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  1. Jimbow, you have the coolest avatar on maestronet - do you dress so well on a daily basis or just for photos?


    Well Martin, I have to confess that the photo is actually of a personal  hero of mine, Foster Brooks, whose example I try to emulate!

    He is a man of impeccable taste in dress and manners although I have been told he sometimes drinks a bit much.

    Friends have told me that I look somewhat like him - particularly when I 'drink a bit much.'

    His talents are displayed on YouTube occasionally.

  2. A talented lady cellist asked this question in another, unrelated discussion group. "Why is the cello so difficult?"



    And then she answers: 

    "Because bowing is more difficult than left-hand technique, and left-hand technique is damn near impossible, and you have to do both, and at the same time."


    Some here might find this true or amusing (or both!)


    (Sorry if this is an old joke.  As a non-player it was new to me.)

  3. "I can't stand the plaque like snobbishry present in soo many conversations pertaining to anything violin related,"


    Yeah! I don't like those 'snobbishry' people either.

    Usually they're just trying to establish their creds, I suppose. :D

  4. Does anyone know of a competent, reasonably priced, commercial "carving machine" service available for 4/4 cello plates in Midwest U.S.?

    I have some good old wood and might be interested.



    1. Do they generally  have any credible graduation method or ability?

    2. Purfling capability also?

  5. Hi Mark,

    I'm curious about the "cool running" 3600 RPM wheels you refer to. Can you provide more info.


    I have a Wissota 1/3 HP 6"  Mod E6, 3450 RPM on a matching 4" sq  steel stand with a 14" base pad.

    It has been very reliable since purchase over 15 yrs ago, but I often wished it was the slower speed.

    Also have a Makita Mod 9820-2 (7 7/8" dia  horizontal wheel) and , of course, a hand grinder.


    ( For lots of chisels and gouges by E.A.Berg, Addis, Charles Buck, Witherby.  Japanese makers, etc. which I'll have to get organized someday  :D )

  6. Per the Strad article:


    ‘Countess of Stanlein’ cello was bought by a Montreal arts patron for in excess of $6m. Christopher Reuning, the Boston-based dealer who handled the sale, said the new owner will loan the cello to an 18-year-old Canadian player, Stéphane Tétreault, who is studying at the University of Montreal with Yuli Turovsky



  7. i think the price was rather low for a pahdah auction with this much exposure, and would have gone much higher if it had a markneukirchen stamp, and no i dont think the red book includes ebay sales or should do so.


    I think we would all agree that the Roth price would have gone higher if everything was in perfect order.

    This is why I previously said "This was an auction and people bid what they felt it was worth with all things considered!

    I don't mean to shang-hai this thread but sellers can have even worse problems with Auction Houses as evidenced by this story a few months ago. (Of course Auction houses don't allow discussion by possible bidders with 364 posts on MN while the auction is going on.)

    Haven't been able to find out how this sad story turned out. Does anyone know?


  8. do i think congratulations are in order for selling a factory violin for more than its worth, with misinformation in the description, not exactly!!

    It's time to let it go, Lyndon. We've 'Been there -- Done that' !

    You guys had 19 pages last week to state your objections.

    This was an auction and people bid what they felt it was worth with all things considered!

    It's time to move on.

  9. Dang! I just tipped a few with some of the guys here and bid it again!

    Think I'm still safe though..

    The Roth keeps looking better and better and the arguments seem to be falling apart

    ! have sold much less for much more $$..

    I am normally extremely cautious but this Glenfiddich is great Scotch and helps to really keep me in focus. :D .

  10. Jimbow, it's $2916 now. Are you still the highest bidder :D

    Nope. I was outbid late last night!

    If it sounds as good as it looks the buyer should be very happy at any reasonable price.

    "Reasonable" has different meaning to different folks, of course.

    Good luck !

  11. I wholeheartedly agree with your conservative estimates. So you're the high bidder?

    I will be following the bidding closely and I think it will go well beyond $3,500 (just my own opinion).

    I'm still in there but with days left anything can happen!

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