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  1. Very interesting! He is very lucky to have one bid on each violin . All 4 bids were made within 1 minute and 11 seconds on the same date, incidentally. If this is legit, maybe some smart guy is actually bidding on them all. It might be fun to watch for any last second sniping at the end of the auction. Jimbow
  2. I agree with all posted comments. But you state the hole is too severe for steaming and I understand there are no cracks. If the top is off and you have direct access, and if you are absolutely sure the violin is just an El Cheapo, you may also want to consider ZAR Epoxy Wood Patch. It cures to the same density as wood. (Not hard like some.) It "becomes an integral part of item being repaired" and can be machined and sanded like wood. I have used it for various woodworking projects and it works well. Although not a "traditional" luthier repair material, it might be considered for a low cost repair on a low cost instrument. It is far superior to Plastic Wood and other fillers I have tried. Follow the directions carefully. Slightly roughen or scratch the area to be filled and work the kneaded epoxy into the area well to assure a good bond. Finish by scraping or use a sanding stick to level the repair to the adjoining areas. To repeat, this should only be considered as a last resort on a student instrument of low value but I think it would work well in this application. Jimbow
  3. Regarding cellists, another of my favorites is Ennio Bolognini but we seldom hear of him. He grew up and studied in Argentina and he died in 1979 at age 86. I have only one CD of his (Muzelle label). I only wish there was a video of his performances but he was adverse to being recorded or filmed. He was a incredible individual in many ways,I understand. A Pilot, composer, artist, singer, conductor,prize fighter,auto racer, linguist... ...he was a true Renaissance man. Oh yes, I also read that he could play all the instruments of the orchestra with equal virtuosity! I wonder why we don't hear more about him. As you have said,MANFIO, we have many many unsung heroes! So very true! Jimbow
  4. He is excellent, although not one of my favorites. Thom ---------------------------------------- Who is your favorite? I think Rostropovich is hard to beat! Jimbow
  5. Musicians who like to tune their violin with their left hand (with violin under the chin) are very particular about the positions of the tuning peg thumbpiece and understandably so. I end up doing a lot of trial and error as I try to allow for string and tail loop stretch and "settling in" of the various components. It usually takes a series of rewinds onto the peg over a period of time to get the peg thumbpieces even close. I'm curious if any of you that do adjustments for professional players have any tricks for positioning the pegs that you would be willing to share. It is one of those things one just doesn't find in the books. Is there a better way of doing it? Thanks for any suggestions. Jimbow
  6. While reading this thread, I can't help but wonder "What would Stradivari have done? Can anyone offer an opinion? Jim
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