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  1. not telling

    Drawing source for Messiah Build

    Get this and the poster out of the Strad. There is also a technical drawing by John Pringle of the 'Alard', a 1649 violin by Nicolo Amati, which you could pair with the 'Alard' poster out of The Strad. It can really help to have multiple resources to consult. The Pringle drawings can definitely be trusted--no distortion from a lens etc. But you will definitely benefit from the photos on the poster.
  2. not telling

    Ansaldo Poggi authentication

    I know nothing about what might be possible to do with all stains, but that is why there are specialized wood treatments for violin family instruments. The desired result for a violin vs. a deck or a piece of furniture is different. I know a decent amount about how to use two of the violin varnish systems out there, and the initial stain/ground of both is based on the urine and feces of animals combined with UV. I see no reason why to use anything else, because this type of stain works really perfectly. I have to recommend investment in a specialized system rather than piecing together ingredients yourself, especially if you are new to knowing the result you want, if that makes sense.
  3. not telling

    Antique Bailey #7 with Hock blade and chip breaker

    I was thinking "reasonable" would be in the neighborhood of $140, with shipping included. Just in case someone who saw this is kinda interested but didn't want to come up with a number...
  4. not telling

    Valuing Handmade Instruments for Divorce

    Don't you know anything about the Barbie franchise, Larry? Mattel got in big trouble for producing a pregnant Midge doll, a doll which most scandalously wore no ring. This forbidden love has been going on for decades. Lurker, I really feel for your endgame marriage situation and all, but I think it just sounds so shocking that I can't stop making terrible and inappropriate jokes. Of course, after DB's comment there basically is no inappropriate, but still. I hope you figure this all out in the next few days and get screwed a little less royally. I don't suppose it would work to ask her nicely to divorce you without trying to completely destroy you...?
  5. not telling

    Ansaldo Poggi authentication

    Tarisio has several Poggi examples spanning decades with similar features on the scroll. Just based on that one aspect, the one you posted looks very different in several ways. Maybe he was copying a less skilled maker when he made yours?
  6. not telling

    Valuing Handmade Instruments for Divorce

    And seriously, lurker, your divorce sounds like a nightmare. I hope you figure out how to keep your business going, let alone, how to maintain your fabulous lifestyle that you once enjoyed. It sounds like the divorce is just another big payday for her. Like others said, maybe you can figure out how to get her to buy instruments from you at 80% retail instead of getting paid by you for you to keep them. You must have really pissed her off.
  7. not telling

    Valuing Handmade Instruments for Divorce

    Yes,and divorce Ken comes with Midge, Barbie's best friend.
  8. In working order. Reasonable offer will be accepted. Shipping is on me.
  9. not telling

    Scroll broke off!

    Dumb question maybe... why not just make a new scroll? Then you don't have to worry about how to fix the inevitable step from gluing, and you get carving practice and a chance to fashion another best yet scroll. Discarded or broken scrolls are plentiful around my house, literally. They get marbled and used as garden decorations. Yes, I am weird. I celebrate how slowly instruments are completed, the more I know what goes into them. But if they aren't right, or anything registers as "meh", in any way, you can always choose to try again to do it right. It might be a good habit to start now. Those who indulge the "good enough" mindset on such things rarely correct it, and will usually justify worse and worse structural or workmanship issues over time. And anyway, why not treat even your first instrument like it matters? This is probably a dumb question but I don't usually mind being the only one on these forums who asks a question that is probably dumb.
  10. not telling

    how and where dobi start

    Ok... I am not sure why you are thinking. If you ask yourself if your violin is worth money, is that somehow the same thing to you as asking all of Maestronet's experts? I'm not trying to be rude, and I get that it's bad news that your grandpa probably fabricated a thrilling family story. Certain other details about the violin notwithstanding, Again, in 1835 it would not have been made in Czechoslovakia...unless the luthier(s) who built it also had a time machine to see what the 20th century geopolitical situation was like and then made a label to match. In that case, find the time machine and sell it. Hell, I'll pay top dollar just to borrow your time machine for a few days. Think about it... I could use a time machine yesterday. It sounds like your grandpa wanted to delight you and his other grandkids with a memorable family story, and he did. So even if not technically true, the story and this violin can still be a great memory for you, I hope. And I hope things improve for you soon.
  11. not telling

    Ground & Seals , The truth is out there...

    I think you could also ask Brian Lisus about mica. He's been using it as a filler for decades.
  12. Well...that is great news. I would definitely give you the information John Dilworth sent me for the 1740 PoV viola. Its the only known one, discovered by Dilworth. Interesting story. I think it would be great to have someone like you making the same out there models like my husband is obsessed with right now. Otherwise, he is the only one ever to copy this unknown example (literally, no one else has copied this yet) and no one knows who he is or wtf he is making. Like, was he going for a Maggini model and just reeeally screwed up? I have no doubt that you would know John Dilworth personally and you can get his research information directly from him, but, you are welcome to message me if you want photos, measurements, etc. It's enough information to make a copy, including templates off the original. I know Dilworth wouldn't mind me sharing at all.
  13. not telling

    Sandvik sandplate substitute

    Yup. Axminster has the very best deal on shipping, plus their hard NT plates are on sale. Cremona Tools is charging almost triple the price for the cuttable NT sheets (€10.69 vs $5.99) and there's the shipping from Italy. Disappointing, because I would want to support a very specialized store otherwise. But, I didn't know about Axminster before this thread and it is great. So thanks to Davide for the info...and thanks to Davide also for the video wherein we can see the product(s) in action.
  14. not telling

    Sandvik sandplate substitute

    Double post
  15. not telling

    Sandvik sandplate substitute

    So, how is the StewMac product? I ordered it already, and the NT Dresser stuff, but I am curious for an update on the "new" sandplate substitute before I put them in his stocking. Also, can I just say: how about those Cremona Tools EU to US shipping rates being €30 for a package well under one kg, probably under 8 oz.? Dieter Schmid is the same way, though their prices are a bit cheaper. I didn't find the NT "paper" in the U.S. at all. Language and more language.