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  1. The de Mayerne manuscript, if I remember right, has the historical recipe.. At least, I accepted that it is the historical recipe. I'm not really anyone who knows anything. But when I was looking into this more deeply it used to really bother me how many recipes and definitions there are around these historical mediums.
  2. Well, okay, but are there limits? Obviously you don't jam to WAP, so where's the line? Evan (and myself) never spoke against people's rights to do what they want. He is looking at her with empathy. So was I but you all thought I was judging her. I could never. I also think she's awesome, for the reasons Evan mentioned and more. This thread has been really exhausting.
  3. You're not wrong. Hindsight bias is 2020. Maybe I'm guilty, but I won't apologize for having a bad feeling about something I can see but can't describe...
  4. Nope. You're misunderstanding me on nearly everything. I shouldn't have brought up the creepy feeling I always got from some of these pictures. Granted. I always do this, and it screws up the debate. I know it's unfounded. It's a feeling. More unfounded conjecture: nothing would have happened to Hilary Hahn because her father was there all the time. That's well-known, what a constant presence he was. He would wait outside her lessons. He was there when she signed cds. She did not tour alone. She was his child, before and after her fame. You can bet Brodsky knew that too. Hilary auditioned for him at ten years old and he said of her, while gushing about her talent, "for the first time in my life, I said, 'I want this girl'." Yeah. I bet he did. So creepy if you add the creepy element that was, as it turns out, definitely there. Thank God she had a great father who, I'm guessing, protected her from Brodsky's impulses just by being a fixture. For Lara, the concession was that she got a different teacher after the rape. Problem solved! Apparently her family didn't know why. Her brother still had lessons with Brodsky and was utterly puzzled, he later recalled. It's a big deal to switch teachers, but she was probably good at talking her way around that one. There are several others with substantiated claims. There are probably more who weren't involved in the recent action Curtis alum are involved in. Its simple. Being a parent, you must realize when there are changes in your child. You talk to other parents. There are rumors. You yourself know stage parents. You know how hard the kids work, how hard they are pushed. I have heard enough stories of sexual abuse to guess that some parents knew. At first, you chalk it up to a cultural difference. As a Russian Jew, he is simply very physical. Yes, you think you saw him pat your child on the thigh, ok, that was weird, something you think is not ideal, but it's a full-ride and he is a famous pedagogue. If he were doing anything really inappropriate he wouldn't be there. And there's the simple fact that if he snaps his fingers the child is out. I mean these kinds of knowing and justifications. I don't believe everyone thought there would be rape, I mean that some things were certainly seen and overlooked for decades by many many parents. On the scale of 1-10 of crazy, this is a 40: I knew a woman whose own mother did nothing about her father and brother and uncles raping her for a decade, because they would lose standing in the community if it got out. She sent her brother to prison and her mother didn't speak to her for awhile over that. They had to move. It was just so embarassing. That can happen, it did happen to her. If you heard these types of stories, you might believe that a career being at stake would have been sufficient for some "parents" to be silent. On the old white men thing, I didn't mean it, you didn't understand, it wasn't directed toward you. I explained the meaning. Still don't see the point? You don't have to read anything I write, but don't jump to conclusions or be self-referential about something that was a response to a disgusting joke someone else made. Well, I didn't like it. No one else said anything. I probably have no sense of humor anymore.
  5. VdA, you know that a lot of those parents knew something was happening too, at the time. But they didn't work that hard to get their child there, for nothing! That is how sick this society is. You got me, I ramble. But why is everything a joke to you?
  6. Well what do you think? I seriously doubt that disabled people like to be compared with dead people and treated like non persons in society, but it happens all the time. Not surprisingly, some people don't react to constant discrimination and displays of ignorance by becoming kinder, more grateful people and laughing about it all. So sure enough, I'd slap a person in a wheelchair. I'd do whatever I had to, if I had to. Yes. All he meant is that Brodsky can't fight back-he and his cohort are dead. Fine. He was still ruining lives 10 years ago. The attack is on the institution, not him.
  7. Hell no. One of my favorite drivers is about to be fired tor telling some campus protesters that all lives matter while they boxed in campus traffic for 3 hours. KU is demanding it. The protesters were upset that he wouldn't say "Black Lives Matter". Guess how much good trouble the protesters were in? None. I know you've seen the BLM platform, as have I. I don't support it either. However, I do believe that all lives matter and I consider myself anti-racism. I also don't support fascism where I see it. Can I ask, what does this line of thinking have to do with demands for justice for survivors and renewed hopes that my own daughter will never experience rape or mysogyny? That's what this is really about, for me.
  8. You clearly don't understand the situation. She came out with these allegations when she was 15. She continued to speak on her experience for 35 years and she isn't going to stop until the culture change is real. Also, people in wheelchairs can be real jerks. They're people too.
  9. Bill: Calm down, Methuzzullah. I haven't been a crazy teenager for a few years. Also, you are all missing my meaning. Philip KT, and others...apologies...I was probably not easy to understand, even though I think I'm absolutely transparent (I make this mistake often). No. I don't think "old white men" cause all of the problems. Where did I say that? I didn't. I more or less said it's an unfair characterization your demographic gets in our current cultural moment, until you start pulling out mysogynistic knee slappers and whatever else. I am on Maestronet a lot; obviously I like hearing what the boomers think. I often think your generation has its $hit together. I hope you're better than your sexual joke made at the expense of Hilary Hahn, which also mocked the situation. That is: the systemic mysogyny through all of the the entertainment industry and classical music included, which allows (mostly) male teachers at elite conservatories to rape (usually) female students with absolute impunity. The situation which women might be a bit sensitive about here...? Do you have empathy for, say, your female colleagues and students? Or post a condemnation of the institutions that allow this to happen and ignore survivors? Heck, express surprise that this could happen (I could find it somewhat plausible that, being a man and not a rapist yoursslf, you really didn't know how it is for women)? No. You post to talk about a world-class violinist and all-around awesome human, not to mention beautiful and with a skyscraping iq, like she is nothing more than a girl with a nice ass who gave you what you wanted. It's what someone like you is expected to do, because you're a boomer. I mean, that's the myth. Which you then made reality. Isn't that what I said? It's what I meant. I don't know you and maybe shouldn't post something like this, but honestly I feel like your joke was hugely inappropriate. Just disappointing. To uncle duke, whose post I didn't see at first, I am not sure if you are comparing St John's situation she was in at 14, and for the next 35 years as she was seeking vindication, to sex work, but if so, nope. Her career would have suffered due to her speaking out about her victimization, maybe due to Brodsky's influence, but she founded her own label and sold a metric shit-ton of albums because she got naked (the success of her first album made her own label possible). Okay. But I don't agree. I don't think her "sexy" albums are a form of prostitution, any more than it's prostitution for a company ceo to run a marathon to raise money for a nonprofit. But I think something about the photos made me think she was a survivor. I can't describe what. And I'm not a pearl clutcher. It was just an observation. I am not even slightly inclined toward work in Sonic, Hooters, or worse, since you asked. Yuck. No amount of free booze would make that possible. Fun fact, a relative took my son to Hooters to ogle the extra-flirtatious waitresses, and I couldn't do anything about it or even express outrage, because I need the child care. I am not actually sure that my kid noticed that anything was different. But I don't support that kind of indoctrination of children, mine or anyone's. Could it be I have more of a moral problem with Hooters than actual sex work. Crazy, I know. I'll unpack that one with my therapist someday. Rue: I am not offended by anything Lara St. John has done. I believe I could recognize that survivor by her choice of imagery, my original point. The iconic cd cover where she covered her breasts with her violin, that wasn't her label. Still, I say it was her choice too, the label didn't have to sell her solo Bach with that photo, but it was effective and she was willing. I don't think she would have been in that photo if not for Brodsky screwing up her mind and her life. But these images...Right choice? Wrong choice? Not my call. And not offensive! I just kind of could tell something damaged her. Fwiw Cardi B is offensive to me. I wanted to hear her amazing anthem of female power that everyone started squawking over a month ago.. I wish I could unhear it. My belief is that we cannot, as women, co-opt or claim the language of male sexual violence toward women, turn it on men, and call that our liberation. I know for sure that's not the world I want. I find her so disgusting and offensive, even if some of the lines are clever. The wordplay. Of course, that's how evil catches on. Also, whoever produced that video threw satanic imagery all through it. There's that. Upon further reflection, it was appropriate, considering the lyrics. I don't really understand popular culture, although I am aware that this isn't even the most vulgar song I've ever heard, but it seems like the world has gone completely mad when that sort of thing is being celebrated. Are you offended? Number one on Billboard for quite some time. Obviously this is far from the topic but you brought her up. In case you're seriously trying to compare the two, I can't agree at all. I don't think Lara St John did anything wrong.
  10. That's hilarious. Hey, I bet Hilary Hahn remembers Jascha Brodsky from her years at Curtis, so there's an extra layer of humor there. Someone should link her here so she can have a laugh. She will really love your joke! It will be so fun for her to think about you too. I hope she can hold down her vomit. If you old white guys have a problem with being unfairly labelled the enemies of social progress, don't actually be that. Have some respect.
  11. I hear you but feel like a Phd student and his advisor having drinks and whatever else is very, very different from a 14-y.o. child being goaded to accept the advances of a career professional in his 50's, not in every way but in many ways. Yet anyone can see it's not good for a university to condone that sort of thing as normal just because it constantly happens. I always had some sort of gut feeling that this type of photo wasn't about pleasure or joy-it just seems dark and creepily sexually performative to me. There's no way to express that without sounding like I'm passing judgment on something I think she did "wrong", and that is far from my intention. All I can say is that the allegations didn't surprise me. Lara St. John has been through a lot and I am grateful that she is speaking up for the thousands who live with psychosexual manipulation from a trusted person in a position to teach and guide, or to destroy dreams. The serial rapist bastard threatened her place at Curtis and therefore her whole career if she didn't play along-and her brother's future too. So she did. It is exactly how Weinstein and so many others operated and continue to do. She publicly played out this type of sexuality for years; maybe she thought the world expected this and needed this from her as her abuser did, as pennance for her deserved success. I can't know what she actually thought. All I know is that this type of photo will get a reaction from everyone...and sales... yes, she easily bought her Guad with those ill-gotten gains. The price was, in my opinion, too high...but that is only one opinion. Maybe this is an image she felt empowered by. I hope so.
  12. Thanks to both of you. I really think he will come back to it. He still gets excited when he talks about working on it. I will definitely let him know there is some curiosity about his progress. My husband has been getting physical therapy on that thumb for a month or so by now, so I'll tell him to suck it up and show him a scroll carving demo!
  13. Yeah, that's fair and like I said it was definitely a successful marketing ploy for her in particular. You can bet that thousands of teenage boys were introduced to Bach by way of Lara because of her album covers. Men in general. But I think that based on what I know now I definitely wonder why when I see someone using sex constantly to sell, and you should too. I thought her case was curious, and the full context is not surprising to me. I think it's important to think critically about cause and effect because there's always a cause (causes) ...thats all Im saying. In this example that cause wasn't just boundless sexual freedom, a large part of it was that she was damaged and she had some confusion around her sexuality and her love of violin playing stemming from her being forced by those she trusted to not resolve the abuse when it occurred, let alone be protected from abuse by those trusted adults. This all took years from her life. I mean it couldn't be more obvious. Maybe that's what passes for sexual freedom though. Apparently that's often as far as the reptillian male brain gets with thinking on cause and effect when a sexy pose is spotted. No offense. My attempt at levity.
  14. Yeah...I dunno, I'm feeling pretty comfortable cancelling someone who rapes the children he is supposed to be teaching. Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby and all of these people who rape as a casual activity. Trump. All of them should burn. They deserve nothing more and nothing less. Objective? Sure. The history is still objective...the influence on culture etc. is still there...we can just agree, I hope, that who these people we put up on pedestals objectively are is what matters. Bill Cosby was my ideal black dad too. Don't get me wrong. But the monster he really was, is what I'll remember most, and his misdeeds shouldn't be omitted from any history if history is objective. Right? It would be a big departure from the past, when we shrug about the unpleasant bits and celebrate the good, as with Leonard Bernstein and his love for boys, and James Levine too, both well-known facts. It's rare to hear those facts mentioned in the open, or even in an article about the great men they still seem to be to some.