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  1. I'll answer that...he's not a violist and he didn't choose that model. I assumed my husband chose it because it's going to be somehow easier than other models he looked at, but my husband said he chose it because it's a pretty Venetian viola model and he already had the mold and templates. Heh This boy learns fast--really fast-- but my husband said that a lot of his apparent talent is that he was shown, allowed to try, corrected, and able to try again with new knowledge, and that is a constant process. That isn't something people without a teacher are getting. But it's true, it's unusual that he can do this at all. Fwiw, no video games in the house. Why would he want them? This was his project last May, at age 9 obviously. He later disassembled everything off of this bike and mounted the whole motorbike setup on an old Schwinn, on his own initiative, because the design was more favorable. I am so much more permissive as a parent than anyone in my family ever was, but then, I wasn't like this child.
  2. That lining going into the block surprised even me. If I had posted his other woodworking projects and toys he's made before it would be easier for the rest of you to believe a kid did that (maybe?) but I'm still pretty surprised. I guess he's just around it all enough to pick it up. My husband shows Dmitri how to do something, then leaves the room (he stayed for the rib bending, but the kid did that too). Anyway, thanks for the interest and comments. He has liked hearing from folks. Count me among the watchers hoping this kiddo sticks with it through the harder steps. He seems to have some talent.
  3. Today he finished the rib structure. He trimmed the corners and carved the linings.
  4. This thread will chronicle the first instrument built by Dmitri Antonio (with his dad's help, of course). Dmitri will see all of the comments and respond to any questions.
  5. I knew that (about you being a nurse). I apologize for forgetting. I guess I have heard that viruses don't like sunlight, after all, we thought the summer would bring back normal etc., (many still think so). but equatorial Brazil is seeing a lot of cases. So it's hard to know what to believe about that. What do you think is going on there? Is it just the cramped conditions of the cities in Brazil? Is it possible for a virus to be "different" in such a basic quality? I think it's actually really hard to know what to do to be safe. It's all new.
  6. UV-C is the effective sanitizer, and no UV-C gets through the atmosphere. Which is good, because it would kill us. Blind us. And so forth. But I see what you mean. Sunlight is good.
  7. I started a topic the other day about stabilized aqueous ozone. You can buy a portable mister that mixes ozone gas in the regular tap water. It's effective on all hard surfaces on all bacteria and viruses, but I guess I can see why you might not want to spray your violins down all the time. If you did though, it is entirely nontoxic: bonus. Viola d'Amore did post something from a journal about Sao possibly being less effective on wood surfaces. Unfortunately cow manure wasn't completely neutralized when on a wood surface. It's good though, even if you just consider it as a cleaner. I removed marker "art" from an oil painting with SAO, so I have to say it might be interesting to see what it can do for you. If you felt like it, you could probably remove patina (read: old crud) from violins without risk to varnish. When my SAO sprayer comes I'll definitely test it. I think I heard on CNN or somewhere that it's unlikely to transmit "the rona" via not to chance it though. I hope there is a good and safe solution here, other than rotating violins out for 72 hours. But Rue is totally right, obviously you could do that.
  8. Yeah. Let's forget the pillowcase and start with the fact that his beloved Amati isn't even from the right century. Or country. But he's a professional, right? Edited to add: check out his "beautiful people" series, wherein he travels the world stalking beautiful women with his camera. Presumably he is now looking for a suitable wife after this situation went south. It's not creepy at all.
  9. Yeah, I didn't have to watch this laugh riot again. I remember his marijuana-print pillow forever. Although this particular "victim" be a stranger to me, in my opinion any adult who still celebrates marijuana to that insane degree is insane and retarded (as in, never got past 16 in his head). I don't really care what she did--she was right to do it. Agree that there is no way he had an Amati anywhere but inside of his mind. He is insane and retarded. I can imagine his personality too and it's not awesome. p.s., I'm not anti-marijuana. Just anti this dude.
  10. Grateful that my book arrived in new condition. Thanks. John, I thought you had Biddulph up here as well. Is it sold?
  11. My husband suggests doing manual labor for awhile so that a scraper or chisel will no longer make your fingers sore. I don't think he's joking. Probably not the cure you hoped for though.
  12. Ha, I doubt it. They are completely in earnest when they discuss birthing their violins. That bs graduated from three pints into Friday night to sincere sober worldview years ago.