin worth nearly $400,000 after leaving it on a train..." The whole article can be found here: Man Loses 17th Century Violin on Train (p.s. - moderator; if this the wrong category, p
  4. Umm...four hundred hours? I've been practising since the 4th grade (with a short hiatus between ages 13 - 28) and I just turned 49. All that practise and I haven't improved a whit!! Needless to say I won't be trying out for the Pittsburgh Symphony anytime soon.
  5. I was cruising eBay yesterday, checkin gout all of the violin sellers and ran across this ebay store: Old Violin House Here is the fellow's description of is business: "I am a violin trader from Singapore. I work with small workshops/luthiers. I sell new, old & antique violins - Stradivari (Strad), Guarneri & Amati style. Hope you will enjoy my ebay shop" I'm not looking for advice, but I'm curious to get a"forensic" analysis of who lies behind the offerings. I thought they were pretty, but my eye is better attuned to quality horseflesh than quality violins. What do more exper
  6. That's my question: Was (is) Carl Newmann a violin maker who had talent, made carved his own fiddles or what?I have seen more than a few copies of different models (Garnerius, Schweitzer, Strad) attributed to the name. But I loked through here and from what I could find, nobody has anything to say about him. Currently there are a couple listed on ebay. I know there are people who know who he was. I just hope somebody takes the time to answer me. Thanks if you answer, happy new year everyone. Liz L.
  7. Hmmm, I'm tryin' it now an dit seems to be working. That's a big relief!!! Thanks, Jeffrey! Thanks, everyone!! Liz
  8. I think maybe I should try firefox, but there are too many reasons I keep returning to IE- I just find it more comfortale for me. For this entry, I am writing in notepad first, to hopefulty be able to communicate. I dont; even know if this will post past the first line. I have several times had something urgent I wanted to convey, but couldnt get it posted. It might be something with my Java installation, but I have recently reformatted the hard drive and re-installed everything, so why it still won;t fundction, I do not know. Can anyone help me? I sure hope this whole thing pr
  9. Somebody please help me by explaining wy i can't post- this applet goes haywaire wen I try to as you can see. When I try to post, I keep losing control of the cursor, which chooses where it wants to begin a wor. I can't erase and soemtimes it kleekeeps tere
  10. Thanks, Steve_W. Only one thing: I see the "insert hyperlink" Icon, but I dont; see an "http' icon. So I hit the 'insert hyperlink" icon, and from there cannot past anything, no matter what other hittable icons, buttons or boxes appear. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? If I'm not doing it wrong, maybe what I need to do is get out my viola bow and try whacking it over the head.
  11. I hope this link works. I don;t understand this new hyperlink function. You cannot paste your link or text into the field? I'm not writing it out in longhand, that's for sure. If you are interested in this article, try copying & pasting. It begins: Teacher Allegedly Whacks Child With Bow By Associated Press Boulder, Colo. A substitute music teacher has been arrested after allegedly whacking a 10-year-old student on the head with a viola bow after telling the class they were "the worst players I've ever heard."
  12. Thanks, everyone! I realize that the kinds of instruments I am able to share photos of are never so intriguing as the ones that are generally shown in the Pegbox. I would like to express my appreciation that you all took a look and made a comment for me. (If any of you remember back to your own first critical assessments, then maybe you will understand my sincerity.) They are all pretty to me, some more than others, until an experienced eye can point out subtleties that I repeatedly fail to notice. I am aware that I'm getting free education here by way of everyone's generousi
  13. "Liz, that looks like a re-varnished lower-level JTL to me. Any sign of a stamp (brand) on the inside of the back which says "medio fino"? If you look through the endbutton hole at the top block, it might be stamped 'JTL'." Jacob: What is a JTL? I'll look for the stamp. Also, here is another photo- the best one I have of the label. It claims to be a Storioni, and there is a date of 17 something (didn't get a clear photo, as many as I took) but my friend bought it from the widow of a colleague, who would surely have known if it had had a great value.) I wondered about the
  14. NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! I posted a photo quiz about a week or two ago, and hardly anybody took a shot! Was my fiddle too plebian to be considered? I can stand to have my feelings hurt. I'm just curious! I would love to tell my new fiddling friend, Mr Ferguson, something, anything about this fiddle- which probably isn't as blooded as it claims to be- we'd just like to get some idea of place and time. And if its a Lark, we still want to know.
  15. They said that doctors told her to "stop breaking horses..." I wonder if people who are good horsemen are also good fiddle makers, as a rule. If so, then maybe I will try it someday. Dean- let's see what a good hillbilly you are... Can you pass the West Virginia Reading test? MRDUCKS ARNOT OSAR CMWANGS LIB MRDUCKS Now if you'll excuse me for a while, I got some possums to fry. I'll be back later to see if you got it.