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  1. I’m racing to get the box closed by this weekend before I head down to Joe Thrift’s workshop for two weeks. Hopefully I can get the neck finished and set while I’m there.
  2. Lol, thanks! Finding time is easy if you consider sleep as optional.
  3. For the bass bar I just paint by numbers (Becker) unless I’m trying to compensate for something I didn’t like about the top.
  4. Yup, just got the same email.
  5. @arglebargle Details please on where you got your “Bugatti”
  6. Woah, it’s been 2 years?! Progress has been slow but still moving in the right direction. Here’s a few update pics. I’m hoping to close the box soon.
  7. Hey Kevin, are you going this year? If so, are you going to head north or south? We’re both roughly halfway between both workshops. I’ll be heading down to Joe’s for both weeks.
  8. Here’s a couple of pics from last year with the group build fiddle. The varnish/antiquing is still in progress.
  9. Joe Thrift's Workshop is coming up. Last year was the first year since the Covid gap. There wasn't any advertisement because all the seats were filled by previous attendees. This year Joe has two workshops. The second one is in Mass with his protege Russell. Russell has been having success making and selling Joe's 5 string model. Joe's curriculum is based on what you bring to the bench, plus what other folks are working on. Cheers, Jim
  10. I met Mike at a violin workshop in 2016 (I think). A group of us attended every year until Covid. I enjoyed our friendship very much. Myself and his group of friends from the workshop group were lucky enough to say our good byes to him on Saturday. You'll be missed Mike.
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