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  1. Hold up though finnfinn...have you gotten to borrow a LN or Veritas block plane before? Or one of the LN or Veritas planes for joining? Those are insanely good, they really are. In case no one told you: the nicer planes are a different experience for sure. I'm not good enough at joining to really know the emotions experienced by someone much more skilled who tries a #8 LN for the first time, but...uh...I can definitely say I heard about it. I enjoy planing ribs with the Veritas block plane much more than the "other" block plane (also a Stanley with a hock). In comparison the Stanley feels somehow clunky, weighted wrong, and obviously, not fine tuned for perfect blade adjustment like the better ones are. I have to say, I don't get why some people collect Stanley planes like they are some glorious relics of a lost American Golden Age of industry and craftsmanship. Just because almost everything is made terrible now doesn't make turn of the century Stanley planes wonderful. They're ok.
  2. Ugh, Micromark is going to be a dangerous temptation constantly. My husband and our kid are definitely going to be fighting over that catalog, since they have a ton of tools and parts for my son's hobbies too. It'll be interesting to watch. Thanks for the recommendation! .
  3. I did. See my edit. I had to run off to youtube and find it.
  4. I hear you...all of the news coverage. I liked her 25 years ago though, as soon as she was on the radio actually (unlike you, I was once a little girl who liked to sing), and I would be lying if I said I actually think it's awful that people appreciate her now. But I also think wtf npr. Wtf msnbc, cnn, abc, etc. Can we just talk about how global warming cannot be reversed or 45's tweets or corporate plots to enslave us all, something, all of which I am far more comfortable with than revisiting my childhood circa 1991-1996...or thinking about Christmas? Just kidding. Not really. All true. It's worse than the smell of potato bread cinnamon rolls. I think it's down to the networks (and everyone addicted to the news cycle) being completely desperate for a light, uplifting, pleasant story. Obviously they missed the mark with us though. How about this Christmas/ New Years classic? It's my 4-year-old's favorite. She tries so hard to sing along.
  5. I tried to read the certificate but couldn't make out everything on my phone. So...I guess you're saying there was more than one cow in Italy whose hide would make suitable violin case material. Musafia didn't attribute this to the Stradivari shop? Whoops. But it is nearly 300 years old though? Still cool. There can't have been that many violin case manufacturing shops at that time. Anyone who made this would be a recognzable name today. Right? Or no. I'd like to know more about this.
  6. This is a total wow. Actually, for once, something on eBay that really is NICE and Rare. I wanted you all to have a heads up on this. You know, just in case you have an extra humidified glass case with bars and an alarm, but nothing to put in it. Did you all see this and aren't talking about it for some reason? Tartini's double violin case out of the Stradivari shop?!
  7. Ha, I started that thread. It was definitely a good one.
  8. My stupidity in buying the Guarneri volume from a fake Scamazon seller yesterday underscores why I don't like that venue for specialty items. At least they have a more than decent return policy. The book is definitely worth the extra money, I'd rather buy from Julian anyway, and I should have kept off of there. So mad at myself for being such an easy mark.
  9. I actually probably do want the USSR book, but can't have both now. Still bidding $300 on the Primrose book. I would buy the USSR one if I can have more time to produce the green, just saying...
  10. The green might be more brownish because I'll have to pull it out of my a$$. But these books don't go up for sale that much, so. Who's retiring in Dallas? A secret person? I don't mind a public auction, not that specialty stuff like this should ever see the virtual auction block of feeBay, for many reasons, imo, but I like the pm idea for when the bidding gets tough.
  11. Why are we bidding publicly? $300 (No more bids from me until 4:59 pm cst on Friday.)
  12. Yes. No one else corroborated this in the thread, I see, but I know it works. Printer paper? Same idea. It's one trick for polishing ebony to a hot glasslike finish without oil (or with the one drop aforementioned on a much larger SA like a fingerboard)...I know this is done a lot. I probably shouldn't mention stuff like this for reasons, secret secrets, but whatever. It's not a big secret. And it won't hurt anything to try this especially on your fingerboard. Or on your bow. The paper gets hot, so maybe put a little piece of leather under your finger or something if you want to. Hope this helps.
  13. Typing paper. Seriously! Sometimes a drop of mineral oil for an amount of ebony on maybe a violin fingerboard, but no more. Because "a drop of oil" might mean different amounts to different people, maybe not even that. Try the bit of typing paper though. Rub til it gets warm. Definitely a good thing to do on a fingerboard too
  14. Will Logan and I used to talk and write about this. He shared many personal stories of his experiences as a student of Dorothy DeLay and others, and as a dealer and connoisseur of rare violins, as so many on here have, and probably he never did write down everything somewhere else. I told him he should but he had a big house and a wife to take care of. I've still got his PMs, which at least were automatically backed up into gmail, but they're just sitting there. Maestronet used to go down for a couple of days at a time. That doesn't happen these days, but you still have to wonder what happens to all of this if that happens again, permanently. I miss him. He's just one example of someone who kept a pretty low profile about his actual knowledge and experience, but so many could benefit from his ideas. I hope Maestronet doesn't go away too. It's a valuable library for the violin world.