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  1. [quo +++++++++++++++ There is a time and a place for everything. It is just at a wrong time and at a wrong place. People are in a hurry to make their paychecks. It is a responsible thing to do just go to work. If you are late at work, who is going to forgive you? Your landlord asking your rent. Your car loan is needed to pay in full. Your girlfriend is hospital. who knows?
  2. +++++++++++++ I do not buy anyrhing if I do not know what will be turning out in advance. Commisioning a bow is a no-no to me. I have tried bows in a shop before, seldom I like. It is hard to get what you want even it is lying in front of you. Since your question was a matter of choice between silver or gold, I would go for gold, asumme all other things being equal. As the bit higher in price, I would not consider it a big deal. It is easy to buy an old bow you like and have the luthier change its mounting in gold. Make sure the mounting is done right. You have better controll of its result.
  3. +++++++++++++ 6 sonatas of Handel. You don't like them? Are you serious? Then you miss a lot. What do you like?
  4. +++++++++++++ Who is that violinist? Good playing. Bravo. I wish I can play that well. Lyndon Taylor (My salute to him) One more taylor I like. When I was in college we used a Calculus Text book by Taylor, another taylor. A lot of talent Taylors.
  5. ++++++++++++++ " I told you don't drive too fast. You don't listen."
  6. Why anyone need a fast car? Unless you drive on a race track, it is unafe to drive more than 85 miles/per hour.
  7. [ ++++++++++++ The shape and design of today's violin may be just a result of trial and error thing. How come it is so clever (design) ? Why it does not look like a quitar (shape) ? (Flat top and back, look ugly )?
  8. +++++++++++ All my violins are of not this type of (less transparent) varnish. Yours is must be typical of something. Just my observation.
  9. +++++++++++++ Most violins in 10k or more, that I have tried were pretty good to play to begin with. I only play $2k -3k range violins. Not all are that good but quite decent. If I go any higher, I would act irresponsiblely to my bank account. As my teacher once said," you better spend money on lessons than on your instrument" (AS you advance you know when you need a better instrument, that was what he meant)
  10. ++++++++++ I like to think it is the owner's decision. For myself, I would not buy a violin that does need to make the top thin. It is too much a risk to take. You do not know what kind of result it will be after thining it.
  11. [ And, by the way, what EXACTLY is acoustics ? +++++++++ Study of sound. (just my guess without looking up a dictionary) I don't think we have to know a lot of science in order to make a good violin. Einsten knew a lot of science, he only played a violin, not making one.
  12. +++++++++++++ Hey, A piece of cake. (Just kidding) Seriously I think you can do it. However, like anyone else who is dong such a repair, you have to think through it before taking each srep. Pretty soon you will finish all the necessary steps. Since it is a trade violin, the fear is minimum.
  13. +++++++++++++ It is about violin music (pieces). Some violin pieces if you hear them again it seems to call you to pick up your violin and play them out. How can you to resist? Try Tartini's sonata for example. It is so beautiful. Schubert's seranade, Mozart;s concerto, Bach Partitas.. etc.
  14. +++++++++++++ She is good but you don't have to agree with me. I understand.
  15. Hi all, Important thing to do is to keep your mind open. One thing I do not like is that the world has only one violinist., same guy every time. It is the fast thing to turn people off. Similar situation is true for violins, people talk about violins, and makers as if there are no other violins or makers. The truth is that the person does the talking has not tried other people's violins. Ther are many good out there, more than he could imagine.
  16. ++++++++++++++++++++ Did you test how far the sound travel for knowing that it does not trval far enough? You need at least two persons, one plays and one listens at some distance. You need to have two violins to compare. For that reason, I have never had tests of my violins. I have head some expensive violins were played, and I did not hear any difference. They always say I have hearing problem. Most violins I know have some carrying power. Small percentage of those are very loud to the pount becomes disgusting. I do not like to play next to that guy or that gal.
  17. ++++++++++++ I am not that smart to say I agree with you or not. If I said I do not agree with you then you demend an explanation. If I said the room is too hot, You can say no too. Then who is right and who is wrong? Like any work of an artist, it is always true that some like it and some don't. nevertheles, someone who has been there (top), will win my utmost respect.
  18. +++++++++++++++++++++++ It was a discussion of Mahler Violins (brand name of a $400 violin ), not a discussion of the conductor. I feel much more relief. If you have $400 to spend on a violin why not look into an used instrument, which may have cracks but well repaired. Some repaired work is so good you do not notice the difference in sound if it was broken before. Some violins like that could be bought with a few hundred dollars.
  19. Fellow

    New Guy Help

    +++++++++++++++ Thousand miles journey is begun with a first step. Tune your viola carefully and play a few notes. Don't worry about too much. If it does not sound right, you probably do not tune it correctly. If you just try open strings and double stops, you will know what I mean.. If it sounds right, the pegs and strings are already in good playing condition.
  20. ++++++++++++ I think Bernie R was kidding.B " Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn or Mozart" represent quite a range of classical. Some bounds to hit you. If you jump around and like rock, you would like classsical even better when you sit down with your coffee.
  21. +++++++++++++++ A friend of mine once said he likes all composers. I asked why. He said some would take him 5 min and some would take him longer than his life. It was a matter of how you would take it. What is a good piece of music? If I listen to it once and I want to hear it again and again. A good compser would not disappoint you.( just a thought) " start with myself in saing that i'm not particulary found of Copland, its not really that i dislike it,but i think it just gets to much attention for what it is " (quote] What a coincidence. I have the same feeling. After listening to Mozart, (and other big names) I do not find I miss too much modern composers. Very strange to me. Once a long while I hear something good but rarely.
  22. ++++++++++++ Please don't drag " Chinese" into this discussion. It was completely irrevent. The subject of violins is very interesting but it is hard to talk about. There are two other subjects that people would not talk about. Politic and ... .
  23. +++++++++++++ You actually mean " touch up" ( save the old varnish as much as you can, right?)
  24. ++++++++ True, in a degree. You have not played a bad wooden bow before. Some wooden bows can be really bad. There are snake wood bows too. I do not know the difference. If you shop around, you will know your choices which is not unlimited.
  25. Fellow

    No Label

    Hi all. Some violins were sold as unlabelled. I wonder if it is true that the owners have taken out the labels in order to avoid his responsibility of the labels' inaccuracy. I believe an old label once was there. Now only remnant of the label was remained attached. I could not make out what it was written. The seller did not want it to be seen. MY best guess is that the seller took out a false label.
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