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  1. I got a recommendation for the Primitive Skills youtube channel because of the violin stuff I look at. And I never looked back. The youtube algorithm knows things, for sure.
  2. The overhang protects the ribs from damage too, at least a little bit.
  3. Well, sure he can, and he often is. He will prop up someone to a point but he seems not to want women at the top of the classical scene or whatever. It's a predictable trait. I absolutely do think he is sexist, but it's more insidious than insulting all women with talent and either ignoring CD releases and compositions by women or treating all women with derision. He has to show that he pays attention.
  4. I believe I clarified later that I am not concluding that he's sexist based on this one review. In fact, I didn't mention it until VdA did. And indeed, not only is it a bad review but it's a really *bad* review. You would think that if he's going to be so critical he would expect criticism right back and make it a little stronger. It's pithy and tried to cut deep without the critical scholarly heft to back up his words, and then with the one star. I think it's mean, even if others have a different definition. It's like he just refused to even bother with writing a real review. And it's so casually sexist too, because he is. Imagine him giving Maxim Vengerov one star because he didn't like the program. Imagine him doing so by way of primarily insulting his personality and intelligence rather than his skills and performance, which I think is actually what he did with this. It would never happen.
  5. Because I enjoyed it, dammit. Sometimes I just want to call an asshat an asshat. I get it out, then I can go and try to act like a normal person and not say everything I want to say. Good comment though. Before, I mean.
  6. There are other examples. https://slippedisc.com/2019/08/pathetique-for-a-woman-conductor/ Of course he's not universally horrible to women but I still think he is transparent about his bias. I think he's a bit more likely to call a man a virtuoso, and a little more likely to call a woman's playing or singing "hot". Which he has, because he's good at using his words. No, I don't think he's sexist just because he gave Hillary Hahn a rude review.
  7. Agreed. I wasn't going to say it because nothing causes an uproar on mn like suggesting that the culture of classical music allows men to do some pretty awful things to women. I suspect that what he actually has a problem with is her edgy assertiveness and possibly, a related grievance is that he didn't feel seduced either. How dare she? And how dare she not? I don't think he means to be of any help to anyone with his one star review. I don't know if anyone remembers when he got all snippish about how much money Anne-Sophie Mutter makes, but it was pretty telling then and I think it kind of shows what's going on now. He's just annoyed that there are persistently successful women in classical music. Show me I'm wrong.
  8. Well I guess I'm with Steven Fine. If it's going to be a one-star review be a little more evocative about the hideousness that you're bearing witness to. What he did was give Hilary Hahn an open-faced s*** sandwich on honeyed brioche (because he had to say something nice first). It's still a s*** sandwich, but he made sure to say that he loves her too. I just don't think he really committed to having any opinion at all. But then, he did. "I'm not sure if I would want to hear more" is not the "Dear God, why? Please make it stop" feeling of one star. One star? Now I'm just wondering if he's mad with power or if he found glass shards in his Cheerios the day he wrote this, or what... I've been a critic. You never write one star reviews. When I started writing my little reviews I tried to do a one star because, essentially, I personally believed the author was a selfish narcissist. My editor told me about myself. If you do this you don't make it personal (as in, "I believe you made bad choices, so your memoir is therefore terrible" or...in this case..."I didn't like your playlist or interpretation, so you must have had no vision"). Objectivity is impossible, but try it. And if you do this (one star), you also make damn sure there's nothing positive in the review that would be quotable, and he didn't even manage that.
  9. I figured that because she didn't play in some gooey romantic way that he was trying to cut her down for having a different idea or interpretation of Poeme. So she's veering towards autistic on the basis of her unfeeling interpretation, he says, and that's complete BS. It's probably an overdone piece but I definitely want to hear what she did with it if it's so different... I don't always like the pieces that Hillary Hahn chooses either. I feel like she needs a better agent to help her sometimes. One star though... Kind of rough I think.
  10. He's always snarky, but damn. This was 80% just plain mean. I want to hear this album more now, so thanks for the recommendation dude. https://myscena.org/norman-lebrecht/the-lebrecht-weekly-hilary-hahn-paris-deutsche-grammophon/ Also, I definitely tune in to public intellectuals and critics just like you all do, maybe less considering the crowd, but more than average. My point is, you all know that most don't do this, even when they hate something. Could her album be that bad? No way. (*Everyone gets an opinion, even me.)
  11. I am not sure what the best technique is, but for my young son who is making his first viola, I believe that they are picking the pretty side of the viola model and flipping it. The idea is that because it's his first instrument it will likely be asymmetrical anyway, so you don't want to work in asymmetry into the design before it finds its way there anyway.
  12. Yes. But the issue with the poster is always so late and I have to write them to get it. It has been like that every single time there was a poster. The magazine isn't always worth the occasionally awesome trade secrets, articles and posters.
  13. Yeah, John Reed. That's the guy. I think that was his nickname. The guy.
  14. Okay now I actually am gonna say I'm sorry. I don't think it's anyone's intention to slap you down. I see no one actually answered your question about what's covered in violin making School. It depends on the school, but there's a lot of history and a lot of theory. And you don't need to be sorry for being a smart-ass or whatever, not to me anyway. I think part of what is boggling my mind is that you seem to not have asked for help from anyone even though you've been a member of this forum for a long time. I would like to think that you at least would have received honest feedback and suggestions. I am sure that if you ask different questions in the future you will get useful answers. It's true that forum posts can get misconstrued easily, and as you re-read what has been said here I hope you don't believe anyone was trying to be cruel. But you said you were upset by the reaction you got and then I posted that last post anyway. That wasn't cool. So I'm sorry if it was too much, or if this is.
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