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  1. Hi again! I asked a few violin players and it turns out there are no luthiers in my city, i guess i will wait a little longer until i can find one nearby... In the mean time i`ll probably buy a cheap chinese one. once more, thanks to everyone who answered and have a happy new year!
  2. Ok then, i´d better start looking for a good luthier, see how much the repairing would cost, and decide if i´m repairing it after that. Thanks to everyone for your help, i have a much better idea of what to do now. I live in Arequipa, Perù (southamerica), i don`t think anyone in these forums will know about a luthier over here, but ...peruvians have a tendency to oversell their skills so one last question: Any advice about what to look for in a luthier?
  3. Hello again Thanks for your replies! So far i`m leaning toward having it repaired, hopefully it doesn`t cost more than the actual value of the violin. About your questions: the fingerboard hasn`t been rounded over. Indeed the images come from a scanner, that`s what makes the lighting look weird, i`ll try to borrow a camera and upload some better pictures later. The violin height is: full size 23", just the body 14" and its almost 8" wide at the widest point. once again thanks a lot for your help
  4. Hello Everyone! I was hoping you could help me with this violin. I know it belonged to my great grand father who passed away in 1920 so the violin must be older than that. It has the word STAINER printed on the back and also inside. And It has two cracks in the front, other than that it`s well conserved. I don`t know if it is a good instrument, or if it`s worth much, but i would like to use it to learn to play. Would you advice to repair it? Also out of curiosity, it would be nice to have any leads about When it might have been made. Where it might have been made. and if it is worth anything? http://s1300.beta.ph...ele/story/17379 thanks on advance for your help!
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