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  1. Thank you all for your most recent posts. I am saving up to buy planes,gouges, a bending iron, and a few other tools. What size gouges should I purchase to make a cello? Planes (sizes , curved or flat)?
  2. Thank you to everyone who posted. You all have some great methods for heating hide glue.
  3. The colorant that I made is iron oxide based. I aerated turpentine with iron filings in it for a year. Afterward I cooked the turpentine until it was almost black. I thinned it with lavender oil. The color is blood red. I have yet to try it on scrap wood.
  4. Besides using madder root to achieve a red color has anyone tried using iron oxide ?
  5. I'm not sure if this has been posted before but I found a great link on a clock restoration site. The article shows how to make a glue pot under 20 dollars as an alternative to the more expensive electric glue pots available to luthiers. It also discusses freezing left over hide glue in ice cube trays to preserve it for future use. http://www.xrestore.com/Pages/HideGlue.htm
  6. This question is for Oded Kishony and David Burgess. When making a cello which knives do you use most? Do you prefer a straight or curved blade? I want to place an order for a couple of knives and do not know which ones to get. Thanks in advance for your input.
  7. Joel, you put alot of helpful info and links in your last post. Thank you for doing that. Are there any lumber mills in La that sell tonewood? I ordered The Art of Violin making book from Amazon yesterday. Can't wait to receive it.
  8. That is a pretty thin shaving. I am reading the article on Brent Beach's website now. An hour ago I placed an order for a 1000 grit and 8000 grit waterstone as well as a small manual handgrinder that clamps to the bench to sharpen my tools and an india stone. I will try it first and will most probably, inevitabely move on to the method you're describing using the waterpaper on glass. Since I already have the order mentioned above on the way I will be practicing sharpening with water stones. Baby steps...:-) The article is pretty interesting. Thanks for posting this information. Keenan
  9. Joel, The Michael Darton link you sent is awesome...:-) Thank you. Reading it now. Keenan
  10. Thanks for the info Joel. I will order the Strad poster you mentioned. Just took a look at the site I already have the plans for a Gofriller model though . The tonewood I bought two years ago actually came from International Violin Co. Are there any good places in Louisiana to buy tonewood that you know of? I started planing the top before I posted an S.O.S. for help on MN and may have removed more wood than I should have. The shavings were thin but not as thin as you all have mentioned they should be. Also there were times that only one side of the wood was cut in one pass which is why I cannot get the center joint flat until the plane I ordered arrives. I will see what happens. Worst case scenario I can always use it to make a violin top later on if I have taken the wood down so far that the archings turn out too shallow. I watched a few videos on YouTube on sharpening planes last night. I found it to be a great resource for learning since I am a visual person. I have the Strobel dvd for cello making as well as the H.S. Wake dvd for violin making. I prefer the Strobel video. The H.S. Wake video is difficult to follow since he keeps correcting himself every ten minutes. I have a chisel set from Harbor Freight...probably not the best quality. I haven't used them yet so not sure. What size finger planes and gouges should I pick up to work on a cello? Thank you Joel and thank you to everyone for all of your help. Thanks , Keenan
  11. I haven't gone away. I've been working on clearing some land in northern Louisiana that I bought last October. I've been checking MN posts from you all on my phone between breaks clearing brush. Whoever thought planting Chinese privet in the U.S. was a good idea was wrong. Lol. It's very invasive. I have two more trails to clear before the surveyor and the bulldozing service can make their way out to the land. Just came back from the dog parade (Barkus) in the French Quarter. It's an annual Mardi Gras fundraiser for the local SPCA. Lots of great costumes and friendly dogs.
  12. The brand is Lie-Nielsen. Can't wait to get it. My birthday is tomorrow and I will be 33. The jointers plane is my gift to myself.
  13. I'm still here. I have ordered a 24" no. 8 jointers plane to work on the center joint. I appreciate all of the advise. I am actually in touch with two members of Maestronet through email. They have been very helpful. Still here and enjoying the process...:-)
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