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  1. I have an Angel, also. It has a good tone, and good projection, a nice combination. The comment was that they are loud, but don't sound good. That is not my experience. It certainly is loud, but it has a great tone. It's also beautiful in every detail. Nice grain, beautiful rosewood fittings, good shape, purfling, you name it. My teacher was suprised at how good it sounds (I think it sounds better than hers). It's a lot more than a student violin, although I paid less than 1K for it, I probably will not buy another fiddle in my lifetime. I shopped around a lot before I bought this violin
  2. Sang with the chorus. Even in rehearsal, it's an experience so beautiful you think you may be beemed directly up. Makes you proud to be one of the species that created that wonderful work.
  3. A cotton handkerchief works fine.
  4. I have seen this a lot, too, but nothing other than speculation. Does anyone know this for a fact? I've seen watches that looked like Rolexes, too. I've had both bows and though they do look similar, Durro is finished with more care and it behaves differently. Curious minds want to know.
  5. I play a Durro carbon fiber. The bow I had before was a Glasser fiberglass ($15). This was an amazing improvement.
  6. Hello, I know we have done strings to death, but can you handle one more? Is there a string or are there certain strings that will make a loud violin sound a bit not-so-loud? I am using Helicores and have a set of Pro Artes in my case for when the Helicores die. Teri
  7. Huang, can you share information about who your buddy is who you work with repairs and restoring on? Does he post to this board? Can others of us on the list ask him for help on our fiddles? Thanks for letting me know. Teri
  8. If anyone has more to say about electric violins, I'd love to hear it.
  9. Trent are you the Trent whose sig line has the Simic quote? I love that line. I live in Washington, but not Seattle. Can't help you but I'm sure you'll get hooked up no problem. I think there is a group that meets once a week in Ballard (neighborhood in Seattle) and plays--I think it's bluegrass. They also have a potluck and contra dances. If I remember more, I'll you know. You are going to love Seattle and Washington! Teri
  10. tnall, I just sold a violin remarkably like yours on Ebay for $258 to a guy who was glad to get it. Mine was in excellent condition, had had the mechanical pegs replaced with ebony, though. It was a perfect fiddle for bluegrass and I bought it from a good bluegrass fiddler. I didn't like the bluegrass sound as I do Celtic, so bought a strad copy from China which I love. It was a mighty fine fiddle with beautiful flaming and probably ordered from the Sears catalogue in the 20s.
  11. Michael, thanks for the bleached/unbleached answer. Next question, do you have a recommendation for bows and bow hairs? I have two bows, both have bleached hair. One is a durro, the other a glasser carbon fiber. Do you recommend getting them rehaired?
  12. Sure, what's the difference between bleached and unbleached?
  13. Hello, I have two carbon bows, a Durro and a Glasser. They are not, protestations on this list to the contrary, identical. The Durro is finished slightly nicer. $100 nicer? I don't think so. The Glasser has a nice cushy finger rest. They look quite similar, although the Durro appears to have been finished with more care. As for how they play, my teacher slightly prefers the Durro, I can't tell the difference. They seem to play virtually identically. As for how they sound--they sound different! And this is the fun part--it really works out to be like having two violins, they sound enough di
  14. Hello, I posted this question twice when the board was taking a nose dive, so forgive me if you're reading this for the third time. Is it all right to hang my violin (brand new--not delicate) on the wall in a shady spot? If it is, it would get played about twice as often as having to take it out of the case every time. I'd be interested in your responses, till then it's on the wall. Teri