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  1. Michael, is there any possibility that you could lay out, in the spirit of the recent "what's this?" quizzes from Omo and Jeffrey, arrays of head and bod photos that would illustrate your thesis about Catarina's work being misidentified as DG's?
  2. Corel will import a large number of formats, including AutoCAD's .dxf and .dwg Adobe Illustrator will also import, but not having a copy installed (I prefer Corel) I can't tell you more.
  3. I get the feeling that Gliga is trying to reprise the late-19th-early-20th-century "gimmick" instruments. Which, if I were in the market for a modern instrument, would put me completely off his work. Why would anyone need to resort to gimmicks if their work was any good?
  4. Thanks for adding those pix, Ron--that really is a very nice looking lionhead. I'd agree with you that he might have been modeling it on one of Stainer's. For sure there's a real lion image not too far back in its ancestry.
  5. What happens when you try to dl paintshop? Maybe I can suggest something.
  6. You could pick a different stock icon, Connie. They also have icons for women. Go into 'profile' and click 'author icon'. The 'view' button will let you preview them. (Everyone got that man's icon by default--the patriarchy strikes again)
  7. quote: Originally posted by: Ron1 And here's the picture: That's a nice looking lionhead, much better than the usual ones on Hardanger fiddles --which to me always look like a dog served as the model! This one almost looks baroque. I'd like it better if it didn't have that heavy shadowing, though.
  8. quote: Originally posted by: henfisher My guess it has a rather OPEN sound. *snicker* Looking at it again, I wonder whether it started life as a regular fiddle and was cut down and patched to turn it into a practice instrument. I can't imagine why anyone would build one that way from scratch.
  9. My Kun rest has the same problem, though it's more advanced. My understanding is that rubber, whether neoprene or any other kind, doesn't like certain atmospheric conditions that, interestingly, are also not good for humans. Regretably, I can't remember what those conditions are...too much sulphur? Something like that. New lengths of neoprene tubing should be available at larger chemists/pharmacies. I've not bothered to replace mine yet out of sheer laziness.
  10. To me it looks like a practice fiddle that was made by someone who understood the idea but had never seen one.
  11. quote: Originally posted by: PhilipKT If there were a legal, controlled market, the prices would be high btu they would be low enough that the Marketeers would go out of business because the rewards would no longer be worth the risk. You'd think so, wouldn't you. But the very notion of 'controlled' implies 'not enough to satisfy desire'--a ;lacuna the poachers would continue to fill, quite possibly with the complicity of those 'legitimate' dealers.
  12. I believe one can go to jail for selling modern-elephant ivory, even in the US.
  13. My av is a lion head from a Stainer fiddle, taken from the Strad calendar showing Stainer's work. I actually had a chance to buy a 200-yo fiddle with a head that looked the very image of the one in my av, but the fiddle itself had been so battered and patched that in the end I shrank from doing it (and have regretted my timidity a bit ever since).
  14. Jeffrey, wouldn't a purfled (is purfle a verb? ) fiddle be more subject to cracking than an unpurfled one if the glue in the channel dried enough to lose its adhesion?
  15. quote: Originally posted by: Omobono I think the photo below shows the inspiration for the Ceruti, but it's not slavish, is it? There's a roundness or softness and fullness to the form that does not scream out at you the way some del Gesu's do - magnificient as they are. How's that for starters? *sigh* Thanks, Omo, but I'm still not getting it. I'm just not picking up on whatever it is you're seeing.
  16. quote: Originally posted by: Omobono Enrico Ceruti (1856) which to me look strikingly fresh in concept full of character. Could you possibly identify the details that motivate your 'strikingly fresh' and 'full of character' assessment, Omo, and say what it is about them that creates that impression for you? To illustrate the level of detail I have in mind, my untutored (in violins, but experienced as a professional artist) reaction to those heads is that the first one has a very graceful line, much more so than the other two which are almost discontinuous. Despite that overall gracefulness I find the A peg in the first one jarring in its off-centerline placement and the carving of the scroll too shallow to appeal. That scroll is like an Art Deco ornament--quite mechanical looking when compared to the more humanistic middle one (I'm ignoring the outer line). The head on the right side looks older, heavier, and more primitive altogether (is it older?), with the scroll looking poorly proportioned and overworked (shallow, the inner turns oversized).
  17. Pandora, have you thought about joining a credit union? Unlike banks, they're in the business of meeting customer needs, since their customers are also their owners(!), so I would imagine they would be happy to make you a business loan to finance a better fiddle.
  18. I found myself absentmindedly moving further and further away from the monitor, trying to bring the pix into focus LOL
  19. quote: Originally posted by: Richf If the concern here is with the statement that "I played it for 30 years," that misses the mark. I believe that was his poor translation of "I have played cello for 30 years." That's an interesting thought. What would you see the original German being, then? (I can't think of a way to make it come out right)
  20. It looks like whoever made it really took a lot of care with the making. That scroll was nicely carved before the truck ran over it (or whatever happened).
  21. I have 3 carbon bows, and I like them a lot. I know that during times of high humidity, the hair simply cannot be tightened enough. But it's only humidity, not anything else. I can temporarily fix the problem with my hair dryer LOL, but of course if the day stays humid the hair will soon stretch again. On the other hand, there are days so dry that I can't make the hair relax enough to accept rosin nicely. Bowhair's coefficient of expansion is much more than I thought it would be! I think your daughter's friend might have lost out on a good bow (unless it was really fiberglass and not carbon, of course).
  22. My interpretation, EF, is that 'fake' means they're actually trying to pass it off as what the label says, whereas 'mislabelled' is more 'they stuck a label on but nobody's expected to take it seriously'.
  23. I thought Peter1976's disclaimer was revealing: Aufgrund gesetzlicher Bestimmungen verkaufe ich als Privatperson ohne jeglicher arten an Garantie und Gewärleistungen !!! "for legal reasons I'm selling this as a private person without any sort of guarantee or waranty". Perhaps it would be worthwhile mailing Peter and asking him whether the cello Gelsingbach is trying to sell is the same one Peter sold him a month ago?
  24. Programming all day-- Fiddle and bow sit like cats Waiting for playtime
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