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  1. More than one way to skin a cat. I’m still learning as well. My purfling broke during shipping so I had to use two pieces for the upper and lower bought
  2. My current shop is an unfinished basement with white foundation walls or bare studs. I'm perfectly happy with it. For the new shop Uncle Duke is spot on. I just don't like baby blue. If I don't take care of the wall paint on the way in, it will never get done and will annoy me every time I glimpse a wall through all the other stuff. Cheers, Jim
  3. Yes. I've only been through the space once. I'll get a better look at things tomorrow during the home inspection.
  4. By the name I was expecting more green. It looks very pleasant. I will need to see it in person. A month ago I had my cataracts removed in both eyes. My color perception really changed. It's amazing what happens when you remove a dirty yellow filter from your eyes. It was fun for the week that only one eye was done. Subtle shades of blue were undetectable with my cataract eye and obvious with my post surgery eye. This was most apparent in green (yellow +blue) where I can now see warmer (more yellow) and cooler (more blue) shades that previously just looked darker or lighter green, but still just green.
  5. Room size: The room is pretty generous in size ~19ft x 20ft. Lighting: I can certainly change the lighting. Often I turn off the main lights and just work with task lighting while shaping plates. White paint: Although I'm not a fan of pure white, I was leaning to some version of off white. Just not sure what direction that should be. Moving: I seam to do that a lot. I keep aiming for a last move, and keep missing. Ventilation: This will be a hand tool only workshop. The machine room will be in the garage. Here's a picture of the space (stolen from the internet) with a peak at the room with access to natural light that I think I will use for varnishing.
  6. My home is already sold. This is for the house I'm purchasing. I will be painting the area that will be the main workshop because it's a baby blue that I really don't like. The best time to do it is right away before setting up the shop.
  7. Mike, I enjoyed the babble and I do think color and surrounding does affect a persons mood, along with individual likes and dislikes of certain colors. Brad, I did think about the affect of background color on varnish color perception. Fortunately there's an adjacent room with natural light coming through a sliding door that I plan to use for varnishing. -Jim
  8. Hi Folks, I haven't been on here much because I've been in the transition from preparing to sell my house, selling my house (yeah), then trying to find a new house in this crazy housing market. I finally got a contract and will be closing on it next month. The workshop area is a windowless basement area with very good recessed lighting. The existing flooring is vinyl plank flooring that is showing it's age but is still in good shape so I will be leaving it. The walls however are painted a baby blue. That's got to go. Which got me thinking. Are their ideal colors for workshop walls? Something bright enough to reflect light and not make the shop feel closed in. Other than that I'm kind of clueless about colors that make an inviting creative space to work. Any thoughts? Thanks, Jim
  9. While participants are anonymous in the article, their qualifications are discussed.
  10. Here's an interesting article by Lei Fu, Claudia Fritz, and Gary Scavone on maker, player, and listener perceptions on changes in soundpost length. Perception of violin soundpost tightness through playing and listening tests, July 2021. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 150(1):540. DOI: 10.1121/10.0005587 2021.Perception of violin soundpost tightness through playing and listening tests.pdf Enjoy, Jim
  11. Do you have detailed notes of what you did? While I only know how to make my varnish, there are folks on here that may spot where you're going off course.
  12. Welcome to MN. You caan start your search here.
  13. You may know this but just in case. Mineral (petroleum) spirits comes in different formulations, and the formulations come in different grades. If you find one that works well for you, you should probably stick to that specific product.
  14. It looks Amati(ish) but not quite. Very attractive! What can you say about the model?
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