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  1. It certainly looks like someone got carried away carving that #3 scroll. "Buggrit! I cut more away and it's still too thin."
  2. Thanks, Brad. I couldn't possibly have explained it better or more succinctly.
  3. What an enormous loss. Even tho a revivalist, he did very, very nice work.
  4. I'll again display my ignorance and say 3 different hands, though there seems to be some kind of relationship (no, i don't know what i mean by that) between the center and left ones.
  5. Torbjörn skriv: I was soon named Tor after starting VMS in Salt Lake City. VMS? In SLC? I didn't know Digital had a dev site there, or were you in sales?
  6. Bob, you have to put the text to be resized between the opening and closing tags. In this case, since you changed both face and size, you have to nest them properly (just as I had to nest properly the part that I boldfaced). Any tag that has a leading slash closes whatever change you made. SO size starts a resizing, and /size reverts to the old size. Make sense? This is how I changed what you did, except that I'm using curly brackets so that the tags themselves will still show up: {font="Garamond"}{size="1"}Bob, you have to put the text to be resized {b}between{/b} the opening and closing tags. In this case, since you changed both face and size, you have to nest them properly (just as I had to nest properly the part that I boldfaced). Any tag that has a leading slash closes whatever change you made. SO "size" starts a resizing, and "/size" reverts to the old size. Make sense? {/size}{/font}
  7. Not as characterised by you in your basenote, no. It's best from a readability standpoint if people only quote the minimum amount needed to motivate their response, but that's not what you were talking about originally.
  8. Why do you see it as gratuitious quoting rather than gratuitous deletion? At a minimum, the quote serves to identify the person being addressed, which in a fast-moving thread can be important. The reality it reflects might be inconvenient to the quotee, but why shouldn't the remedy for that be, as CT suggests, more thought before responding rather than 1984-style historical revision?
  9. That was shockingly decent of him. Had he stopped playing, then? I mean, 90 is really no age at all. There was an article some years ago about a 102yo physician who still kept 2 secretaries busy and who regularly played his '98 Strad in quartet.
  10. I agree that if one is trying to identify whether it's a Clydesdale vs a Percheron, then one must go at it as you say. I think, though, that I was at the level of asking "would I be right in saying that because of it being 25cm long, round, thin, and stiff with a black center -- it's not a Clydesdale"
  11. Would I be right in thinking that the f-holes and relatively squared-off upper bout give it away?
  12. No, no, what you wrote was fine - I just didn't parse it as you intended. I totally agree that those are truly awful. There's no way to tell what they're meant to be other than, probably, some sort of non-human. I'm sure the only reason anyone calls them lion heads is that they're attached to things stamped 'STAINER'. They're definitely a waste of wood.
  13. Oh, I don't think so. I apparently did parse it incorrectly, but the words could bear that parsing.
  14. I agree. Had I still had my thermos (it was a nice Eddie Bauer stainless-steel one, but evidently not stainless enough) making a pot of coffee before leaving would have been exactly the right idea. In my own defence, I'll just note that those 6 days were the first purchases from McD's in more than 6 years, and the only purchases of coffee ever. But I reckon I'll look for another stainless thermos.
  15. Y'know, that was one of the arguments McD's made. But it turned out that relatively few people want to carry it such a long distance that it would be tepid if it started at a drinkable temperature. Most people want to begin drinking it within a minute or so. And of course the issue is not that they "throw [it] in their mouth", but that if they accidently spill it on themselves --entropy works against anyone being perfect-- they get to maybe have skin grafts to repair the damage. Me, I stick my coffee in the nuker if it cools down too much before I'm finished. Don't you?
  16. I suppose because I had no choice other than not drinking coffee at all.
  17. Edit: Evidently I parsed the sentence incorrectly. I read it as "It is not a crummy lion-head...[it's a good lion-head]"
  18. That hot-coffee story is an interesting one. It came out at trial that the coffee was supplied at a temperature FAR too hot to be drinkable...so right away there's some stupidity there, since most people actually want to drink the coffee they buy, not just admire it from a distance...and they had plenty of data about the dangers because, we humans being the fallible creatures we are, dozens of other people had also scalded themselves with the undrinkable coffee. But none of that made any difference to Mickey D's. You'd think that the big judgement in that case would have got their attention, yet, when I bought coffee from them on 6 successive mornings recently, I had to ask for ice chips to cool it down so that I'd have a chance of drinking it before I reached my destination. So evidently there's still some stupidity involved.
  19. Maybe a key factor would be the age of the repair ticket? If it's more than 50 years old, it might be that talking about it would no longer be painful. And there's also the issue of approach. Hearing something like "even though it's not valuable, this was obviously a fiddle that someone loved a lot, and I wonder whether you could tell me more about that person and the music they played" might take the curse off a bit.
  20. Jacob, I pshopped them down to 25%, let me know if that's not enough. (I'd also like to come in on the other side of the head question. I'll just mention my avatar and the name of one J. Stainer, late of Absam b. Innsbruck )
  21. I've had a couple of Helicore Ds go prematurely, too, though at the winding not the core, and in the middle not at the end (i.e., they've broken where nothing is touching them except an occasional fingertip). I'd expect the heavily-exercised A to go before the D, but not so. I've been putting off buying a new set of Helicores for my main fiddle because of those failures.
  22. I think it'd be fairer to say that 0.0625 vs 1/16 is a difference in notation, not measurement, wouldn't it? The measurement is done in whatever divisions are on the measuring device, which is typically 16ths or 32nds for inches, 10ths for centimeters. But the final representation can be whatever's most convenient - it doesn't change the measurement! There's an old, triangular-cross-section stick in my art toolbox with all sorts of divisions on the different edges because if someone wanted to re-size a drawing until the mid '80s, when personal computers began to be widely available, the most convenient way to do it was to use a sort of "measurement scordatura", transferring measurements to the new drawing using some multiplier scale, 3/8 or 1/2 or 1 1/2 or whatever. Graphics-editing software has now replaced most of the old tools of the craft. But none of the new editors is couthie enough to accept raw-fraction notation even though one can set their rulers to show 16ths etc. So I've found it convenient to keep a few of the popular equivalencies in my head, so that I don't need to call up a calculator before being able to enter (e.g.) 0.625 when I want the software to understand 5/8. Different notations.
  23. May you live as long as you wish, Jeffrey, and may your future never hold a day worse than this one. Slàinte mhor!
  24. I like my HongKong-made cleaver very much -it holds a nice edge- but looking at those closeups I don't think those tools are up to my cleaver's standard. Those look like they've come straight from the junkyard, no messing. What I found funny was that they recycled one of their fiddle adverts without apparently quite realising that they'd left part of the old text in.
  25. http://cgi.ebay.com/http://cgi.ebay.com/Ne...DefaultDomain_0?
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