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  1. Hello everyone... I've got a friend who will be auditioning for Miami on Jazz violin. He tells me that there is that much great jazz/bluesy violin repertiore sheet music out there. Does anyone know of any good sheet music for Jazz violin that is available for purchase? Thanks alot!
  2. paganini, thanks! That's the correct site.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for the following music for the piano trio that I belong to: An arrangment of Bloch's Jewish Prayer. Does anyone have any ideas of where I might be able to find this music? Thanks alot! [This message has been edited by d-minor (edited 08-25-2001).]
  4. A while back, a poster here posted the url to his website that contained jpeg images, and audio files of many pieces in the violin repertoire. Does any one remember the link? Thanks!
  5. Hey Paul! I've been hanging around here a little bit also. only 2 more hours of sleep to go... I listened to more of the Miaskovsky, incredible, you were right, the last movement does have some fast notes great playing! later ~~
  6. Locatelli, very well said. On a side note, didn't Schumann submit himself into the asylum? Remember, sanity is conformity to what is socially accepted. Through his actions, Schumann choose to go against the accepted ‘object reality’. In a book by Robert M. Pirsig; Lila, the author states: Obviously, no culture wants its legal patterns violated, and when they are, an immune system takes over in ways that are analogous to a biological immune system. The deviant dangerous source of illegal cultural patterns is first identified, then isolated and finally destroyed as a cultural entity. That’s what mental hospitals are for. And also heresy trials. They protect the culture from foreign ideas that if allowed to grow unchecked could destroy the culture itself. (Pirsig 376) There is always the possibility that the world was not ready to hear and accept what Schumann had to say. Primary examples being his later works i.e. violin sonata and the 'lost' cello romances. As long as Schumann lived in the society that he did, his only choice was to conform to the social patterns around him, or not to conform at all. He choose to follow his own will, which is what makes society call him insane. But the fact of whether or not he was really "insane" can be up for debate. If you ask me, he wasn't crazy; but then again, I could be crazy myself if the majority thinks so...
  7. IMHO, Shumann never actually went crazy...
  8. Paganini. Big guy, big reach. Skinny guys fight till they're burger.
  9. Isserlis is awesome, certainly one of my favorites. I was at the same concert as prok3, and his bow technique was incredibly fluid, and he created a very rich tone from his instrument. Nice guy too. let us know if that picture turns out great. [This message has been edited by d-minor (edited 06-04-2001).]
  10. Just had to say ditto to your comments. I started some years ago in a more combat frame of mind, and now also for health, relaxation etc. It's helped in interpreting new music, and has done wonders for my tendonitis, and pre concert stress as well as Martial Arts and overall Life. As far as styles, after TaiChi, and Shaolin forms, I sort of do my own thing. However, I would definitely recommend Yan Xin Qigong to anyone.
  11. I've got this friend, and he wants to know if its allright to start dating (or somewhere along those lines) a member of his chamber music group. Isn't there always the possibility that things will not work out, and be detremental to the professional group as a whole? thanks, [This message has been edited by d-minor (edited 05-29-2001).]
  12. hey Aman- your'e not Faisal's cousin are you?
  13. quote: Originally posted by Peter: d-minor..yes it is Rozeks.....are u a student of his too? Peter, I'm not a student of his, but I have meet him. I'll e-mail you. ~d-Minor~
  14. quote: Originally posted by Peter: This is not one upmanship but a few weeks ago new teacher showed me his Gasparo da Salo violin in exellent condition made in....1608!!! What I could not beleive was that the design was very much like a Strad and all this almost a century before he created his own. It was made in Brescia. Is this Rozek?
  15. I think It would eaisly sell for over 2.5 is what I meant, but I don't think he would ever sell it, but maybe pass it on to another worthy cellist... That reminds me, does anyone know what happened to Yo-Yo's, or Jackie's old Goffriller(sp?)?
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