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  1. Glad you asked because I forgot to add a step, but no the plates are pre-clamped after the glue dries enough to be handled. I'll try to describe better. 1. Glue size the blocks 2. After blocks dry, put down a line of glue (hard to describe how much glue you lay down with the brush) on the gluing surface of the rib assembly (blocks/lining/ribs). 3. Apply a line of glue on the plates between the scribe line and the inner pencil line (the line you don't graduate past when hollowing the interior). 4. clamp and reactivate glue with pallet knife and boiling water as I previously described. I usually use two pallet knives with one sitting in the water getting hot while using the other. It goes pretty fast without any need to rush.
  2. A nice plate gluing method I learned from Joe Thrift is to apply glue with a small brush to the block/liner/rib gluing surface and allow to dry. Then add enough closing clamps to properly position the plate, e.g., end blocks and corners. Wet a spatula in very hot water and run the spatula between the plate and ribs for each bout section (e.g., bass upper bout or c- bout etc.) to reactivate the glue, then apply clamps. Then moving around the plate one section at a time. No mess, no stress.
  3. Ah, you caught me asking a poorly defined question. I was referring to the names that have stuck e.g., Soil, Cannone, Alard (two or three I think) etc. Aren't all ex's expensive.
  4. HI Folks, I'm curious if anyone can say how rare or common it is for Stradivari, Guarneri family, Amati family etc. instruments to be named? For example, I think there are ~600 Strad survivors. What percent are named? How about for other makers? Thanks
  5. Nice progress! I’ve made templates from a variety of materials including aluminum as you are using. Now I use 1/16” modeling plywood. So much easier to work with and you can use your good wood files on it. If you continue making (I think you will), you can be sure to make many more templates.
  6. All my violins are organic (made from carbon based compounds).
  7. Always exciting when you get to close the box. For me that’s when it first feels like a violin. Even if there’s still a ways to go. Congratulations!
  8. I've used a few excellent bows made from Osage orange. However they were all designed for shooting arrows.
  9. Unfortunately I think if the collection moved to the Smithsonian it would probably be sent into storage and rarely seen. I'd rather see the collection migrate into the population of musicians and be used to make music. Of course I have no idea what's in the collection and so may be completely wrong.
  10. Haha, actually yes, plants and all other living organisms can sense and respond to their environment especially when something causes damage to them. I think this can qualify as "pain". Sentient? Not likely. Although many tree species (e.g. oaks) can communicate warnings to their neighbors when attacked (e.g., longhorn beetles). Will the forest not be mad for killing their brethren if we use the wood wisely and make beautiful well crafted objects?
  11. There are occasional outliers.
  12. Is the question, could the label be original?
  13. I think the "magic" is in the setup. It's only when the setup can't take you any farther that you can really understand what is lacking and have an idea of what to do about it. I have a lot to learn about setup.
  14. Very nice Christian. Now that the thread topic has concluded, and we've seen a couple more shop pics. How about other makers show off their shops with some current pics of their workshop. I say current because there have been several "show me your workshop" threads and I'd rather see new pics than recycled pics from different threads.
  15. Merry Christmas Bill. My mom still celebrates Three Kings Day.
  16. Yeah, when I visited your shop sometime between the bottom photo and COVID it kind of reminded me of a cockpit i.e., enough room for you to get in and out, and everything within reach, but no wasted space. However, 2 years living on a buoy tender way back when has cured my of holding onto anything that I don't need. Also, my machinery will be in the garage instead of in the basement workshop.
  17. Actually Davide suggested lime white as a historically correct color back on page one. I went with a color that happened to match the yellowing pages of an old book I was reading at the time. I've renamed the color of the walls "old parchment".
  18. Please don't pick on GBS, he's very shy.
  19. Hmmm, maybe a BIG SCREEN on the ceiling with a live feed from an outside camera pointing straight up. Kind of a Hogwarts effect without the floating candles. Okay, now I want floating candles. Thanks David
  20. To conclude, the shop is finally setup and ready to start getting messy. Posters will slowly migrate to the walls and maybe a shelf or two. However, the clutter of “bits of this and that”, wood storage and other stuff will be restrained to an adjacent “storage room”. Thanks for everyone’s input! Cheers, Jim
  21. I love his conclusion on why Stradivari instruments are special and unique. It's because they make the players and audience feel special and important.
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