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  1. The best success I have had is to use sunlight.
  2. I have not posted in some time, Greetings. It looks like your BL is older wood. Don't you think a little more aging or sun tanning would have helped the CS? Michael
  3. I have had good experience with low angle block planes with toothed blades on more difficult wood. I actually prefer this to an oscilating sander, drill press etc.. which I have also tried but the sound of the plane is better for me YMMV.
  4. Thanks so much for listening suggestion to trad. On this side of the pond, perhaps old time music is the nearest to traditional and in some ways, even so for other areas too. If you think about it trad styles in northern Europe were heavily influenced by the renaissance music of the time and viceversa. When Scott Irish and other groups Isolated themselve in areas of the appalacians, so too was there music away from the influences. I look at "old time" in America as perhaps the way it sounded in parts of Europe before the Renaissance> Mike
  5. Interesting insight Mayofiddler. Where would you put Kevin Burke in terms of listening? I have heard some Trad fiddlers knock him while others praise him? Mike
  6. Were double bars ever an "in " concept in bars? For example, Samual Jansen Miller from Dryden New York and others were into this Suspension Bridge design where the bass bar was longer but only made contact with the top in three areas. (the one that I seen did not sound particularly good). Could this have been a fix for a weak or sinking top rather than inovation?
  7. So in this case, the staves are intentionally "shown off" for effect? Thank you all for the replies and references.
  8. Thanks gentlemen. I have some material that I wanted to try that was not wide enough, but maybe can be utilized in the manner Chet and Oded verified. I do appreciate your reference cited. Loved visiting your workshop in The Strad Oded, that was awesome. Mike
  9. Hello MNers. Hope all of you are doing well. I was thinking of someday making a Cello or even a bass. Question is are there any celli past or present of stellar quality that have tops made in four pieces? Also I am not taking about the instrument that lower bouts have minor wings added. I am not talking about experimental, but classical instruments or modern ones that are considered classical. Thanks. Michael
  10. Lots of UV, maybe a varnish workshop?
  11. I can't wait to get it mine. South Florida is like being in the middle of the Congo. I wonder if Congo subscribers got theirs? Mike
  12. mcarufe

    Amati Books

    All I can say is that if you needed something hard to find or in limited number, Christian is the type of person that in my dealings will scour much ground trying to get it for you. He does travel back and forth to Europe and your order might have been delayed or backordered. I would give him a call and find out what is up, he was always most helpful to me. Mike
  13. Hi Roland, Thanks for this tip, I made a few wooden dogs since we started this thread. I don't know why anyone would use iron while using a plane. Anyhow, it is close to the Holidays when all the good little luthiers, great and small still dream of Santa with his sleigh weighted down with low angle jacks and other goodies. Even if Santa does not make your dreams come true, I hope health and prosperity to all. Mike
  14. Just to update the Coda bows. Coda has switched to a new line of bows. They go from the Diamond NX up to the Diamond GX, and IMHO have gotten much better at all levels. While they don't have a super cheap Aspire type, the NX is relatively more money but also more capable. The GX is in my opinion an outstanding bow for the money. In short they have discontinued ALL of their former lines of bows. Andrew, maybe a new review? That review was very much appreciated by so many. Mike
  15. mcarufe

    Peg shaving

    I don't remember who told me they actually hone the shaver blade to that of a scraper and said they get good results that way. I will try this in a couple of weeks or so and report back if you like as I just ordered another blade to experiment with. Mike
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