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  1. Love the model. On mine, I've had some complaints about the lower corners when playing close to the bridge. I'll probably shorten the corners slightly on future iterations.
  2. Very well done as usual. I really like the outline and f’s of this model. N. Amati?
  3. Are your stones flat? You should know whether your blade is sharp or not. If you’re not comfortable shaving hair from your arm it’s probably best to test using a different method. I often use the flat of my thumb nail. If the blade is sharp it should stick to your nail instead of sliding. Or you can try cutting paper.
  4. Lots and lots of ribs
  5. Hey Jordan, You know that when we were taping plates we were mostly just trying to look good while resting. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing your viola when it's finished. -Jim
  6. 1. Fresh edge on plane iron 2. Plane sole flat and plane properly set up. 3. Clamping the plates as shown in picture can distort the plates. You can use a shooting board, or only clamp one corner of the plate to not introduce distortion during planing, or clamp between two bench dogs. Probably a few other ways.
  7. Love the frog and button. My first thought was that it was some kind of stone, like agate. Until I read your post.
  8. An article from my "dark arts" folder. Historical linseed oil colophony varnishes formulations.pdf
  9. Thanks John, that was very helpful.
  10. John, for your tests you describe zero, mild, and long term. What were the ammonia concentration and durations of the mild and long term treatments? Thanks, Jim
  11. Happy b-day Mike. Keep doing laps around the sun. Your works not done yet. Cheers, Jim
  12. Great pics John. They definitely tell the story. Thanks for sharing these! -Jim
  13. +1 to DB. Copper tubing is what I used for the gouge handles I’ve made.
  14. It's fun, and no more dangerous than starting your grill with lighter fluid.
  15. Love the discussion of a framework for decision making vs “rules”. Thanks @Don Noon and @Davide Sora, very informative.
  16. I really like how the letters are recessed into the paper. Like we don't obsess enough about tiny details that nobody else cares about. This thread may eventually cost me some money. I in large part blame @JacksonMaberry. Although the IG pic is awesome as well. I moved to a new city recently so I "need" to make new labels. And the files I received from Addie are not editable.
  17. Just some thoughts to consider. After your entire varnish preparation the way you do it (in varnish making and food, the cook and the temperature(s) can be nearly as important as the ingredients). Are there improvements that you want? What direction do you want to nudge your varnish? Will lime (or something else) take you in the desired direction? Then test it to figure out if you're right, and try to understand the reasons for the unexpected results. That's my process. Have fun.
  18. I know a maker that would like to have a gouge set vs the current hodge podge, and there are always new to the trade folks. So the question would also be your price point, which can be a tricky decision between your profit margin, affordability, and perceived value. If you can figure out the right balance I think you will have a market.
  19. Mine has a plastic lid which was useful in cutting a slot for the brush and thermometer. I have a baby food jar for the glue.
  20. The article was very well written. I was fortunate to have very little work to do as a reviewer.
  21. Definitely a good purchase (Cukor hotplate). Heating surface heats to 400 C in 7 minutes. That’s the limit of my heat gun. With a sand bath it will work fine for varnish making where I use multiple beakers up to 200 C. For cooking color into colophony (220-300 C) without a sand-bath. Of course my setup will change once I finally make a long over due visit to @Evan Smith and get to look at his monster oven-hotplate. Big thanks to @joerobson for showing his hotplate.
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