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  1. +++++++++++++ If you need such a violin buy it and have your luthier fix it. I think you will get your money back when you decide to sell it.. meanwhle you get a lot of use.
  2. +++++++++++++++++++++ Another Chinese violin joke.
  3. ++++++++++ Very often the customers have no idea what a new bridge can do. True, nowaday a bridge costs about $80. It is used to be $25 to $40.
  4. [ +++++++++++++++ I thnk your customer wants the violin be in the best shape when it is returned in his or her hands. Put a set of new strings. Cut new bridge. Return the old parts if he or she wants them back for later use. Adjust the tail gut. As if you sell him a new violin. Why save a few dollars for your customers ? The shops in my area do not care this kind of work. They are more interesting in sellings. The rents are high here.
  5. Do you think a violinist of caibre like Stern would know the rating of violins between $200k to $500k ? To say the least,that they do not have the time to make fair comparisons. If you like a violin and you can afford it, buy it. Most people make decisions base on what are available and what they can afford. Try some old violins before you say old is not necessary better. It is a statement of someone's experience. Sometime you feel it is true. Some time you feel there is exception. you end up a closet of violins.
  6. [q ++++++++++++++ I find any book of violin instruction is hard to follow. I start to learn with "bow holds" after that I just go slow and untiI feel easy and comfortable. However, when I read the music to play and play fast. I have no idea how well I follow. My attention is diverted to read the music. Since I am not a professional. Violin teachers of mine, many of them, did not say anything of my bow hold. Maybe I do alright all along. I find some violinists are very good to hold the bows, but many do not. It is a kind of surprise. I think their early stages of learnings make them different.
  7. [q +++++++++++ Even a trade violin is made by following a real violin by the side, why not checking one before using any tools. $2000 violins ( various thickness at some spots) are better than a $500 violins ( uniform thickness) . Most time a cheap violin is easy to make uniform thin or thick. You can tell by just looking at them.
  8. ++++++++++++++++++++ A violin shape is like the shape of a beautiful lady's body. One look at it you know it is right. Who care the measurements? All nonsense to me, I bought a violin because I like the look of it. Usually when it looks right it sounds right. The front is up a bit, the middle is narrow, The waist should not too wide etc. in short, well proportion. Magic.
  9. ++++++++++++++++++++ It is hard to compare a Cremonese violin with a low priced Chinese violin. Here is my question: Are there people who always plays a German made violin but once upon a time played a Cremonese violin, then he or she finds himself or herself being cheated? (nobody tells them Cremonese violins are totally different animals) The sound of the notes like coming from sound of a flute, not from a violin. Are such experiences possible?
  10. ++++++++++++++ Italian violin. Why not? You may have to wait 300 years for it to open up.
  11. I think there are more than one road to Rome. As long as you can build one better than the last one, why not just keep going. If you look at your violin carefully and do some comparisons with others you know what should do next time. Even an ordinary commercial violin has some quality to brag about. One no name violin of mine has a under coat of yellow which looks like gold at night lighting. The top coat red varnish mix with yellow underneath creates such a color. It is waiting for you to discover. I bought the violin many years ago, no one told me so. At day time it is red and night it is gold. Beautiful. It is magic.
  12. It is certainly handmade. The color (finish) is good. I like it a lot. Congratulation.
  13. ++++++++++++++++ Quoted " Dale Purves, a professor of neuroscience at Duke University, says the research "makes the point that things that people think are 'special' are not so special after all when knowledge of the origin is taken away." " It is a good point to make.
  14. ++++++++++++ It was a combination of good player, good instrument, good music, good echo room.
  15. ++++++++++++++ Eat too much = " excess weight " who is to blame? Food industry. If you play violin a lot. It may help. One possible solution. I never see a violinist on the fat side.
  16. ++++++++++++++++++ Why any one gets annoyed? A price that is any where within this range $780 - $1200, is reasonable for the violin. Making it look nice is extra. I don't blame the seller.
  17. ++++++++++++ What really matter is the end result. Isn't it? +++++++++
  18. haven't been traveling in this circle at all lately but when I saw this I thought of the Maestronet community. Really couldn't decide of Fingerboard or Music Happenings was appropriate place to put this, so if it needs changed pls tell me & I'll change it. ++++++++++++++ If you have to carry a valuable violin to travel, it is better not to carry many other stuff. Our attention is limited to only a few things of important.
  19. ++++++++++++++++++ Some fiddles like women, they can please you in every way. Keep looking..
  20. +++++++++++++ True, it is not a Strad but $172 k is still a lot of money. It is no fun to lose a violin no matter how cheap or how expensive.
  21. . Yes, the few violins I have, I am quite happy to have them. They are more capable to produce good sound than I can ask for. I think the instrument has not reached its limit. I have tried other more expensive violins in shops, they are better, however not by much. I
  22. +++++++++++++++ " Fitting a sound post" is "fitting a sound post" It is a simple operation. Some people can do a better job than other. If you are not happy with your own result or you do not trust yourself doing it then have some better luthier to do it for you. The riskof damaging the f holes is great if you keep trying. My own observation: I have seen one professionally fitted sound post. It was so good (perfect) If I need to fit a sound post again I would have him do it. In violin work, perfection is important. I used a dental mirror to check the work, It is perfect. Seeing is believing.
  23. +++++++++++++ (Delete double)
  24. +++++++++++++ Glue back anything loose and put new strings. Check it over agian. Then play it. I am sure you will enjoy it. Any violin is needing some attention first time. It is normal. Yours is no exception. Ebay is Okay. Some people want their action quick. Nothing wrong with it. Usually I would consider sales that would have return option.
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