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  1. " I have seen it written somewhere, that the big violin shops can identify most violins as the customer carries the closed case in the door! " I understood the statement to be a joke. But maybe some people get to that level of infallibility, at least in their minds. I should have put a "smiley face" after the comment. I have no idea how it was originally intended. Just a droll statement, I guess. Jimbow
  2. "...I said let's take a look at the bow-turned out to be a 19th century french bow, silver mounted, stamped, worth about $2k-not bad. That is very interesting! About 20 years ago a shopowner confided to me that, when asked for a violin verbal appraisal, he first examines the bow(s). It gives him clues as to what to expect of the violin. He also said he looks at the label last..after he has essentially categorized the violin in his mind. I always remembered his comment, as it seemed to be logical and significant. Everyone has their own style and techniques..not a matter of right or wrong, just different. Obviously, in your experiece cited, the related values did not exist. A nice " Sleeper", I would say ! Jimbow
  3. Hey, Doctor!!...Nurse!!...Help, please!..... I think we've got another one over here!
  4. Hi fiddlecollector, You give excellent analysis and advice! I wonder if there is anyone among us who doesn't get a bit excited seeing an old violin case at an auction, at an antique shop or especially at an estate sale . There is usually an exciting anticipation and hope that "this might be the big find"...the Sleeper!!! Then we open the case and, unless it is an obvious el cheepo junker, the fun and questioning begins! What is it we really have here? I have seen it written somewhere, that the big violin shops can identify most violins as the customer carries the closed case in the door! ...True??? Jimbow
  5. " I think you ought to seek treatment for OCD- I understand it's quite treatable with drugs these days. Although, I can certainly see how what you're doing can be very satisfying..." Oded, LOL, I think! But yes,you are right. It is very satisfying. I tell my wife of 49 years that it's cheaper than golf, gambling or therapy. What it boils down to is that trained violin makers like you have a vast amount of knowledge and skills and know how to utilize them while many of us novices spend a lot of time repairing old German stuff and get obsessed playing with our toys. It is fun to bring instruments back to life and support motivated music students in the area. You meet some mighty fine people among local music aficionados and there is no end to learning! It keeps my old mind active. As far as "boring", I am certain that you are anything but boring. Your website shows that you have an exciting life and you are an extremely talented and highly respected violin maker. I am in awe of your abilities and accomplishments. Just wish I was a rich man who could afford one of your beautiful cellos! Jimbow
  6. "...I may need to change my byline, which, up till now, I had considered with pride to be the unbiased truth... " No need, Craig! You are the 'Master' having made 35 violins; I am just an amateur having made a grand total of zilch! I do have a lot of wood and all the tools, though! Jimbow (...and please change your byline back! I was only joking about you being a slacker! Didn't mean to offend you.)
  7. ctviolin, Do you "clamp six times before gluing"? Huh? Do you make your fixtures out of walnut or figured maple? ....and then use brass trim?...polished?...Clear lacquered? ....then French polish the wood?..glue cork pads under the feet?... Huh? Do you require a matched set of rare chisels and gouges?...in the original varnished wood box?... Do you buy 2 extra sets for backup? ...also in original boxes?...On eBay from Australia?.. and when the original decals are missing, do you photograph a mint one and order a decal making kit....and ,when necessary, turn new handles from knurled birch like the originals? ...and turn, on your metal lathe, steel hammer rings nailed on with the correct size brads..all properly blued and oiled? ..and make copies of the onion skin instruction sheet wrapped around each chisel?... Huh? Do you have 'pull down' blue floodlights mounted above your bench and a Nikon FT3 with 55mm Micro-NIKKOR lens mounted on a Bogen tripod with a 3265 Manfrotto head...and an extra FT3 mint, in black, with an identical, mint lens upstairs in my wall-mounted camera cabinet, I made, with my other 3 Nikons and 2 Leica 111f mint "red dials".. and lenses,..cases,..accessories..and manuals.. Never used the Leicas, guess they work!... Do you take photos of your work progress?.. Huh! And then there are the sharpening stones, oil, water, diamond, ceramic and the honing strops and their compounds... I hesitate to get into the details here, but I think you get the idea. I rest my case for lack of time. Must go rub on the 4th coat of 'Tru-Oil' varnish on a gouge handle I'm working on. It will be 24 hours, between coats, in a few minutes! I hate to say it sir, but you may be a bit of a 'slacker'! Jimbow
  8. " ...I really want to become a violin maker, and I am seriously asking for your suggestions, and support." insearch of cremona _____________________________________________ Two weeks ago, John (ISOC) asked for help in becoming a Violin Maker. He certainly has the motivation and a lot of knowledge accumulated from his 30 years of research. There have been some very helpful and detailed suggestions so far regarding his mould. Let us hope that making becomes more of a quest than finding for John! Jimbow
  9. "Violinmakers are B O R I N G most of them are afflicted with OCS and an overdeveloped ego. Oded Kishony" "Congrats on not having a boring teacher. Can your teacher talk about anything other than violins and varnish ;-) Oded Kishony" ----------------------------------- Oded, I found these comments of yours quite humorous but also very insightful. Although not a 'Maker', I do some very extensive repairs and often find that I spend a lot of time, I mean a LOT of time!, making special fixtures, or double, and triple checking, things that will never show or have no effect on the final product. I usually go to extreme lengths to assure top quality results even on inexpensive student instruments while rationalizing that it is good experience. Buying of tools, sharpening of tools, making new tools (for one time projects), Collecting of books and catalogs --- all seem to be a case of classic Obsessive/Compulsive behaviour. I've always considered this to be a private little idiosyncracy and, since I am retired, it hasn't been a problem to me. From your comments, it would seem that obsessive compulsive traits kind of 'go with the territory' if you are involved in luthier work. Maybe it is even a requirement! Certainly, violinmakers I have known are very intense and focused on their work. "Overdeveloped egos" infers serious belief in what you are creating, which may not be a bad thing! Whatdayathink, Doctor? Jimbow
  10. Noxx, You are correct, of course,but all things considered, you will have to admit I was correct in this case! Right? Besides, MANFIO has essentially proclaimed this thread Completed, Over, Done, Ended! 1640 views! Enough! Let us move on! Jimbow
  11. John, I have two very serious questions for you. I observe the clock "Time" of your posts which are scattered throughout the day and night hours. My questions are...When do you sleep? and when do you work as an 'Electrician/ Supervisor'? You once wrote that your father was in World War 2, so you are probably about 55 or 60 yrs old and not yet retired...right? Just curious where you get all your energy! I could use a little extra! Jimbow
  12. It goes to show that in the art world (of which the violin world is a part), it's commonly not the object iself, but the crap printed on the white bit of card that gives the object value. Legendary provenance in reality has little value, and only objective validity can determine if an object is what the legend claims it to be... which in this particular alternative universe seems to have little bearing. llama Very thought provoking philosophy on art and violins! I also love your "Bio"! Jimbow
  13. C’mon now Seth. You’re nitpicking! You know that actors and film makers are not concerned with technical accuracy! That would detract from their stories. You should definitely not watch the movie ‘Stradivari’ because Anthony Quinn spends an inordinate amount of time in the movie courting his wives and coping with family situations. It’s not clear from the movie how he found the time to make all those fiddles! In spite of these shortcomings, however, these movies are still entertaining and interesting. If you want technical correctness, I recommend "The Sounding Tree" by Peter Prior, another of my favorites. Movies about some of the violin makers on this board might be even better than those listed! Jimbow
  14. Along with studying my luthier books and restoring violins, cellos,and bows, I really like to watch my DVDs on cello performance and violin making. Some of my favorite movies related to the luthier trade and performance are: "Un Coeur En Hiver" (A Heart in Winter) "The Red Violin" "Stradivari" (with Anthony Quinn) "Bach Cello Suites"(M.Rostropovich) "Jacqueline Du Pre and the Elgar Cello Concerto" "Dvorak & Saint Saens Cello Concertos (Rostropovich) I think 'Un Coeur En Hiver' remains my favorite, probably because of Emmanuelle Beart but it also has an excellent story and enough 'violin business' to maintain my interest. Am I just nuts or does anyone else enjoy this escape stuff? Do you know any other movies like this I should buy? Jimbow
  15. Hi Ola, You have a beautiful violin and it appears to be in very nice condition! I am no authority on this maker but I did find out a few facts from William Henleys book "Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers". Sixteen Audinot makers are listed. Nester Dominique Audinot has 3 inch (longest)description. Born in Mirecourt 1842. died 1920. Worked with Sebastian Vuillaume 1863-1868. Produced over 800 instruments. Modeling type "favouring Guarnerian". Extremely brilliant red varnish. Three label types illustrated with the lower example matching yours except "Annee 1899 No.693" It mentions that the.... "Third label bears signature in right-hand corner". I also have auction sales prices by Bonhams and by Sotheby of London in 1993 and 1994 which would probably justify the cost of having yours appraised to determine actual value and authenticity. However,I find no evidence of Audinot copies being marketed in my old U.S. sales catalogs. Hope this helps until a more qualified opinion is posted. Jimbow
  16. Sammy, For what it is worth, I agree with almost everything you have posted regarding politics, the economy and your philosophy in general. Although some feel this board should not be used to post these kind of O.T. comments, they do creep in occasionally and do no harm if reasonable, IMHO. Jimbow
  17. "....Sorry everyone, I had to say something..." sammy444 We all understand,sammy, and those pills will be available soon, however what is the significance of 2008? Will the world become less mean and cruel? (Is this somehow politically related or do you retire then?) The world wants to know! Jimbow
  18. John, 243 people have now viewed your thread with 17 "replies" posted. You have presented no significant information ..only a bunch of partial and unrelated photos. It is time to get serious, and present something factual here before you alienate the group. If you want to present helpful hints as done on other threads,that might be useful but you seem to be just "scattergunning" and you aren't hitting anything. (Southern talk!) You are becoming quite good at posting and manipulating photos but, as mentioned earlier, you need to caption them properly if you want to maintain interest. (Just my humble opinion)
  19. I didn't realize G.B. Guadagnini painted his black !
  20. "IMPORTANT NOTE: Just because you CAN share photographs doesn't mean you MUST share photographs. Don't waste bandwidth. Or the forum's time. Please ensure that your photographs are clearly related to the thread underway, or if starting a new photo-based thread that it has some relevance. This isn't a photo forum." falstaff ----------------------------------------------------- These are excellent points for all of us to keep in mind. But they may have to be reiterated on appropriate occasions. Jimbow
  21. "....a French cello with the flaired set..." Can you explain this "flaired set" briefly or provide a link. I am embarrassed to admit that I've not heard of this before. Jimbow
  22. "Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bowmakers" by William Henley "The Violin Makers of the United States" by Thomas Wenberg Both books have brief (approx. 1 1/2" long) complimentary articles. Jimbow
  23. "I apologize in advance if I appear to be “just mincing words” here....." ________________________ Craig, Please continue to 'mince words' here, if that is what you want to call it, as I find your explanations and opinions extremely informative. That is why I Lurk here.. to get opinions and analyses of experienced makers and repairers like you! Words and pictures are all we've got to use! Jimbow
  24. John, Hmmmmm,.... and your point is ?????....... Jimbow
  25. "But at the same time, the depth of the throat in #3 creates a more expansive "comb" (the first turning into the scroll from the box). To me the fault (slight) that mars the beauty of #3 is a slight imbalance between the swept of the comb and the size of the volute itself." -------------------------------- That is a significant factor you brought up and I notice it clearly, now that you point it out, falstaff. There is apparently a happy balance, or compromise, between a deep, curved and open "throat" and a reasonable "comb" size which is in proportion to,and blends nicely into the whole, if I understand you correctly. With that in mind I like your extra #4 even more because it seems to better embody the balance you are referring to. Incidentally, these exercises are very interesting and we appreciate your efforts in pointing out these significant features which may be "Old Hat" to you guys but are very enlightening to a lot of us. Jimbow
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