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  1. Definitely true. The highly rated Romanian suppliers who are active through facebook are his current favorite.
  2. I'm fluent in womanese thus can comment on this topic. I'll be skulking back into oblivion shortly, but I know what i know. Also, apropos of this week's discussion, not telling likes Cormac McCarthy. I don't see how someone wouldn't.
  3. I'll miss him. We talked a lot about violin materials and coatings. I feel lucky to have known him at all. I think it would be awesome if someone would tragancanth the inside of the plates of the memorial violin. He would have liked that idea.
  4. What about diatomaceous earth sprinkled all over the case? Perfectly nontoxic and extremely effective, cheap, and simple solution.
  5. Ah. Now I remember why I liked it here so much. More threads like this and I might come back. Yup. That's a threat.
  6. Most everyone is familiar with this 2010 book. Depending on your perspective it may be lean on helpful pictures but I think we could all agree there's a lot of information in this book. Condition is near mint with light wear to dust jacket. Selling for $135, exactly what we bought it for.
  7. RARE 2003 book with SKIRA imprint also published in conjunction with Kunsthistoriches Museum Wien of Vienna. Ed. Rudolph Hopfner Dozens of high-quality photos. All text/ information in German language but the information aside you would love these photos! Sorry, those photos are only available in this book. Book is in very good condition with light damage to the corners of the cover. It was bought new and taken out and perused carefully and assiduously about twice a year. Best offer accepted. No recent sales are available for me to compare to and base a price on. If you want to see more images from the book I'm amenable to that... private message me. It's overall in very nice condition with no damage to the binding.
  8. This 1949 book was taken out of circulation from the Kansas City Public Library some years ago. It is a very rare book with only 1500 copies ever made. The Binding is coming apart a bit but all pages are in very good or better condition This book is perfect for serious collectors. Check recent auction prices. More helpful images of the book can be had if you just let me know what you'd like to see. $450 obo
  9. Probably no LA. But who knows. It would be nice to meet you too, and I know it'll definitely happen eventually. Right?
  10. Excellent condition. CDs unscathed. Includes dust cover. Several highly usable/helpful photographs and over 200 pp helpful information.
  11. These aren't violin making items (I don't know who needs to hear that but...it's veneer and you cannot make a violin with this stuff) but these are wonderful delectable and huge pieces of veneer that I am super motivated to sell for cheap. Really cheap!! Like 2018 prices. I know someone has a general woodworking project and needs Paduk veneer. Or 10 ft × 9 in. long curly maple veneer. I have a lot to unload. I have a list somewhere of all of the varieties and the sizes but for right now I'm just posting the pictures and seeing if there's any interest at all. Also, hi to anyone out there I would be saying hi to.
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