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  1. Recycle top into bass bars and sound posts?
  2. Jim Bress

    Warchal 'Timbre' Strings

    To my ears, from my speakers, I liked the Amber recording better. The Ambers seemed to have more overtones and the Timbres seemed somewhat muted, even adjusting volume between the two recordings. No substitute for hearing it live. Lots of places between the mic and my speakers for the actual sound to have been changed. Nice playing by the way. -Jim
  3. Jim Bress

    UV Cabinet

    Here’s what I’m using for tanning and varnish drying. No complaints.
  4. Jim Bress

    Cello measurements at nut

    One of pros on here that does cello setups may have better information than me. I’m not one of the pros. Brian Derber’s book lists string clearance at the nut A: 0.9-1 mm C: 1.2 mm -Jim
  5. Jim Bress

    Cello measurements at nut

    From “Useful measurements for violin makers” by Henry Strobel.
  6. I use the alchemist varnish the same way. I see no need for driers, at least with my application. I also put a thick(ish) splotch on the side of a glass beaker that dried in 24 hours in my light box.
  7. Jim Bress

    Cossmann Violins business profile

    You could try locking up the main house and leave the keys with the fiddle.
  8. Jim Bress

    The Bress Bench

    How close is close? My demensions are LOB 409 mm UB 194.5 mm CB (caliper) 129 mm LB 244 mm upper eyes (caliper) 47.75 mm apart lower eyes ( caliper) 115.85 mm apart arch height before glue up: back 15.7 mm, top 19.5 mm Maybe too many variables to compare?
  9. Jim Bress

    The Bress Bench

    Me to. Wait, what does a viola sound like?
  10. Jim Bress

    The Bress Bench

    Finally got the neck set this weekend. My least favorite job right now. Which means one of my favorites is getting close. Varnishing! Also working with two arms again. A side benefit of my injury is that I’m equally working with knife and chisel with either hand. I guess I’m ambidextrous now.
  11. Jim Bress

    Maestronet is a Wonderful Resource

    Just set the neck on #3. Would never have made it past #1 without MN. Made friends, exchanged recipes...
  12. Jim Bress

    Cossmann Violins business profile

    My walls are covered with scotch tape and notes. Mostly stuff I find useful but don’t want to look up. Some tell a pleasant story.
  13. Jim Bress

    Cossmann Violins business profile

    I like the reminder note on the door. I can think of only one reason to prompt having a note like that.
  14. Jim Bress

    Modern bow makers suggestions

    Liang, My $0.02, If I was in your shoes, which I was last year when I bought a new bow, I told the maker what I (really my son) wanted to be able to do with the bow. My son chose the bow that let him play ppp to FF without the sound breaking, and could easily play spiccato and sautillé. The other trial bow from the same maker with my son's violin struggled with ppp and sautille. By chance the bow that "worked" for him was a high density stick, i.e., nice and slim but weighed in at 62.7 g. The other stick was exactly 60.0 g., but the balance was good on both so you could only tell the weight by actually weighing them. -Jim
  15. Jim Bress

    30 coats of varnish?!?

    I use the processed horsetail that Dorian Barnes sells for burnishing wood and leveling flaws and nits between coats. Although maybe I have questionable techniques.