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  1. It is fine for $250. wITH A GOOD SET UP you may even like it better. It looks slim in picture and of high ached. My guess the tone will be a little on the nasal side. Many people like that kind of tone, I am one among them. (all speculation,of course)
  2. You meant harsh reality could be bitter and sweet. It is all in your mind. Did I get it right?
  3. My guess is that the poster either meant playing in fifth position or five notes apart e.g. G,D,A,E. As you said taking care of set-up should be first looked into. I agree 100%. Thank you.
  4. Hi Yuri, I appreciate your asking people here of what they think about your violin. It provided an opportunity for discussion. Merely by looking at picture or images no one,I think can say any thing for certain. You hold the answers for all these questions.....just my thouht.
  5. Hi, I forgot to mention bows. Have you tried to use a different bow?
  6. Hi, Once I had my luthier made a new bridge for my violin. The sound improved tremendously. Have you let your luthier check it out? Sometime a simple adjustment would make a great difference in tone and it would bring out the best of it.
  7. Hi, I am first time in this forum. I hope you don't mind I ask what makes you think your violin is not good. Have you been playing it in an acoustic friendly place? Have you compared it with other violin? A violin could sound a lot better in an acoustic friendly environment.---Just my thought.
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