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  1. Take it to an Oud maker-there is a good possibility that he/she will know what to do.
  2. I agree that for a left handed player to initially try out a violin to see if the instrument is ‘right for them’, then a simple reversal of the strings and bridge is sufficient. However, and this is a very BIG however, if it is felt that there is no need to reverse the bass bar and soundpost for a lefty, then the follow up question should be this: why do we bother to put the bass bar on the bass side and the bridge on the treble side for ‘normal’ fiddles? As for not reversing the pegs: I’ve seen many threads here on set up where people argue the toss over fractions of mm. I’m a ‘normal’ player (bow in the right hand) and have just picked up a fiddle and tried to hold it in the opposite hand and I can tell you that there IS a problem with the ‘g’ peg encroaching on the first finger.
  3. Never been to Oxford but it would be a good excuse to go there. I'll buy you a beer Jose
  4. Hi all, thanks for your suggestions. I'll give heating an aliquot and/or adding some more gum spirits a go and see what happens. Might even try and contact Adele via abcviolins. Whatever, I'll report back on any progress but it might be a wee while.
  5. Hi all, I've been reading this thread and have noticed a problem that I have had with a varnish I have made from the recipie by Adele Beardsmore which was published in the Strad Mag ( http://www.thestrad.com/pdfs/VarnishTradeSecrets.pdf ), namely a problem with thermoplasticity/heat sensitivity. As I've made a fairly big batch of it I'd like to be able to rescue it without having to make a new batch, so does anyone know if it's possible to make it more heat stable with the addition of resin or the like after pot has come off the boil, so to speak?
  6. Fair enough. In this case though, with that in mind it is probably disingenuous to suggest to the original poster that 'It's still a good idea to take this to a luthier if possible as gluing this repair can be pretty challenging if you don't know what you're doing and don't have the right tool and clamps.' in the knowledge that 'No good deed goes unpunished'.
  7. The difficulty though Oded is getting a luthier to do this repair. Just look at some of the replies here on this thread and in simlar threads. As you have pointed out, the case here is that there is no money to buy another cello so the alternatives are do nothing and have a broken cello or to attempt a repair and possibly have a working instrument. Why is that choice so contentious?
  8. What was that quote aboot evil doing good because no good men do anything, or some such thing. Well Craig, just incase you don't know by now, this forum is all the better you being here and posting-no pressure mind! Happy carving on your fiddles with my/our best wishes...and may the wood grain be kind to you:-) R
  9. Believe it or not, I also appreciate CT's posts. As with regard to 'those who make' and 'those who do not', I'm kind of getting the vibe these days that the ratio is tending towards the latter. Perhaps the armchair makers are just more vociferous.
  10. Sorry Craig to quote you here, just that I couldn't have said it any better. Kind of on an parrallel thought: I can just imagine now many people thinking they will improve the sound of their fiddles by putting 'dents' in them. Well that begs the question-why didn't your fiddle sound right when you made it without 'dents'?
  11. So, if your fiddle is sounding a bit bright then just drop it a couple of times...
  12. If this was facebook I would 'like' this comment to death! I think that ideas like this grab hold because some people refuse to believe that their instruments can't sound any better than they sound and maybe that someone with some hair-brained scheme has hit on THE thing which will make the world of difference. These people tend to have friends similar to themselves so through word of mouth a following is built up and before you know it, even the guy/gal whos' idea it is starts to believe it through the reinforcement of the fact that so many folks want him/her to poke holes in their prized fiddle. Just a thought.
  13. I was going to mention Aohngus Grant also but Addie beat me to it. One point I'd like to make on this subject though is that Aohngus has several children, at least one of which is a very good fiddler also but he is right handed. Now if Aohngus (left handed) can teach his son (Angus R Grant, right handed) how to play, then I can see no difficulty in a right handed classical player/teacher giving tuition to a left handed player, as was suggested several post previous in this thread
  14. There is nowhere on the front cover of the May issue which advertises that there is a poster inside; in fact there are a couple of lines and a small image at the bottom left of the front cover advertising that there is 'Free Inside-Guide to Degree Courses'. I have it here, that's what it says. Now I have had a look at the front cover of past Strad magazines and whenever there has been a free poster, it is always advertised on the front cover. This makes me think that Duane88's notion that the free poster must now only be for subscribers only as a sweetener, a policy change by the mag. Perhaps Ariane could confirm this? In light of this and Zefir68's comment to the effect that some people only buy the magazine for the poster, then maybe if you want the poster, do as Torbjorn suggests and buy it. As fiddlewallop testifies, it comes rolled up in a tube-not folded and creased as it does with the magazine-and is an accurate blueprint of the instrument.
  15. I was thinking excatly the same thing.
  16. Shocking news. I hope he has a full and as speedy as possible recovery. Sad news indeed.
  17. More or less David but your end comment is sadly off the mark!
  18. I have a violin but play the fiddle and call it my fiddle.
  19. For what it's worth Jeffrey, I laughed at this
  20. The 300€ minimum order was put in place since my last order to them (an order much less than 300€ !). I've just looked at their website which seems to indicate that for orders outside the EU, the minimum order is 200€. I'm not criticising the other bridges, just attempting to get the details right over the Milo Stamm bridges.
  21. Milo Stamm ( http://www.milostamm.com/e_index.html ) in Germany do nice bridges.
  22. Aye, brush the edge of the plates with thin hide glue before you start cutting. The wood at the ends of the plate is end grain so the surface area of the small bits of wood between the growth rings is smaller and more likely to break away. When I cut the purfling channel I usually cut the inside marking first so that when I cut the outside marking, the wood which inhabits the channel can move into the space made by the cut on the inner marking rather than forcing the wood at the very edge outwards. It's probably only a theoretical consideration but makes me feel happier.
  23. ...waving a glass of fine Scottish malt whisky in the air... Have a good 2012 y'all! R
  24. What about a label which upon picking up the fiddle was found to be fluttering inside, seemingly unstuck?
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