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  1. +++++++++++++++++++++ " No one trust the label anyway" a saleswoman once told me jokingly. I answered her that I could not afford a genuine label violin neither. We understood each other.
  2. ++++++++++++++ Thank you. Now I know it was sold at $3,556 Nice. I think it must be a violin shop bought it. They do not want it to compete with their own, so take it out of the market. It may soon show up in my friendly local violin shop window with a nice set up and with a higer price tag. I have too many violins or I would consider it. PS. When I said I consider it. I meant I have to play it side by side with another violin I have. A few min each and change turns.
  3. ++++++++++++ When I was trying to see the photo of the violin, the web image does not stay long enough for me to look at. Why it that so? Anyone has that experience? Has it been sold? Do not buy anything if there is no return policy within a week. PS. Now I know it was sold. Nice violin I must say.
  4. +++++++++++++++ There are two lions to protectthe shield on the label. The most number of lions on one label I have ever seen. Agree ? small detail makes big bucks. haha
  5. ++++++++++++++++ So, it was sold at $2900. The price is determined by one buyer, not by a whole lot of people as you think. I do not want to dispute that. Who wants to challenge a fact. I know an orchestra person who paid $250k for a violin. In a causal conversation, he mentioned the name of the maker that I missed. I did not dare to ask " I beg your pardon" . It was well known to him that was only thing counted. The fact that he plays on stage is good enough for me.
  6. ++++++++++++ Only $2,100 US. The price is not out of line. Pricing is not an exact science because the condition and other features of the violin make it inaccurate.
  7. +++++++++++++++ Clean it up first. Use wet paper towel to wipe the whoe violin, then dry it with a clean towel. Use some violin polish to rub it over. You will see the new face of the oldie. No more than a job to clean your car, not a big job. The rest you can take your time. "Suzuki violins" usually mean " student garde violins" but my teacher (japanese) told me there were high grade Suzuki but you do not see them very often. It could run $12K. That is why I do not see thme everyday.
  8. ++++++++++ Poor baby, it has potential
  9. ++++++++++ It has potential.
  10. ++++++++++++ Go to "youtube" to see the demonstration. Good luck in learning. It is certainly fun to do the execises.
  11. +++++++++++++++++++ You or anyone, for that matter, know anything about the violin. A price of $25 is seems to be adequate. You may say further that you could intertain a counter offer to keep the deal going. I have bought old violins from $150 to $1200. Many are good finds. I have been having fun to play with.
  12. +++++++++++++ You do not need the best of luthier to get your repair work done. Most luthiers do this kind of work. You go to a local shop of your town ask them. Likely you are in the right place.
  13. ++++++++++++ It is "rare". To be special it was made one of its f hole higher than the other.
  14. Pegs are held by friction. The harder you push the better it holds. Problem is that it will not be long the holes are distorted or deformed. Everybody knows that but few seeks altenative. "perfection " is a solution. I do not sell them. I bought them only for my own use. Try it if you do not like it write a review to let others know. In the old days, people used metal gears to assist the pegs to achieve the necessary friction and easy tuning. Now they hide the gears insider the pegs. I like it alot. If you Do not need them it means you have good friction in the holes to hold the pegs. Of course the fact itself is an accomplishment. Not everyone is that smart.
  15. +++++++++++++++++ The bidding is quite low. The pictures are not close enough to see the detail. Otherwise it is not "rare"
  16. ++++++++++++ Thank God with such a happy, lucky ending. I would be terribly upset if I lost $1k let alone $172k. It was not a peanut amount. It is like 25% of your house burn down.
  17. +++++++++++++++ Sometime. I have not told anybody when that was. It must be a mad occasion. http://www.maestronet.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif
  18. +++++++++++++++++ The best course is not to disturbed it. With few exceptions the label would be ruined. You can remove it quite easily but putting it back is the problem. You end up putting a new label then nobody believe what it is written because the label is so fresh. something like a 200 years old violin with a 5 months old label.
  19. Forget chalk, forget drill new holes, forget new pegs. Once you know what the " perfection pegs " can do, you do not need any more advice about pegs. Be aware that " Perfect peg " has many names. People are talking the same thing. The gears are inside the pegs. It looks like ordinary pegs. I feel sorry for the people who do not know what "perfection peg" is.
  20. +++++++ I deal with problem of this type by using #(1) a set of "perfection pegs" (geared) or using # (2) a built -in fine tuning tailpiece. 0r #3 : you can redrill the holes and use a new set of pegs (plug the old holes) or #4 bushing. (#3 and #4 are same idea)
  21. +++++++++++++++++ I think it is better to have it repaired. The damage is already done. I have seen many kind of repair work.Some repair work are so good. some are invisible.
  22. [++++++++++++++ Beauty is only in the eyes of beholder. "Sound quality" works the same way. It is all subjective. For example, some like loud violins, some like quiet violins. If you are talking violins of price below $3k, price and sound quality are linearly correlated. You can get a violin of some making contest winners for a few thousand dollars. Their names are widely published in magazines. I believe they know how to make good violins. Something like $250k and up instruments, I think it must have some special quality other than just pleasing our ears.
  23. [ ============== This is a public forum. It cannot be too technical nor critical. Otherwise you are talking to a very small group which is not that much fun.
  24. ================== It looks non-strad, non-symmetrical to me. Find a nice Strad. instead.
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