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  1. From my limited personal experience, I like lighter ones. I had two violins (sold the first one). They are in about same price range ($3000). But the lighter one has much better sound. I guess it's easier to vibrate? I am not sure. Sen
  2. Thanks for all the response to my question. I am glad that I made a right decision to order a one-piece back Guarneri copy violin. I recently heard someone saying that the two-piece is "slightly better" because it's "more stable". So that's why I asked the question.
  3. I am wondering how these two types of violin back affect tone. Could anyone on this forum give me some advice? Thanks. Sen
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    I have never seen suck pegs. How do they work? Do I need a special pegbox on my violin to be able to use them?
  5. Rob, Thanks for the notice. But I did not buy the violin. A buyer in UK bought it. But it's unlikely that the buyer is selling it becuase he/she may not have received it yet. Most likely that this listing is a fraud. It's become very common these days on eBay that crooks copy listings that ended with high bid, and post them as their auction (This happened to me once recently). Fortunately this listing has been already taken off so that no bidder will be victimized. I suppose someone reported it to eBay early enough. Sen
  6. I am certainly not offended. I assume most people here agree that there is no such thing as THE recipe for good violin (specified measurement, wood grain, etc.). Otherwise all violin makers would be able to make good violins all the time.
  7. The auction fetched more than $9000! It was a big surprise to the seller himself. According to the seller, one musician from Netherland made a trip to see and play the violin hours before the auction ended. He liked it a lot and was willing to pay a high price. He said it's an Italian. If he is lucky enough, he may be able to authenticate it later (a Bisiach may worth up to $60K). I think he has a good chance. I wish I had a chance to travel to Germany to see the violin. But anyway, I cannot afford to spend $9000 for a German copy. Thanks to everyone here who helped me to resist the temptation. I have already decided to order a new violin from Italy.
  8. That's right. Good violins can have either types of grain on table plate. So it's probably irrelavent, if the tone is what matters to you. But different people have different preference as to the looks of a violin. It's a matter of personal taste in my opinion.
  9. Thank you reepicheep. Your advice makes sense. Actually I have been trying to decide between a new modern Italian and an old one. Of course the only way I can afford to an old one is to buy from eBay, which comes with great risk. New modern Italian is not cheap either ($10k+), but it definitely has advantage of guaranteed authenticity.
  10. Thank you jaf67, for the advice!
  11. Yes, I saw them too. I noticed that they had some bad transaction records on eBay already. I don't know how they managed to get those complaints, for they are such a reputable auction house. Please go read their "fine prints" and disclaimers. They will surely turn people away. To me, it looks like they do not give any more guarantee than an average eBay seller in Germany.
  12. A friend of mine who plays in Washington National Opera has a Peresson (Guarneri copy). Its table looks just like the Villa's. That was a beautifully sounding violin. I think the look of wood grain is just personal preference. I have no problem with that. By the way, it would be insane for Villa to "paint" each line. It does not make sense for any violin maker to do that.
  13. This violin looks good in photos. But I am not an expert. Anyone out there has ideas about it? I appreciate your opinion.
  14. Here is a violin labeled "Bisiach". Any opinions?
  15. Thank you for the report. I will go to the one in DC December. Who made the $5700 instrument? How much is the Villa brothers' violin? I am considering a Villa's violin.