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  1. +++++++ Labels on top of others is like a book. A book has many pages. Sometime you need to turn pages. haha
  2. ================= Label is only a piece of paper. If you think it is a true label, then take what is written on seriously. If you think is fake just get a laugh. If you do not know ask an expert. The only time I was concerned its truth was the time when I purchased the violin.
  3. ++++++++++++++ Someone paid $60k for it. It is an established fact now why you questioned about it. The reason may be the name of the maker and it may not be the name of the maker. The decision process of the buyer is complicated. It is hard for anyone except himself to figure it out. If I decide to buy a violin, I would try it for awhile first. There a lot of violins out there which can really be made to sing. Is this one is one of them?
  4. ++++++++++++++ Pro Art Strings (US made) are very common. My local violin shop carries this brand all the time. The price is more reasonable than Dominant which I used to buy most the time. Recently Dominant strings are so expensive, because the exchange rate changed (US Dollars Vs Euro) I start looking into the new possibility. When you have to save money, you would find a way to explain the difference. Steel core vs Perlon core. They are different in tenson and sound
  5. ++++++++++ Why not? A lot of violins are in this range of price. Only question is that when you decide to sell it what would the other buyers say?
  6. ++++++++++++++ Mother knows best. Streaming is water in and water out. Why not let the age to do its work.
  7. ++++++++++++++++ Only 50, wait until 76 , the age I am at Take a few aspirin and go on your business.
  8. ++++++++++++++ From consumer point of view as a owner, I prefer a violin (old or new, cheap or expensive ) has a label. Everyone has his share of right to put something to indicate the history of the violin. Maker, repairers , owners, distributor (sellers) etc. Violin 1 (no label, 150 years old estimated, maybe German made or maybe not some ) Violin2, William Lewis, Chicago, Kreuzler Strad model, 1965 made in Germany (Bubeuth) Face it, I get more info from violin 2. If someone put a repair label in violin #1 , at least I know where it has been. It is good for the subsequent owners.
  9. +++++++++++++++ Old Vs New violins, their differences? I believe there are. Whether you prefer old than new or the opposite is entirely up to you. I must agree that $1400 is a good price for a violin you like. How many people would say that? Price is a funny thing. Is it related to the tone quality? Usually cheap won't buy you anything but expensive would promise you anything ?
  10. ++++++++++ Yes, I understand perfectly. If I were you I keep it unknown. Only you want to sell it you should know how much you can get from the sale. If you keep it why let it burden you with all the intricacy of tax problem. First thing first. Where is the violin? How does it look? How does it sound? Whose opinions? Absence of all these, is a big emptiness.
  11. ++++++++++ You are right. The peg box already has a crack, not from my doing. The peg box was repaired okay but any hard force will break it open. I have pluged two peg holes already (8 places to be pluged before drillings, I hate this kind of work. No one gets any glory by doing repair work. They thought you broke it, you fix it, You guys have machine, beautiful lady assistants. My only help is from Exacto knifes and sipping coffee)
  12. +++++++++++++ Hey, I take your advice seriously. Elmer' glue Huh.
  13. ++++++++++++ A shop in Chicago, they do not sell bows below $3k (USD), and send you to other places if you ask too many questions. I bought a bow there many years ago. It is quite a good bow, I must say. Like a piece of jewery, I do not need it but I am happy to have it. It has been with me ever since. Is that GA Pfretzschner too much? Not necessary, It depends on how much you like it. To be cautious, you should have an expert to check it out before you hand out your money or buy it from a reputable shop.
  14. ++++++++++ The problem is that the pegs are so slippery and I cannot keep the violin in tune. As soon as my right hand leave the pegs then the pegs get loose. Use a bit of water will help but as soon as it dries, it slips again. Chalk will do good for awhile. Not long enough is the problem. If I ream the holes and use bigger pegs I think it may last longer. If there is no other easier way useful, I just ream the holes and find bigger (viola) pegs. I am thinking to glue a set of perfection pegs. However I have to do the bushing first, the only unpleasant thing. There are so many cuttings and trimmings to do..
  15. ++++++++ Yes, I have many violins to play . I do not have problem in using my main violins, only the violin which I bought many months ago from yard sale, and God knows how long it has not been used. I thought I can make it sing again. Well, you know how wrong I am. Some violins cannot be tamed, worst than horses. Nail polish can freez the peg and then bring it to luther to make it turn. Hope they don't charge me anything.
  16. Hi all, How do you handle the problem? Short of installing new pegs and reaming the holes, (creating new frictions) I do not know other way. Will nail polish help? I am thinking to glue a set of perfection pegs but the holes are too big. Bushing is a pain too. These are 200 years old technology They graft a new scroll, I can understand the frustration.
  17. ++++++++++ Just a beautiful view of Lake Michigan, fall weather, no snow yet. I have a peg problem to deal with, bushing and triming the excess wood. Trying to install a set of Perfection Pegs for a chaep old violin , drink my coffee taking away of thinking the old days. Wish you all having a good time.
  18. ++++++++++++ Italian (style) violins made in China would be cheaper.
  19. VSO needs no explanation, POS (see above) I don't think it is 250 years old.
  20. Your friend must have some kind of medical training. Pre-med ?
  21. ++++++++++++ Tune it right to begin with. Play a little fast. My very first violin was like that too, of course many years ago . It was a lower grade German student violin right after the war.
  22. ++++++++ Everybody knows it is a joke. We all need a laugh once awhile.
  23. Hi all, I first thought a crack on a violin is a "No-No" Now I change my mind, if the violin is played Okay, (don't know there is a crack. sound normal, well repaired) why should anyone avoid it? Now I accept crack as I accept a scratch on a piece of furniture . Your comment please.
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