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  1. Evie: Ha! I love the violin hickey, thanks! Great detail on the pinkie,too, thank you so much. skiingfiddler: Gotcha, thanks again. Stephen: In fiction we blame the parent for everything I originally did research on Vuillaume and considered it for her current violin. Thanks, it sounds as though that might be the way to go. BillW: I would definitely do more research than just the auction results, and thanks for pointing the pitfalls out. There was a recent article, along with Boston auction results, about escalating prices, which is where I got the Mittenwald from originally, that was so interesting. Alexander is leader by default, he recently left an orchestra rather suddenly, and is in a desperate moment in his career and life, hence the seemingly inconsequential trio, made up of his two best friends. The fact that the trio is unusual is the point. You're right, it's not perfect, fiction relies on getting out of jams, on fixing the imperfect, so this NEEDS to be a problem, it NEEDS to be imperfect. So I can fix them Thank you again for the in-depth information! All of this will certainly make these scenes richer, more developed and believable. I'm looking forward to getting back in there and tweaking! ConcertA: Right now her name is Connie (Constance), and her sister is a genius, but she is a math genius. But were she a violin player that would have been a great tension builder, getting the castaways from the sister. You should write I am heading out on vacation tomorrow (in the panhandle of Florida no less ), but please, if anyone thinks of anything else, please feel free to throw it out there. You've all been wonderful. I'll be back in two weeks and will check in then...
  2. BillW: Thank you, great info across the board. The Wagner I found was just the Wedding March, so, unless they were playing a wedding I don't imagine they'd play it much And please, keep in mind that I am a musical idiot (which is why this is not the main plot of my book), definitely not trying to upset anyone or create a debate, I promise, am merely showing what I've found, so that you guys can set me straight so I don't look like such an idiot! Thank you again for the information, I am definitely learning a lot here. ConcertA, wonderful, thank you for the link and for the hint about the auction page!
  3. BillW: I understand now. That's very interesting, I might wind up using some of that info, thanks so much! ConcertA: exactly, it's basically a toy given by an idiot who didn't know better, but had enough moolah to buy it without bothering to research it, so I actually quite like that it's nearly useless, it adds to her father's personality. What on earth should she be playing on? Hmm, she was from a very wealthy family, so she should have a good piece, but as she wasn't believed to have the sort of talent that warranted a tremendous expenditure, the violin she played, say, through college, should not have been terribly expensive. I would think that her father might have been willing to shell out between $5,000 to $50,000 under duress, if it were stressed that this was what she needed. Perhaps it could even have been a high school graduation gift. Any suggestions from anyone? Am I totally off-base with my price range?
  4. WOW! What wonderful responses! You've all given me quite a lot to think about, even some things I didn't expect, like Noxx, she's basically been guilted into the trio to help her cellist friend, which becomes obvious later in the book, but I realize now that I need her motivation more upfront. ConcertA: A couple of clarifications (and please, feel free to steer me right on these if they don't do it for you): the 1/8 violin was picked up on a whim by her wealthy dilettante father (who's a bit of an idiot), when she is 5, practically more of a toy/prop than anything else, but it does inspire the thought in her that she might regain his attention if she takes lessons. The 1/8 is never played, not at 5 or any older, but becomes representative of the loss of that attention. Does it make more sense in this context? And the Mittenwald I got from auction records (I was trying to make sure I had a maker who actually made that size!)and this was how they had it listed, but I did not understand that it was only a place name, and I think I'd prefer a maker, so it looks like back to research for this one *sigh*. Thanks for that catch. The teaching is far in the background, so I think I'm okay there. Clippers in the case! Great detail And loved the pic, thank you! The earring and necklace details are exactly the sort of thing I never even considered, cool. And no fear, I definitely have the tightening and loosening of the bow going in and out of the case. In fact, I even gave the strings a little bow action a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Scary! But I tightened and rosined the bow, got a feel for how all should be held, and even made some pretty (totally subjective!) noise, no screeching, but such an alien, and difficult, feeling to pulling that bow down all the way, my wrist doth protest. Noxx: as I said above, thanks for making me think about her motivation, I appreciate that. AND, forgive my seemingly flippant comment about "classical" snobs. In fact, what I meant was "classic" snob, as in stereotypical. One of my pet peeves (actually, it's more than that, it really ticks me off) is the genre snobbery inherent in the writing world. And it's all over the map, too, so as a writer with just as much Stephen King and Dean Koontz on her shelves as literary and classic fiction, I am very sensitive to that. "Classical" must have come out simply because we are discussing music, my apologies. And thank you for saying this is fun! See, you guys need an idiot around every once in a while Stephen: English?! Yikes, what have I done?! Here is where I got that, I did quite a bit of research on music for that particular trio, and found all three of these, plus Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Boccherini, Copland, Corelli, Gershwin, Ginastera, Haydn, Levanon, Mascagni, Mendelssohn, Mouret, Pachelbel, Purcell, Schubert, Tartini, Telemann, Vivaldi, and Wagner. Would three others be more fitting than the ones I mentioned? We have a trio of these three instruments in town, and I've seen them, and my imagination was caught by the flutist, so my flutist is prone to paranoia that the cellist and violinist are going to dump her for a pianist. See, I was sort of amused by that idea, but if it doesn't work, well *big sigh* perhaps I might need to change up the trio. Any thoughts on it now that you know where it's going? And I like the idea of the right hand for the rings, hmmm... Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! skiingfiddler: thank you for your luthier peeve. I don't believe that my character will have need of a violin maker, but toward the end of the book she might consider taking her tiny violin to be repaired. Will "luthier" fit in this context? D A: thank you! I had a feeling this might be a whatever-works-for-you thing. I can't type with my wedding rings on, silly, but there it is, which was what made me think it might irritate some players. And lackadaisic doesn't show up anywhere in the manuscript, I promise! She's torn,she doesn't want to love it again, but wants to keep her hand in, especially to help her friend, the cellist. I'm going to put more thought into this though, you're all right, there needs to be more obvious motivation for why she'd do it at all. Erika: how funny that you've made this something you notice regularly Glad I thought to ask, thank you! Andy: 69 years?! Holy moly! Congratulations, that's amazing Very interesting about the ring bothering your right hand, I'm going to take that into account, I know I can use it. Thank you very much! BillW: Great link, thank you. I'm definitely going to have to take this into consideration, though I HATE to change my trio (I do come to love these characters, how can my flutist be a pianist, HOW?! ), grrr. ConcertA: Excellent, thank you for the book suggestion! I'm still a poor writer, so I'll hit the library for it. And, another huge thank you for such wonderful responses. I'm so excited to have "found" you all! I'm a bit of a stickler for details being right, no matter how large a part of the boook they are, so this is excellent. I wish there were something I could do for all of you in return. Maybe one day...
  5. Okay, now I can get organized: vi01in, the general idea regarding the violin playing character: she originally took it up to impress her father, though she was quite good, she wasn't a prodigy (her sister is a genius) and it didn't work. She continued to play because her mother wouldn't let her quit, but her heart isn't in it. Now, at 40, she is a mother, plays, lackadaisically, in a trio (cello, violin, flute) twice a month, volunteers teaching violin to children at a community center. Andy, based on previous experience I cannot post large pieces of my writing online (a sentence or two is fine), however, if there is someone particularly interested, who would not mind communicating with me in a more private forum (e-mail, pref.) I would most definitely take them up on it. I would be eternally grateful and would be happy to thank them in my acknowledgments…if the thing sells, of course! Noxx, thank you, I will head over there! saggio3of4, ooh, I bet that's some inside music thing, isn't it? I could think for days and have no idea what it meant! See why I need help? Evie, perfect! And as she's a bit of a spoiled housewife, this would be especially authentic. Now, how short are we talking? To the quick? What about the right hand? Obviously she'd need to have them short just to visually balance out the left, but any reason why they'd need to be AS short? How does polish hold up? Wear on one side of the nail in particular? D A, excellent, I did not know that, and will not make the mistake, thank you. xania, I loved it, too. Made me go pick up one of his other novels… Stephen, VERY interesting, so there are little social hierarchies, I certainly might use something along those lines. Regarding practice, I've tried to keep references to pieces brief, mostly using just the composer's name if they're only doing one piece by that composer, the way I imagine it might be spoken of when discussing it among themselves. Here is a sentence spoken by Alexander, the cellist and leader of the trio: "I'm comfortable with the Haydn, God knows we've done it enough, and the Strauss is in good shape. Can you guys please practice the Handel during those two weeks, though?" he pleaded. Does this ring true? And I will definitely check out the Sayers, thanks for the recommendation. Hank, I was particularly gratified to read your first paragraph, as my character's son has recently discovered jazz, and has a bit of a gift for it. I didn't want her to be that classical snob and instead have her being very interested and supportive. Thanks The "fiddle" question was one I was going to ask! Excellent. I'm thinking you might be a luthier? Knowing that, I have my character's father giving her a gift of a 1/8-sized Mittenwald he picked up at auction (this would have been in the 70's)when she was a child. It's not a perfect instrument to begin with, and once he discovers the other sister's genius, he loses interest in reconditioning it, but also will not allow her to play with it. Instead it's put away until she's in her 40's. When she sees it again, what might she notice about the condition? Might the bridge be shrunken up a bit? The wood dry? Anything warped? One last general question: I have her removing her wedding band before she plays. Is this usual? Or totally unnecessary unless it just bugs her? Thank you again for being such an open, generous group.
  6. What wonderful, generous replies. Thank you all! I'm going to print the thread out so I can go through line by line. I have read Seth's novel (twice, and will be thumbing through again, I'm sure) and thought it was excellent. I am also reading "Disturbance of the Inner Ear" by Joyce Hackett, which is about a cello player. I will be back to address some of the specifics in your posts, but wanted to get an immediate, heartfelt thank you out to you.
  7. Hello to all the talented players out there Please pardon this non-musically inclined poster intruding on your board. I am a writer (no, I am not published...yet, and you would not recognize my name), and a secondary character in my current work is a violin player. The violin playing is not a huge part of the story, but I do care about getting the details right. I was wondering if any of you have particular pet peeves I should avoid? Are there any specific misconceptions that irritate you? Things you've read in fiction that made you laugh as the author obviously had no idea what they were talking about, scenes in movies that made you scoff? On the flip side, is there anything that you've seen or read that you particularly liked, or was authentic and I should pay attention to? Many humble thanks in advance for any help any of you might give. I know that this might feel like an intrusion merely to pick your brains, but you're the very people I'm trying to make sure I don't offend by trying to get my details right I cannot imagine that I could be of any reciprocal help to you, but if anyone is interested in writing I would be happy to answer any questions (s'long as I know the answer, of course!).
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