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  1. Ok, so the position is a bit off for the standard bridge, but nothing crazy. BTW, I use 40 mm bridges because it fits the model I make better. No idea if it makes a meaningful difference.
  2. How wide is the bridge measured from the feet?
  3. What size bridge, centered on the plate, overhangs the bass bar by 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm? Just trying to clarify whether or not the bass bar is positioned within the range of "normal".
  4. Something about the two Nakanishi violins I find fascinating. Just can’t stop looking at them. Maybe the upper bouts, but more likely they just hang together just right. I also love Van Bosterhaut’s pleasantly plump viola. Thanks so much for the pics! Jim
  5. You edited your local vernacular while I was looking up "bog standard". I like the phrase. Do you know it's origin?
  6. If you open up the picture of my linseed oil jar to magnify it you'l see that it is full of marbles. Some folks use bloxygen and other use a drop of acetone then light it. putting the cap on traps the CO2 as the O2 is used up. I haven't bothered with any of those yet. It is coming time for my LO to migrate to a smaller jar.
  7. I haven’t made the model, but have the poster. A really high quality poster of a great violin. Hmm, maybe a violin that a great violinist can make wonderful music with, depending on your perspective. It’s on my list.
  8. Huh, that scenario never occured to me. Having made plenty of my own mistakes, I'm always happy to learn from other people's mistakes. Thanks for the cautionary tale. -Jim
  9. Use Addie's drawings for the form and a Strad poster for arching and most other things. -Jim
  10. I don’t see how. Maybe carotenoids?
  11. Not easy to judge the validity of this statement as you tend to "hold your cards close to the vest".
  12. Thanks Duane! edit: oops. I did read the obituary, then picked the next link. Thanks for the correction.