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  1. Are you kidding? With all the crazy things I say? You must be kidding. I hope by the time I hit 40 I will have developed some sort of filter. No signs of that happening yet.
  2. Catalin is on the far left. Antoine Nedelec came from Chicago with a couple of students, and there's Bruce Carlson with Il Cannone. I hope fun was had by all. I know my husband is pretty happy he drove 24 hours roundtrip. He said he learned a lot.
  3. My husband says it was awesome meeting you both... Safe travels back to Genoa!
  4. Don't do that. That's really, really nice, but don't. That's even worse, that you're such a friendly hooligan. I was trying to explain a minutiae of the vast variety of factors that made me react in such a rude way--I guess, feeling like some people especially "need" a sale like this--and then being upset that I need a sale like this (of course I wouldn't feel good about that)--that said, there really is no excuse or reason for my anger coming out in that way, sniping at people over nothing. No one deserves bargains on this stuff more than anyone else. Anyone could make a case for needing something else. Everyone collects tools and information...some more effectively and with more resources than others. That's the situation. It's not an easy trade to get into. Money helps, though. Then fully tooled and supplied is easy and fun. Obviously the reasons for the sale are really sad, so it's complicating my feeling about whether I should be the someone to jump on it. Someone will. Why not me? If this sale is even real, and cross your fingers there, or don't if it feels wrong to hope for this to be real, finders keepers is law on these lots. I'd be surprised if 50 people didn't message OP for the lot list. I think it's possible to do everything with anything. There wasn't A2 or Japanese blue steel in Cremona. But these are modern choices that are available, and an advantage. It's more a matter of collecting higher quality tools that make things easier and faster without sacrificing anything important...and supplies that teach both the buyer and the maker how to see...rather than not fully tooled and supplied. At least that's how I see it, in my situation. As far as how far into "professional" luthiers can get without professional money flowing in, I don't know yet. Ultimately "fully tooled and supplied" is required.
  5. I know I over-reacted and I'm sure everyone here likes to look at and acquire great tools, tools that could be great, supplies that may or may not be needed this decade. It wasn't you, it's all of the sweet shops that get posted. Tools up to the ceiling. Everyone who can collect more and more and more of everything. If I'm being honest I don't even know how anyone gets there, on their own, and that's the worst. Yes. Tools are totally fun! I would never stop trying to be resourceful, no matter how things go. It's awesome to save money no matter what. And hell...I am not sure we could afford anything this week anyway. The Weisshaar book at 20% of retail, we'd have to THINK about that. It's nothing you said, wm. I'm feeling like this situation OP is in is so, so horrible, without OP going into detail, you know it is... and I'm even feeling bad about being first to respond to the thread. I just feel gross. Brain bleach required kind of gross. Let's say OP had the Weisshaar book for $100. Would it be wrong to buy it? Probably. Would I? I would think about it, tell my kid that he will get his summer Keens in July, disenroll him from the day camp he's not that enthused about anyway, tell OP he's doing us a real solid, and buy it. Everyone would buy it. Even if you have three copies already, there's always a justification to have more, and it would make sense to have four Weisshaar books if you own a shop. I doubt there's a Weisshaar book involved. Just an example.
  6. Oof... Well then, assuming this sale is happening at 40% of retail, if it were possible to immediately turn around and sell these items at 80% of retail the next day, would that also violate your sense of fair play? I'd be fine with it if OP was just trying to help out strangers.
  7. Hey, hooligan, If you know you have much more than "enough" why not refrain from buying from this one sale? I know why not. 50% off...obviously the situation is terrible but...50%, yeah! We seem to be thinking the same thing there. But that'd be delightfully magnanimous of you and others with your mindset if you didn't have to swoop up every single lot here just because you can. Some people still need tools, posters, books, wood, setup supplies, etc., and have gone without for years and years. It's probably hard to imagine, but yes. Sounds as though it's a joke to you, to accumulate supplies far beyond your need...and why, just so someone who does need them can't have them? I mean, that's what it sounds like to me. I'm not only thinking of myself here, although I am thinking of myself. There are plenty of makers on these forums still in school, scraping by, doing the maximum with the minimum...etc. I'm a bit sensitive maybe. "Cheers", not telling
  8. The problem could be that he needs someone who will be there. As you say...not a teacher looking for profit on the side. Dealers are nice like many teachers are nice, as they too need money from customers like your student. It's not that they will swindle him, but I'm not sure who would teach him how to discern a great sound, the best value for the money, and/or something that will appreciate in value. Can you take him around to shops around your area now, to help him spot the overall differences and nuances in step up instruments of various sorts? All the way up? When he gets to where he's going, "if" he panics and realizes a better cello is not merely "optional" you want him to know how to spot better. Else even a nice, morally upright dealer might not resist taking advantage just a little bit. Jmo
  9. I would be really sorry to profit off of your ill health. Also sad to see that this is your first post here. But I'm sure many will help you unload your tools and supplies. Bargains in such a specialist field are hard to find. So, what is your best email address? If you prefer private messaging here that is fine too.
  10. At the Columbus art museum there is a Rubens painting positioned behind Il Cannone so that, at the exact right angle, Christ's reflected image appears on the back of the instrument as though it grew there. Definitely an amusing shot I would try to get myself if I could visit this violin in its very temporary habitat. No doubt a treat seeing the Rubens in person too. I didn't know Ohioans were such heavy hitters art wise, wish I could be there this week...
  11. Consider taping a piece of paper or a bit of silk over the label and the whole bottom surface with very untacky tape. 3m painter's tape works but less tack if possible (because you have to snake it all out thru the ffs later). Save yourself popping the top off and the turpentine step with that ounce of prevention.
  12. I feel like quality Mirecourt instruments get plenty of love here but reviled...I get that. It's sad to have something you love dismissed as "the usual". Have you had any audition experiences similar to what I described? Yeah, I thought it would have been interesting to link to that thread too but Maestronet's reviled-for-good-reason search feature wasn't up to it. (I'm not saying that sort of elitism is good, just that it "is", according to those whom I trust would know).
  13. Oh! Indeed. Attributed to Bill Merkel? And yet I suspect you don't play on an Eastman or even on a Jay Haide. And even if you owned a finer factory instrument than any fine violin currently in your possession, would you avoid auditioning on it? A serious question. Along with that one... have you been asked in an audition what your instrument "is"? I figured it's not maestronet legend because many were confirming the situation a couple of years ago. Seems like it should be some kind of protected category of job discrimination if that determines any decisions but what sort? Could a factory instrument be considered a disability?
  14. There's a shop in Greenwich called Atelier Constantin Popescu. I only talked with his wife but I really liked her. Um, not sure that helps, ha, but it IS an hour away from New Haven. So doesn't hurt to check him out. The luthier is a professional level bassist but there would be cellos there and probably some good advice. The competitiveness of Yalies can make anyone go insane anyway, not really anyone or everyone, but...all of the Yalies I've ever known are in some way ruined by the atmosphere they experienced there...(your boy will be eaten by the rabid overachievers if he stays humble, and changed in a bad way if he doesn't) but...yeah...I would give this situation a quadruple yikes rating (out of five possible yikes) can't go to Yale with a $1000 instrument. He just can't. You know that. Even if he's not majoring in performance, can't. I remember some past thread where players discussed being counted out of the running for symphonies and elite opportunities ONLY because of the instrument. Try to find that thread. I did, and couldn't. It was 2014. Carl, WillL, Crazy Jane, and others were adamant with their experiences of that. He should read through that thread if he cares to keep playing after college or even if he only wants a good experience in college. The reality is, also, that in New Haven you're not prohibitively far from absolutely any shop on the East Coast. But I hope that helps having a very near shop to peruse. From what I was hearing they are one of the only real shops in the area before you commit to looking at the 1000 choices in Philly/Boston/New York.
  15. You shall henceforth be known as "Fiddle Killa P". If you have a problem with this...well, too bad. The evidence is posted for all to see.