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  1. Psia krew! People really shouldn't use high-gloss polyurethane on fiddles.
  2. Has it been stripped and re-varnished? Or did the maker just not rub it up with chalk first? It's awfully blotchy. But then again the whole thing looks like vernacular work.
  3. Probably a mid-range student grade fiddle from China. Usually when a professional seller provides "atmospheric" photos rather than "clinical" ones, it's because they don't want prospective buyers to look too closely.
  4. Tecchler School 1850-1890, possibly?
  5. The guy's got two other fiddles up, one allegedly from Italy. Now, my Italian is even worse than my Slovak, but I should think that "ficit" was meant to be "fecit", and "Taurini" "Taurino". Or are "ficit" and "Taurini" good Italian after all?
  6. ooOOoo nice catch! I was so busy struggling with the Slovak that I never even thought to look for the date. So this guy takes a real Pasta to Vavra last week, gets a cert, then fakes a label on his laser printer, beats it up enough that the carbon flakes off (probably the edges of the paper are torn and/or burnt, too, could we but see them), and uses it and the cert to peddle for beaucoup de bucks a sad €25.- trade fiddle he's had cluttering up the place. Does that sound about right?
  7. I'm sure you're right (I'm studiously ignoring that pun), but I've always regarded the Baroque and Rococo periods as inexplicable. It's as though most of Europe decided all at once to start eating the wrong kind of funny mushrooms.
  8. My Slovak is almost non-existent, so I can't get some of the words, but the basic burden is that it's a violin in Maggini style that was, without doubt, made by Gaetano Pasta in Brescia. He also says something about "signs", but the something is one of the words I can't puzzle out. Pasta, besides having an "is this a joke?" family name was apparently not too scrupulous about his workmanship. Maybe he made it for the trade? Eeeuw. I just looked at the label: the usual flaking-xerox fraud. I suspect that the cert belongs to a different fiddle altogether.
  9. That gave me a turn - I thought I'd forgotten how to spell the word, and at my age forgetting how to spell common words is gey fashin'! Es wird aber ohne Umlaut geschrieben --ich hab es eingekiekt!
  10. Perhaps what's meant is "JB Colin School [Quality]"?
  11. Some people just love florid, over-excited, jungle-y art. I've never understood the appeal, myself.
  12. What Al Stancel (RIP) used to call a "bathtub Stainer", by the look of it.
  13. *ahem* now that I've actually read both adverts rather than glance at them whilst preoccupied with the task of inserting my foot into my mouth... Could the 18-year difference in ages have some significance?
  14. What I mostly get from looking at the photos, Joseph, is that at least one person besides yourself loved that fiddle --which is quite the recommendation in itself, if only we recognise it.
  15. Nice map, Jeffrey. Regrettably it doesn't seem to mark the actual border between Tirol and non-Tirol. Probably wanted to excuse any accidental incursion. Sweet to see the spelling "Innsprug". What we gained in definition from one N. Webster and his ilk, we lost in charm.
  16. Indeed, and there was quite a bit of local hostility -at least at first - perhaps it's abated since- over the giving of South Tirol to Italy after WW1. The locals felt quite reasonably that, while they were nominally Austrian and spoke German (for some value of German - I lived "up de waterkant"), they were actually Tirol'sche and had been victimised from start to finish.
  17. Thanks, Jacob. I was just about to ask why nobody was mentioning Mittenwald or Umgebung. That the bidder list is closed raises my eyebrows. <--(Jeffrey, does that qualify as an unacceptable comment within the meaning of the Act?)
  18. With laser printers, the problem isn't that the ink fades (it's high-carbon), but that it will flake off over time due to temperature changes. The ink is in dry granular form --it's xerography really-- and there's no way for the ink to properly integrate with the substrate the way printer's paste ink does.
  19. Whether a woman wrote the Jalovec books credited to Karel J. I've no slightest idea, but the name Karel is indeed given to boys rather than girls. It's the analog of Karol in Polish, Karl in German, Károly in Hungarian, Charles in English.
  20. Is it German at all? (As opposed to volksdeutsche, I mean)
  21. And Steve has kindly supplied a photo of a butternut squash which bears no resemblance whatever to a butternut nut.
  22. Okay, now that the auction is over --what should the real attribution of that fiddle have been? It looks like the age could be okay, and the case isn't quite the usual coffin, but what are the odds of an important fiddle ending up in such horrible condition?
  23. That fiddle has certainly been put over the jumps. Yikes! That's a lot of badly-repaired damage for an important fiddle over ~250 years. Lupot bow, huh? Did he work in the US? That big MOP shield looks more 19th-c. USAian than French.
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