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  1. I usually cook the colophony down to 20% or a bit less, but I don't know the percentage weight loss until I'm done. A drop on aluminum foil is black, and a thin sliver will look red through a bright light.
  2. Matt, For added stability I set a pin (maple dowel from a cut off of the neck blank) into the heal, and inlay a carbon fiber rod along the neck. -Jim IMG_5068.mov
  3. My math, according to pencil and paper, has an SG= 0.75. The difference is probably due to rounding errors. This is at the upper end of density for red maple and not extreme for sugar maple. Whoops, a whole page of replies loaded after I posted. My comment is a bit dated.
  4. I like the shape of the left on, and the proportions of the right.
  5. Build a workbench, which you will need to build an instrument. If you change your mind afterwards you’ll still have a workbench.
  6. I’m racing to get the box closed by this weekend before I head down to Joe Thrift’s workshop for two weeks. Hopefully I can get the neck finished and set while I’m there.
  7. Lol, thanks! Finding time is easy if you consider sleep as optional.
  8. For the bass bar I just paint by numbers (Becker) unless I’m trying to compensate for something I didn’t like about the top.
  9. Yup, just got the same email.
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