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  1. Like many things in life, find the best available to you. The fiddle sound is only as good as the players make it.
  2. You only buy a violin from a shop or from a person who owns the instrument. It has to be face-to face deal. Period.
  3. +++++++++++++++++++++ " New instrument " or " old instrument " If I cannot tell in a particular case. So what ? It only means that my ears are not that sharp as somebody does.
  4. It is hard to tell in general what an old violin sounds like. I think most people would agree that some violins have old sound and in fact they are old instruments (I am not saying that every old instrument has an old sound) Maybe the wood is old (well seasoned) plus age of the instrument.
  5. ++++++++++++++ True, but how can you apply it to a real situation? For example, once I was told that that violin would sound outstandingly good if you use high positions. It makes up the the mediocriity of the first positon. (The notes close to the end of the fingerboard). I said I am sorry, I do not play that high. 90% of time I use the first, third and fifth positions.
  6. Try a few of different price levels violins in order to get a feel the quality difference. Most commercial violins below $2k are not good or they have a lot of repairs. Stay away of this kind. Stay away the other end too. Some are of higher price without justifiable features or reasons. Important thing is that you should be polite. Do not say anything negative in front of other people. Keep the negative comments within yourself. Once I met a very good player who was in a shop to try violins. I asked him to play it for me. He did but he would not make any comment. Everyone has their own perception of things. It is better to keep them in yourself. After all, beauty is only in the eyes of beholder.
  7. I would rather to pay more to get one with brand and serilal number just to play safe.
  8. +++++++++++ True, my older violin (150 years old or older) is in lighter wieght. My modern violin is heavier slightly (only I feel) it is not enough to say for that reason ( small sample of just a few violins) I have never weighed any of them. The light wiegh violin gives me impression that it is louder, but less focus. I am not sure if it is a good thing.
  9. ++++++++++++++++++ Why you want to weigh your violin? What does the weigh tell you? Sorry for side tracking your question. If I want to know if my violin is a better violin or not I would look into other feature of the violin. Wood, worksmanship, tone quality, who made it, etc. I would use comparison method and play it
  10. +++++++++++++++++ Who said so? A good set up you are in business. If you do not spand money on a violin, even a Strad will not do you any good.
  11. +++++++++++++ Once in a violin shop of my local area there was an exhibition of Italian violins (for sale, a diffeent way to say it). The better one is about $ 28K whoch was pretty good, IMO but another one $18K is just like my German which is only $2k. What a big price difference.
  12. ++++++++++++++ I have no idea of what an Italian violin would sound like in my hands. I never have one. My friend has one about ( $300k) I dare not to play his to avoid any mishap. Besides my hands become nervious if I hold his. My German made violins Old and modern I have both. They are the best to me so far. I cannot imagine Italian and German violin would be much different. It is only a few mountains apart to separate these two countries.
  13. ++++++++++++ Thank you. You said it so much better. Me too, I would like to play a violin for a day or two, if I do not want to put it down, then I would say it is a good violin. Amazingly there are a lot of modern violins are pretty good (to me anyway) and a lot also are not so good. To say a violinis not good is not a sure thing. Some luthiers may be able to perform magic. I cannot entirely rule it out.
  14. Hi all, The difference of a fasley labelled violin and truely labelled violin, is their qualities. Is that right? If you buy a violin from a private party how do you know the label is true? If the quality is good why anyone cares about the label(see price range later) The price is only important. No one wants to pay more than necessary. So it reurns out to be the question of quality. How can one tell? By sound? But appearance? by the the place you buy it from? what else? Very confusing for a consumer. Can you help? I am talking about $2,000 USD violins, most popular violins (Ficker, Roman Teller etc) in this price range. My feeling was that they based on the conditions and the kind of wood they used. eg. moer flames, more money. No scratch or less scratch more money. they all sound pretty much same but quite acceptable. What else one should be concerned with? If I may ask. Thank you.
  15. ++++++++++++++++++ Either you like it or you hate it. It is that kind of violins.
  16. +++++++++++ As my friend always said " Don't thank me, just send me your check "
  17. +++++++++++++++ Our experiences are limited to what we know but out there a lot we do not know. For example, I look at one violin of my collection The varnish work is amazingly beautiful. Who makes this? Some apprentice perhaps. A lot of makers are out there but they seldom get together and let you compare their work.
  18. +++++++++++ Um let me think about it. We all have something to be proud of.
  19. ++++++++++++++++ Who cares a new design so to speak. There are violins of odd designs but few people want them except the makers themselves. Recently I bought a German old violin (about 100 years old) . When I look at it, it looks quite nice. It is nice because it was made by following Strad violin. As far as my naked eyes can tell it is (almost) identical to image of Strad. I believe the maker did his carving with great care to follow a model. He did not have to invent anything. In fact, it is better not to invent anything. The job of copying was hard enough.
  20. +++++++++++++++ There is a possibilty that people mix up with Stradivari ,then it gets you into trouble of untangling it. Seriously, I am thinking how many makers we have known? Less than a dozen. right?
  21. +++++++++++++ Good point. A quote for all of us to think. “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” ― Hunter S. Thompson
  22. +++++++++++++++ I think he is busy. He has a shop in downtown Chicago. You can visit him if you are in the neighborhood. I think most Maestrone people want him to post here more often.
  23. ++++++++++++++ I can understand his taking the risk of helping to kids to safety but why he took another risk for getting the violin which was replaceable.
  24. I have never had an Italian violin but all my violins are copies of Strad. It should look like Italian violins Unless modern Italian violins look differently than Strad. then they are copies of some Italian makers. who was not Strad nor Guarneri, then who cares? Why they become so special?
  25. +++++++++++++ I like the third one. Perhaps you played better after first and second time. I have no idea if one was Strad or not. Very close though Maybe the Strad is a bit easier to play. You can tell the same person playing them. It was you singing.
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