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  1. Trade Secrets Index

    Thanks for the update Julien. Sorry about the stones. I didn't know TS 4 was out. I just ordered it. Hope you feel better soon, Jim
  2. To Seal Or Not To Seal?

    I think you have your sound post tightness reversed in relation to RH. In your extreme Humidity test what you were seeing was cross grain expansion. When east-west expansion is bounded by the ribs the arch is forced to rise. At least that's my understanding.
  3. Duram's Water Putty for purfling filler?

    If you decide to use plastic wood, it does shrink a little while drying. The other thing is figuring out is what color to use. As Jerry says, it responds differently to your wood treatment, UV, and how it shows up under varnish. In my limited experience, UV and wet chemistry has little if any effect on the the color so you have to use a cut off to find out what color your wood will be and then try to match the color with whatever color plastic wood.
  4. Unknown Thing Found in Violin Case

    Hey! I learned to sign my name with my left hand.
  5. Unknown Thing Found in Violin Case

    A guess. A tool handle for a turn screw. Poorly fit or used so second slot was cut. Turn screw eventually put into different handle as second worked poorly as well or wood was weakened...ahh hell Dave typed faster. No fare Only one of my arms are working.
  6. Shop made F hole drills

    Got it, thanks.
  7. Shop made F hole drills

    I was hoping you would start a thread like this. I usually pick up on things pretty quick, but I still can't picture how you make the cutters. Thanks, Jim
  8. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    Manfio, No problem, I did not take your comment as criticizing or negative in any way. Just furthering the conversation. Thanks for providing the Sam Z. quotes. Very informative. -Jim
  9. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    True of course. Changing multiple parameters will leave you in the dark as to what had good or bad affects towards your goals. As I said these are notes from a lecture not my experiences in making. However it does look promising to build the model you're familiar with and adjust your f-holes (one, maybe two parameters). I added the AO part because some people look at that. I don't. Really just trying to help Julian by providing information I have that I think is credible. Learning something along the way would be a big bonus. Is a darker sounding violin one with a stronger G fundamental? -Jim
  10. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    I found my notes from the last VSA on The Obie-alto project & viola spectrum lecture, given by Joe Curtin, Marilyn Wallin, Fan Tao. The data (n=30) presented suggests that shorter width between f-holes resulted in brighter more clear tone with quicker response. F-holes wider apart and longer resulted in "darker, warmer, deeper voice". Also AO was dependent on length of f-hole, body length, and stiffness of top. The data was presented as trends and that the analyses of data was still in the early stages. Marilyn pops in occasionally. Maybe she will comment if she sees this thread. -Jim
  11. Wormholes - new to me

    Good pictures may get us to Family, but I doubt genus. We can't use natural range to eliminate possibilities because they could have traveled with the food. Field work is easier.
  12. Wormholes - new to me

    No, there are native wood boring beetle larvae ("worms") on both sides of the pond. Many more species in Europe now due to exotic invasives from the New World.
  13. Wormholes - new to me

    The holes in the plastic make the question rhetorical. The real PIA, is going through all your dry goods to inspect for more contaminated food. Then they shelves have to be thoroughly cleaned especially the small spaces between the shelf and cabinet or drawer sides and bottom. If you give the green light to a container that's having a party or miss a nursery nook in your shelf, expect to do this all over again in 1 - 3 months. Alternatively you can put all your dry goods in glass containers. After doing 2 rounds of throw away the pantry food I suggested to SWMBO that we dust the cabinet with borax powder. That suggestion got shot down so I did an over-kill cleaning. That worked.
  14. Wormholes - new to me

    Both beetle and moth larvae can chew through thin plastic containers. Can you tell by the holes if they are all exit holes. If so, your pasta came with free eggs.