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  1. +++++++++++++ (delete double)
  2. +++++++++++++++ It seems everyone here ro assume that the sound position once is set will stay there forever until the next person to make an adjustment. It is not glued fixed why it cannot move by itself? Of course it is not easy to observe.
  3. Hi all, I have just finished playing my old violin that was recently purchased. The violin is absolutely of no name to write home about, but its sound is quite amazing. It is making its statement such as " I just can make good sound like anybody else " ( as if it is a person ) I started to think it is the work of a luthier who nobody would know. Somehow you cannot ignore his or her existence. The voice is loud and clear. Every violin acts like that. amazing. I am not surprise Strad owner think their Strad unique. In fact, every violin is unique in some way.
  4. +++++++++++ You guys are making the soundpost fit a brain surgery operation. I don't think we need not be such careful. Once you get your sound post up and mov it slightly to adjust if necessary. The rest does not make big difference. Our ears are not that good anyway. Some people brag about their ears senitivity. Those peole usually play thier notes out of tune just in my opinion.
  5. ++++++++++ Try to roll your finger back and fort. Shake your palm.
  6. +++++++++++++ I think the seller is pretty nice. He or she probably wants to make sure you will be pleased with your purchase. PS. How do you get the top clean up? (with all these rosin deposit) Can you show us your pictures? (before and after)
  7. ++++++++++++++++ Many years ago I bought a violin. On the next day the saddle of the violin fell out, I was shock. It was a no return sale. I was very upset. If I knew then as I know now, it was nothing. Just glue it back, what is the big deal? Many violins parts are not supposed to be glued like pieces of furniture. When a time comes for repair, it is better off that way.
  8. ++++++++++++++++++ It is crazy if you return a violin just for some minor things. I assume the violin sound please you as it is . Even a very good violin when it changes hand needs some adjustment.
  9. ++++++++++++ Many modern bathrooms design use incandescents light bulbs as a source of heat to warm the room without a heater. Banning any kind of product based on the assumption it is for one only kind use is flaw. Sharp knifes often hurt your fingers. We don't ban knives all together.
  10. ++++++++++++++++++ Ask the person who put it in. Without the help of this person you can just treat it as an inventory number. Its exact meaning only is anybody's guess. If a shop has two similar models, they have to use some sort of identification. number and characters are most common.
  11. What I mean is that any time is a good time unless you have shopped but you could not find a violin you want. In that case, I would talk to a salesman of the shop and ask them to call you if any violin of the kind that you are interested in shows up. I trust that they are more than happy to do so.
  12. ++++++++++++ No, Now or never. Waiting is most dumb thing to do. Imagine if you have 10 violins that you can choose from in a shop, a week later, it may be only 8. If you cannot find some violins that you like, then it is a different story. Waiting is only thing you can do.
  13. +++++++++++++++ A violin as a musical instrument, has its value. It may be instrinsic too. It may not be as much as the owner think. The value of an ordinary violin usually goes by its replacement value. Conditions can be factored in. Extremely rare violins are different. Collectors are interested in owning them. They make up another class. Appraisel people can tell us more .
  14. Really... what exactly does "justified" mean? Aren't there various situations? Justifying a purchase to yourself or to the public at large? ...or do you really mean "How do you determine a market value?" ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I meant if I damage his violin by mistake like I have my car run over it. My max liability is $200K if the insurance does not covered.. Hence, I never want to try his violin until he insisted that insurance would cover. $200k become a number. The chance of damaging a violin is very small, I have not droped my violin even once after 45 years of playing. It is more chance when you are walking and hold a violin in your hand.
  15. +++++++++++++++++++ I guess most important of all is not to overpay your violins. If a violin is labeled Italian and looks so good priced at only $500, you should expect it is a fake. I play violins at price only in range $2k to $4k . My friends are professionals who play $200K range violins I could not even make any comments on their violins. (it has certificate and history of owners etc) I use my ears than my mouth. It is real, because it is the insurable for that kind of money. If it is stolen or damaged , it will be repaid by a bank check.
  16. +++++++++++++ it is hard to say how much it is worth. I saw a violin like looks that sold for $5k which was made by a modern maker who has won a violin making contest. This one has age.
  17. Fellow

    Fiddle repair?

    +++++++++++++ Okay, don't throw it into a garbage can. Then you have to make sure that the support of the neck and the block is secured. The neck has a big piece of wood mortised into the block. Is it there? It looks like missing. It looks like it was cut out.
  18. Fellow

    Fiddle repair?

    +++++++++++++ Just throw it in a garbage can. One should arrest that idiot who widened the f holes.
  19. ++++++++++++++ When I shop at my local shop, (for rehair a bow) I used the opportunity to see some violins. I look at the f-hole to read Italian then the pretty young lady told me, " Never mind, no one trusts the label " Then the violin all the sudden looks Italian. The varnish looks special too. it is a $28k violin. I said " not bad,it is real ". I believe some violins are so good, with or without the label. It makes no difference.
  20. Fellow

    Fiddle repair?

    [quot ++++++++++++ If I were you , I would have it repaired the best I could afford ( not to go overboard, that is, what I mean). Old violin has its charm. Ask an enthusiastic luthier to repair it to a playable condition, without costing you an arm and a leg. When you decide to sell it, it would be easier if the condition is playable.
  21. Fellow

    Fiddle repair?

    ++++++++++++ Why not make a straight cut as close to the peg box as you can and attach a new part to creat new peg box.
  22. Hi all, Most readers here are not violin experts. They are eager to know why one violin is asked for $6k and one for $2k , for example. Usually made in China is always cheaper, made in Italy are fake. How can one tell? Are there Cheap Itatian or fake Chinese? Curious.
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