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  1. OK, I see what you're saying. I'm more interested in certificates from living makers. I am a violin maker, and I was thinking about providing a certificate of authenticity when I sell my instrument. Is that a common practice? I was thinking along the lines of purchasing a new Rolex watch. With the watch, you receive a certificate of authenticity, or some sort of paper work that the owner generally retains to verify that the watch is authentic and it was purchased on a certain date, and other people who have purchased the same model Rolex watch will have the same paper work. It goes along wa
  2. Did you receive a certificate from the dealer or from the actual maker? Duane, are you speaking to certs from a dealer or an authenticating service?
  3. Does anyone here provide a certificate of authenticity with a fiddle sale? When you buy a Rolex, you get a box and papers that prove authenticity and provenance. Is it a good practice to provide this with a fiddle? If you do provide this, how does that work if you sell through a dealer? You just send the deal the cert, and they provide it to the customer? Would dealers have a reason to frown upon this practice?
  4. Thanks for this information Julian! I didn't realize you could deduct purchases from several years ago. That's good to know. I have several wood purchases I would like to deduct once I start getting some actual income.
  5. Thanks for all this information. It is very helpful and gives me a good list of things to look into. One thing I'm wondering about is if I need to have a certain amount of income from the business before I "declare" it a business, because it seems that it could collapse under it's own weight before it gets off the ground if I hire lawyers and take out insurance. All I will have is 60k for startup funds. I was hoping this will last 3 years. I would be paying myself $400 per week. I know that's not going to get me very far, but I think that's all I can muster. I'm assuming the first year will ju
  6. For those of you who have made violin making into a small business, were there resources that you used to learn how to do this? I know about violin making, but I don't know anything about running a small business. Did you watch youtube videos or read books in order to learn how to do this? I'm concerned about taxes, creating an LLC, cash flow, dealers purchasing instruments, marketing, ect. Did you fly under the radar for the first couple years until you got established a little bit?
  7. I wonder if something like this would work for the flood light: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Warmoon-Outdoor-LED-Flood-Light-50W-Warm-White-3200K-Waterproof-Security-Lights-with-3-Prong-US-Plug/464060495
  8. Yes, I tried a white sheet over an iguana light, but it did make the problem worse. It reflected over a much larger part of the violin. It did also make the wood look kind of flat. I will try the floodlight method. Thanks for mentioning this Michael!
  9. I was reviewing his article. It's quite in depth and he uses expensive equipment. I was hoping for the "poor man's" method to violin photography. Is there an easy and cheap way to film violins that cuts out the glare?
  10. I was wondering if anyone here has had success photographing violins without a reflection. I was thinking about purchasing a camera umbrella to do this, but I think there will still be a reflection. I was looking into camera umbrellas, and there appear to be white ones that shine the light through and reflective ones that have aluminum foil and reflect the light. I just tried putting a large piece of domed shaped tin foil in front of a light to reflect the light onto the wall, and put my violin in front of it, but there was still a reflection. So this makes me wonder if a camera umbrella will
  11. What causes a soundpost crack? Can a soundpost crack be caused by a soundpost that is too close to the bridge feet?
  12. These guys look a little sketchy too: https://www.goldentonewood.com/shop/ https://www.carpathiantonewood.com/how-to-buy/
  13. Has anyone bought wood from this guy? http://flamemaple.sk Many years ago I got ripped off by a tonewood dealer around Slovakia or Romania. I am always leery about purchasing wood these days.
  14. Would you use this piece of wood for a scroll if it had an air check like this?
  15. It looks like that label could have been made illegible on purpose. Notice how the dirt is in a halo around just the label and no where else. This could have been simply from the dirt coming through the f holes in that circular pattern, but usually it's a bit more dispersed throughout the area than we're seeing here.