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  1. Hi all, I'm a beginner/intermediate level player but I focus mainly on trad Irish music. I have a classical violin teacher that I've been working with since I started nearly 6 years ago who I've managed to convince to let me try my hand at a Mozart violin concerto (No. 3 in Germany major). It's my understanding that Mozart is far from easy so I was wondering if anyone here can provide any tips or advice to better my chances at not butchering the music.
  2. I have a derbyan parakeet who bobs up and down while I play fiddle. She attempts to sing at times as well, but thankfully it's just a strange garbled mumbling rather than a full blown scream for which parrots are well known.
  3. Anyone know where I might find a tune transcription of this Norwegian tune? I'm not sure if it's for Hardanger Fiddle or normal violin (I emailed a lady I took some online hardanger fiddle lessons with and she said it sounded like a standard violin). I figure this is a bit of a long shot but it never hurts to ask!
  4. Quick update: I bought myself a bending iron (can't remember where from) and my sister got me some Grizzly Japanese gouges for x-mas. The gouges appear to be a bit funny to me... the angle of attack seems to be very steep (I'm not too sure I'm using the correct term). I also realized I made a mistake while sanding/filing my template, not to mention the corner blocks are a bit goofy. Here are some pictures of the gouges http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h249/Masamune200/003_zps47fdc3b7.jpg http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h249/Masamune200/002_zpsb927f546.jpg Lastly, I was thinking a
  5. Thanks everyone for all the help! I'll do the best I can to process the information and make the tune sound more jig-like before my next lesson. For those interested, this is my teacher playing the same tune (though MUCH quicker and with lots and lots of ornamentation!) http://source.pipers.ie/Search/SearchResult.aspx?searchTerm=tara+connaghan&startRowIndex=0&pageSize=12&mediaId=25287 Thank you very much for the link, Bernie. I'll have to buy one of Paddy Glackin's records once I get my next paycheck. I have a few recordings of his brother, Seamus, and quite like his style. S
  6. Thanks Paul! I practiced the tune a bit with a metronome just before recording because some musical friends told me I was a bit uneven and it was hard for them to tell when one measure ended and another began. I guess I evened everything out a bit too much! And thank you for the recommendation to listen to some players with more swing in their playing. I tend to listen to a lot of John Doherty and his music wasn't known for its swing from what I understand... (in fact, the only recording I have of this tune is John Doherty playing it as a march!) I think I may ask my teacher to record herself
  7. I recently started taking lessons from an Irish fiddle teacher via skype (skype lessons work fairly well, by the way) and she taught me a tune called "Bundle and Go." I've been playing Irish music since I started learning the violin about two years ago but I can't help but shake the feeling that I still sound too "classical," especially when the other traditional players in my area call me a "violinist" rather than a "fiddler." I uploaded a recording of myself playing the tune to the fiddle hangout but I thought I'd ask here for some more opinions as I know there are a lot of fiddle pla
  8. My violin smelled like beeswax when it was new but the smell is now very faint. I actually quite liked the beeswax scent...
  9. It's not because they're Chinese, it's because they're cheap. Also, I've heard many warnings about buying things on ebay from China (though admittedly most of those warnings came from the nihonto message boards...)
  10. Quick update: I finally got around to cutting out the corner blocks. http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h249/Masamune200/1005_zps4b5861cb.jpg It was quite a while ago when I cut them out so I don't remember what any of the measurements were or where I got the info from on how to shape them. I guess the next step is to buy some rib stock and a bending iron and start practicing my rib bending skills. I was thinking about getting the bending iron from international violin but I vaguely remember seeing a forum post on MN about a guy who makes better irons for about the same price (or even less). I
  11. I've heard that Jargar chrome wrapped steel strings are really good for fiddle playing because they give a nice, bright tone. Then again...
  12. He and his brothers also made fiddles out of tin. There is also a fiddle in Donegal made from an old brass drum that was pulled from the sea and is considered by some to be a physical representation of the Donegal tradition of fiddle playing. Apparently tin fiddles made in the old days didn't sound too bad (but obviously not great!) http://www.donegalfiddlemusic.ie/history.htm
  13. John Doherty is one of my all time favorite trad fiddlers. The first 3 minutes of the video are him telling the story behind the reel "Black Mare of Fanad." He plays it at around 3:20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmlsYfNTcP0&feature=share&list=FLwIQhqa4Ceu-ZGq6j2ROnRQ And here is a video of his brother, Mickey Doherty, playing the fairy reel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRVz2TJElVU
  14. I re-did my template/design and am a bit happier with the results than my previous attempt. Using French curves helped a lot! I'm also going to avoid posting the pictures and instead I will post links so as to not make it painful to scroll past my posts. I'm also going to use some birch plywood that I had in the garage. It's about 11mm thick which might be a bit on the small side... http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h249/Masamune200/1017_zps6a514027.jpg One error I noticed is that the hole I drilled to fix the template to the mold is a little off center. I'm not sure if this will be a